John Roecker Harlow Cuadra Documentary DVD

May 6, 2010 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Regent Media / Here Media has released John Roecker’s documentary Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Gay Pornstars.

According to rumor, Here Media also bought the rights to a book about Harlow Cuadra’s Murder Trial.

Tell me this …

If you are a big media company and, you have a DVD and a Book both essentially about Harlow Cuadra, wouldn’t it make sense from a PR perspective to release both the book and the DVD at the same time? That is if you had any plans to release the book at all?

It seems painfully apparent NOW that nobody is going to get rich and famous from a book about Harlow Cuadra’s and Joseph Kerekes’ prosecutions. Is John Roecker gaining national fame and fortune from his DVD featuring Harlow Cuadra beyond the attention Roecker already had as a documentary producer? THE BIG STORY out of Luzerne County continues to be Judicial Corruption. The Prosecutions of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes are of interest, so far, only from the angle that almost everyone involved in their prosecutions has been tainted by scandal.

Book Deals Publishing and Dinosaurs

Publishing Houses (i.e., book publishers) like Record Companies have traditionally been desirable because of their distribution power. A Publishing House could make hundreds of thousands of books, create PR for a book and distribute that book nationally and internationally. Similarly, a Record Company has the means to press hundreds of thousands of records and distribute those records nationally and internationally. However,

Today, as most people know, The Ultimate Distribution System is The Fucking Internet. Many many authors, and many many musicians have recognized that The Internet is The Ultimate Distribution System and the ultimate System for generating Buzz about a product. And,

If you distribute your record or book yourself via the internet, you get to keep ownership rights to your product. Traditionally, when you sign a book deal with a publishing company or a record deal with a record company, the Publisher and / or The Record Company gets the ownership rights to the book or record.

Temping Book vs Temping Website

I met a guy temping who was paid by a major book publisher to write a book about temping. According to this guy, he was paid $5,000 in the late 1990′s by this major book publisher to write the temping book. THAT GUY has no rights to the book he wrote and, more likely than not, the only money THAT GUY has ever made from that book was the $5,000 he was paid to write the book. A website on temping could make more than $5,000 in four months via display advertising.

The Best Way to Kill A Book is To Buy It

There continue to be rumors out there about what happened to this book Oprah Winfrey’s “father” allegedly wrote. It seems that book just vanished off the face of the earth.

Any material in a book about Cuadra’s prosecution sold to a book publisher, it seems to us, can’t be used on any blog or website without the permission of the publishing company.

In the case of the Cuadra Book, The Company that gets to say what the authors can and cannot do with what they wrote is The Same Company that has a financial interest in the success of John Roecker’s DVD.