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The Public Service Execution of Bryan Kocis Part IV

December 28, 2011 in Bryan Kocis The Thing, Freak Show Trial by Marion

A couple of days ago, I ran across this old news item from The TimesLeader of Luzerne County, PA in which this reporter Ed Lewis was clearly trying to write this flattering fluff piece on how Assistant DA Michael Melnick obtained a conviction of Harlow Cuadra.  Lewis described the conviction of Harlow Cuadra as A Michael Melnick Production.

Truth trumps every word out of killer Cuadra EDWARD LEWIS OPINION

As if the prosecutions of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes in Fucking Luzerne County Pennsylvania is something that could possibly ever go down in legal history as some kind of brilliant display of legal expertise. It does however look like Melnick is the only person involved in the Cuadra case who isn’t either IN JAIL or ABOUT TO BE UNEMPLOYED.

1.  Two President Judges during Harlow Cuadra’s Trial, Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavrella, are now in prison on racketeering charges.  Make special note here that Conahan and Ciavarella are in prison for “running the Luzerne County Court System like a Racketeering Enterprise“.  Both Conahan and Ciavarella made pre-trial rulings on Harlow Cuadra’s and Joseph Kerekes’ trials.

2.  The Judge over Harlow Cuadra’s Trial was ousted by voters largely, it is alleged, because photos of him with Conahan and a convicted Drug Dealer surfaced during his campaign for re-election.  This Judge, a former Luzerne County Prosecutor, claimed that he didn’t know the man he was photographed with was a convicted drug dealer.

3.  It goes without saying that if Michael Melnick was an elected official, he too would be facing unemployment, just like his boss Luzerne County Prosecutor Jackie Musto-Carroll.  The all time greatest display of ignorance in the history of law has to be Musto-Carroll’s declaration / pronouncement that “Kids For Cash Had Nothing To Do With Her“.  A non-profit legal aid group in fucking Philadelphia could see that something was wrong with Juvenile Court in Luzerne County but Musto-Carroll, who’s fat ass was actually sitting IN Luzerne County, couldn’t see that something was wrong with Juvenile Court in Luzerne County.  Two corrupt Judges Conahan and Ciavarella were handing Musto-Carroll convictions while Musto-Carroll was bragging about her conviction rate as a prosecutor but, Musto-Carroll had no clue that Conahan and Ciavarella were crooks.  Musto-Carroll even opposed the actions by the Philadelphia Law Group for the appellate court to throw out juvenile convictions from Luzerne County.

4.  Producing Porn and Paying Someone To Perform Sex Acts For Money have not been decriminalized in Pennsylvania.  Someone really has to fucking explain to me how a fucking lawyer could go before a Court (in a fucking death penalty murder trial) and claim that Bryan Kocis was just a regular business man running a legal business and that Kocis had a contract with Sean Lockhart.  The fucking business we are talking about here is the production of gay pornography in a state where the production of any kind of pornography has not been decriminalized.  And,  no “agreement” to pay someone money to perform sex acts has ever been found to be a legal contract in Pennsylvania nor in any other state where porn or prostitution has not been decriminalized.

The Michael Melnick Production repeatedly claimed that Harlow Cuadra killed Bryan Kocis to get Sean Lockhart out of a contract Lockhart had with Bryan Kocis / Cobra Video, that Sean Lockhart was contractually bound to Bryan Kocis / Cobra Video.  By every available legal decision in The United States that I know of, any agreement  Lockhart had with Kocis to perform sex acts for money was legally unenforceable.

Again, as we have asked many times …

Given All of The Above …

Just Imagine What That Piece of Shit Bryan Kocis Could Have Gone On To Do In Fucking Luzerne County Pennsylvnia if someone hadn’t chopped the murtherfucker’s head off?

Boy Batter Lee by bitchlessness

Luzerne County Burning Man Festival

January 1, 2009 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

Yep, it’s coming up on that time of year again …

Luzerne County’s Second Annual Burning Man Celebration
DATEs: January 18, 2009 through January 24, 2009
LOCATION: 60 Midland Drive, Dallas Township, Luzerne County

The festivities will begin with the ritualistic rape of a 15 year old boy (which will be video taped of course) and the celebration will end at 5:30pm on January 24th with the now historic Burning Man event.

IPB Image

Bryan Kocis Murder Follow The Money

December 18, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

Where are the assets from Cobra Video right now and Why haven’t those assets been fozen by The Luzerne County DA and the US Attorney (not mention the IRS and the PA Tax Authority)?

Maybe I’m missing something but, ( 1 ) If paying someone money to perform sex acts in the production of adult videos is illegal in Pennsylvania and, ( 2 ) you had Fucking Scum like Bryan Kocis engaged in an ongoing pattern of paying people money to perform sex acts in the production of adult videos in Pennsylvania, then, it seems to me that what you have here is a criminal enterprise. The fact that Luzerne County knowingly allowed Bryan Kocis to engage in a pattern of paying people money to perform sex acts doesn’t make what Kocis did legal, no, it simply INCRIMINATES Luzerne County in what Kocis was doing (and, adds more ammunition to the argument that The Luzerne County DA should have recused itself from The Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation). IN ADDITION,

I don’t think chopping off Bryan Kocis’ head and then setting the mutherfucker on fire turns money from a criminal enterprise into legitimate money.

Joseph Kerekes Ordered to Pay Bryan Kocis’ Funeral Costs

Apparently, one of the stipulations in Joseph Kerekes’ Guilty Plea is that he pay Bryan Kocis funeral costs of $2766.08

So, The Court System that allowed Bryan Kocis to pay people to peform sex acts in violation of Pennsylvania Law (and to video tape himself having sex with a 15 year old boy) now gets on its HIGH HORSE and orders Joseph Kerekes to pay That Piece of Shit’s Funeral Costs.

Also, I recall some news report about Bryan Kocis’ Estate already being awarded damages in that idiot civil suit it brought against IMMUNE Cuadra and Kerekes[/b].

What You Have Here Is Prosecution By Numbers

The Prosecution of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes is CLASSIC PROSECUTION BY NUMBERS, only in this particular case it is impossible for Prosecutors to wrangle any sympathy for a piece of shit like Bryan Kocis and, it is rather hard to make Harlow Cuadra look evil.

It is also CLASSIC JOHN GOTTI PROSECUTION TACTICS to get the Defendant’s lawyer disqualified. The US Attorney failed every time to win a conviction against John Gotti UNTIL Prosecutors got Gotti’s lawyer Bruce Cutler disqualified from representing Gotti.

Low Key Memorial to Bryan Kocis Death

December 17, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

January 20, 2009 will mark TWO years since that weekend when Bryan Kocis was viciously murdered and left in his house for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes to stumble upon.

An old fashioned Luzerne County Style Memorial is planned to mark the second anniversary of the death of Luzerne County’s favorite son at the site where Bryan Kocis once operated a gay porn production studio out of his basement.

Friends and business associates of Bryan Kocis are expected to speak on how well Bryan Kocis was liked and how much the Community misses receiving Kocis’ bribes followed by the sacrificing of three fifteen year old boys to honor Bryan Kocis’ memory.

IPB Image

Video of Bryan The Thing Kocis

October 26, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

To Kill The Thing
Uploaded by bitchlessness. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.
We here at The Bitchless Blog managed to get an enhanced version of the video tape of the ATTEMPT to kill Bryan Kocis.

Please that notice that I said ATTEMPT. The simple fact of the matter is that Bryan Kocis is not Dead, Bryan Kocis is The Thing.

Clearly, the torching / flambeeing of Bryan Kocis’ body after the decapitation and 28 stab wounds was an attempt by the three or so menses shown in the video to actually kill Bryan Kocis. However,

As you can also see Bryan Kocis did not die. Bryan Kocis’ head merely sprouted legs and Kocis then went on to star in that movie Eight Legged Freaks.

Don’t believe? Watch the video again, you’re see.

Severed Head of Bryan Kocis Morphing

May 23, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

To Kill The Thing
Uploaded by bitchlessness. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.


The Bitchless Blog has obtained exclusive access to secret government video showing The Severed Head of Bryan Kocis Morphing To Eight Legged Freak.

This video proves once and for all that Bryan Kocis is The Thing. That the fire that destroyed Kocis’ house was started because the only known way of killing he Thing IS with fire.

The Severed Head of Bryan Kocis Morphed To Eight Legged Freak was last seen heading to Philadelphia on its way apparently to The Offices of the Juvenile Law Center

Jailhouse Testimony Implicates Brent Corrigan in Kocis Murder

May 14, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

<center>IPB Image <br> Brent Corrigan </center>

EXCLUSIVE. The Bitchless Blog has obtained exclusive first peek at jailhouse testimony that implicates Brent Corrigan in the murder of Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis.

Luzerne County inmate Anita Deal, who was incarcerated in the female Luzerne County Correctional Facility at the same time as a person who used to live next door to someone who went to high school with the cousin of Brent Corrigan’s best friend’s sister, has provided Luzerne County Prosecutors with sworn testimony indicating that Brent Corrigan’s Farts were the ignition source for the fire that killed Bryan Kocis.

ACCORDING TO THE AFFIDAVIT, during that infamous dinner in Las Vegas in 2007, Brent Corrigan handed Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes a refrigerated box containing several weeks worth of Brent Corrigan Farts. According to Anita Deal’s affidavit, Brent Corrigan demanded that his farts and only his farts be used when Harlow Cuadra met with Bryan Kocis.

ACCORDING TO THE AFFIDAVIT, Harlow Cuadra was supposed to have simply visited Bryan Kocis and let loose the stored Brent Corrigan Farts he had been given by Corrigan. However, things went terribly wrong.

IT TURNED OUT that Bryan Kocis was smoking a pipe when Cuadra let loose the stored Brent Corrigan Farts. The fire from the pipe ignited the Stored Brent Corrigan Farts and, well, the rest of this story we know all too well.

Brent Corrigan’s Farts Were The Ignition Source for The Bryan Kocis Fire

Luzerne County investigators initially suspected Joe Fartanello, a Toby Ross Hot Fart Series model, as the source for the farts that caused the fire in Bryan Kocis’ house. Investigators have apologized to Toby Ross for seizing his Hot Fart Videos. Joe Fartanello has been released from quarantine


Lit Fart Nuked Bryan Kocis

May 9, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

<center>IPB Image </center>
DNA analysis on the burnt decapitated body of Bryan Kocis has confirmed that Bryan Kocis was flambeed by A Lit Fart. A Lit Fart is what started the fire in Bryan Kocis’ House and what was responsible for Bryan Kocis being burned over 80% of his body.

Investigators are now reviewing tapes from Toby Ross’ Hot Fart Series in an attempt to ID the gay model who’s lit fart nuked Bryan Kocis.

Hot Farts by Toby Ross and BigDikFactory
clips and stories of frat boys with beautiful asses farting, it’s hilarious, hot, and controversial only for you in BDF member section. Lettem Rip! Presented by super hot jock Joe Fartanello

“The first DVD pertaining to this outrageous fetish, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, is in production and will be available this fall,” said BigDikFactory house director Toby Ross. “We will not repeat the scratch-and-sniff gimmick. I think that’s overdoing it.” Toby Ross BigDikFactory

Smoking Gun Video on Bryan Kocis Murder

May 4, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

<center>IPB Image <br>Freeze frame showing Bryan Kocis’ Severed Head in Harlow Cuadra’s House</center>
I was watching that video of Boybatter Lee on dailymotion and, I paused the video when the camera panned to a corner of one of the bedrooms in Harlow Cuadra’s and Joseph Kerekes’ house. I saw Bryan Kocis’ Severed Heard!

This is the Smoking Gun Video on the Bryan Kocis Murder, the Severed Head of Bryan Kocis sitting on top of some dirty laundry in a corner of a room in Harlow Cuadra’s and Joseph Kerekes’ house.

Hey, I wanted to have sex with Harlow when I thought he was innocent. Now, you know I wanna jump that ass, now that I know Harlow’s a real man, a real head chopping hunk of man meat.

Do Me Harlow! Do Me in the Booty!

Bryan Kocis Luzerne County and Election 2008

May 4, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

<center>IPB Image <br> Willie Horton 2008 </center>

I don’t for a minute believe that the Feds are “helping” Luzerne County with the prosecution of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes. At the beginning of The Bryan Kocis Murder, some federal agency may have provided assistance to Luzerne County without having the full story on what Bryan Kocis was. But, I personally don’t believe that there is any fucking way any Federal Agent is going to testify on behalf of Luzerne County at any Bryan Kocis Murder Trial. THE PROOF: WILLIE HORTON

I would love to see a Federal Agent of a Republican Controlled Justice Department in Luzerne County testifying on behalf of Luzerne County. I would love to see Bryan Kocis become The Republican’s Willie Horton.

IN A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION YEAR, what are the chances that a Republican Administration would actually be happily associating itself with Bryan The Thing Kocis and Luzerne County Pennsylvania?