Sean Lockhart’s Future Has Been Written

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In the news from The GAYVN Awards are reports of an INCIDENT between Camp Corrigan and Michael Lucas. see queerclick (adult site) for details.

There is really no point in commenting on what if anything happened between Sean Lockhart’s Latest Protector and Michael Lucas. Anyone who has written anything at all on the net about The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal knows that it is only a matter of time before these idiots in Camp Corrigan Destroy Sean Lockhart’s life. Case in point …

Take a look back at That Rolling Stone Article on Sean Lockhart. That Rolling Stone article was the result of RETARDs in Camp Corrigan gleefully talking to a Rolling Stone Reporter convinced that a Reporter for the Rolling Stone would fall instantly in love with Sean Lockhart.

Sean Lockhart’s future has been written, no one should be dumb enough to assume that there is no downside to surrounding yourself with people who are simply not very bright. AND,

After two years of spending every waking moment PROTECTING Sean Lockhart from perceived enemies on the net, I seriously doubt that THESE CAMP CORRIGAN PEOPLE are going to just slink back under the rocks from which they crawled.


The Math on Brent Corrigan

April 19, 2008 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

<center>IPB Image <br> The Joke of the Century is Camp Corrigan‘s delusion that all of Luzerne County is going to just sit back and watch Sean Lockhart get rich off of The Bryan Kocis Scandal. I hate to say it but, the biggest selling book associated with The Bryan Kocis Murder will probably be written AFTER Sean Lockhart instead of BY Sean Lockhart</center>
The Math on Sean Lockhart is that the most effective and obvious way to prevent Lockhart from profitting from The Bryan Kocis Murder is for Lockhart to be charged with a crime. CASE CLOSED.

For informational purposes, for those people who are not “living and breathing The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal”, these are THE CAMPs that the blogs following the scandal are in:

1. Camp Corrigan seems to be a rag-tag gang of clueless idiots who THINK they are helping Sean Lockhart NOT be charged with a crime in re The Bryan Kocis murder. However, what the retards are in fact doing is digging a deeper and deeper hole for Sean Lockhart. The most spectacular example of Camp Corrigan Gone Wild was “The Rolling Stone Interview”. Clueless members of Camp Corrigan gleefully talked to this Rolling Stone Reporter on the delusion that a writer for the Rolling Stone would instantly fall madly in love with Sean Lockhart like the rest of Camp Corrigan.

2. Camp Virgnia Beach. Camp Virginia Beach is a group of Narcissistically Wounded Friends and Famly Members (and possibly employees of) the Virignia Beach Prosecutor’s Office. The Virgnia Beach Prosecutors Office launched that Laughably Silly Ass RICO action against Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes. While most cities in America simply arrest hookers and fine them. THE ROCKET SCIENTIST IN THE VIRGINIA BEACH PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE go after hookers with RICO, a statute created so that the government could prosecute “seemingly legit businesses” that are actually controlled by The Mafia. Since, the Virginia Beach Prosecutor’s Office is now the laughing stock of Prosecutors all over America, the only thing that makes the pain go away for The Virginia Beach Prosecutor’s Office is shitting on Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes. The logic seems to be that if Cuadra and Kerekes are executed, People will stop laughing at how fucking stupid The Virginia Beach Prosecutor’s Office is.

I feel I must add here that it is not at all OUT OF THE QUESTION that someone may have actually been hoping that Cuadra and Kerkekes would be KILLED during that early morning raid on their house by The Virginia Beach Prosecutors’ Office and The Virginia Beach Police. Wouldn’t THAT make Virginia Beach look even more like idiots … if someone actually used Virginia Beach to try to KILL Cuadra and Kerekes?

3. Camp Boybatter are the supporters of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes.

Camp Corrigan and The German Jews

Some Jews left Germany when they saw that Hitler was about to take control of the County. However, some German Jews stayed in Germany because they considered themselves more German than Jew. Some German Jews stayed in Germany watching Hitler arrest Jews and haul them to concentration camps on the DELUSION that they were true Germans and that their neighbors would not see them as Jews.

Well, Camp Corrigan seems to be lashing out at bloggers all over the net they think are anti-Brent Corrigan, consistent with a delusion as deep as that of The German Jews.

Are bloggers on the net a threat to Brent Corrigan?

Luzerne County isn’t thinking about charging Brent Corrigan with a crime but, what some blogger writes MIGHT convince Luzerne County to charge Brent Corrigan with a crime? It’s a level of delusion that borders on insanity. Well, actually, it is a level of delusion consistent with running off at the fucking mouth to a Rolling Stone Reporter.


Sean Lockhart and Brent Corrigan You Do The Math

February 19, 2008 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

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Let’s get real here …

BRENT CORRIGAN is going to be a multi-million dollar mark.

Sean Lockhart may not become a millionaire from the mark BRENT CORRIGAN, even Cobra Video and Bryan Kocis’ Estate may not become millionaires from the mark BRENT CORRIGAN. However,

Somebody is going to become a multi-millionaire off of the mark BRENT CORRIGAN and The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal.

If someone could create a multi-media / multi-million dollar empire off of Six Degrees of Separation (a story about some Black Guy who pretended to be Sidney Potier’s son), you can bet that THE MARK associated with The Bryan Kocis Murder is going to make someone a shit load of money.

Speaking The UnSpeakable

Sean Lockhart really needs to get some good lawyers in his camp ASAP.

Maybe One of Lockhart’s Backers (who weathered a little scandal of his own in a small town) will recognize the potential of the mark BRENT CORRIGAN and get some good lawyers to help Sean Lockhart.

Bottom Line …

The Federal Trademark and the State Trademark The Delaware Cobra Video LLC has on the mark BRENT CORRIGAN are so “messed-up” that Cobra Video and Bryan Kocis’ Estate could very well end up losing all rights to the mark BRENT CORRIGAN to Sean Lockhart.

Okay, HERE is where I need to mention THREE THINGS:

1. Bryan Kocis tried to TRICK Sean Lockhart into appearing at the Luzerne County Courthouse “allegedly” for a Deposition.

2. Bryan Kocis’ Estate allegedly served Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes with civil process related to a civil lawsuit Bryan Kocis’ Estate filed in Luzerne County Court when, according to PA law, Cuadra and Kerekes are currently immune to the service of civil process.

3. MOST COURTs have followed the “doctrine” that persons convicted of crimes should not profit from those crimes. New York State, for example, has the Son of Sam Law that holds that convicted persons can’t profit from books and movies about their crimes.

Off Topic

Alien vs Predator was on The FX Channel last night … In the movie, two humans in the movie decided to side with The Predators against The Aliens because, they concluded that The Aliens were far more dangerous to them than The Predators and that, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.


Cobra Video LLC Penn Trademark on BRENT CORRIGAN

February 18, 2008 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

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I just discovered that the Trademark Application by Cobra Video LLC for the mark BRENT CORRIGAN with Pennsylvania was attached as an exhibit to something called Amended Lawsuit in the case file for the civil action The Delaware Cobra Video LLC filed in federal court in San Diego against Sean Lockhart.

The Trademark Application was filed by The Delaware Cobra Video LLC on December 15, 2005. This is somewhat significant.

FIRST, you must realize that we now know that Bryan Kocis had two companies named COBRA VIDEO LLC. One Cobra Video was registered in Pennsylvania around 2002 and the other Cobra Video was registered in Delaware on April 18, 2005.

SECOND, you must realize that a State does not allow two companies to register to do business with the State with the same name. If The Delaware Cobra Video LLC did legally register to do business in Pennsylvania, I don’t see how it could have used the name Cobra Video LLC when that name was already in use by The Pennsylvania Cobra Video LLC. The Pennsylvania Cobra Video LLC did not dissolve when Bryan Kocis created the Delaware Cobra Video LLC. In fact, both The PA and DE Cobra Video LLCs are still listed as ACTIVE limited liability companies.

THIRD, for a Delaware LLC to LEGALLY do business in Pennsylvania, The Delaware LLC would have had to register with Pennsylvania as a FOREIGN LLC. I have found no evidence that The Delaware Cobra Video LLC registered with Pennsylvania as a foreign LLC.

BOTTOM LINE, there is no evidence that The Delaware Cobra Video LLC was “registered” to engage in business in Pennsylvania.

Also, The Delaware Cobra Video LLC claimed a Date of First Use of February 14, 2004 for the mark BRENT CORRIGAN when The Delaware Cobra Video LLC did not exist until April 18, 2005.

AS I MENTIOINED BEFORE, I know an idiot who filed a federal trademak application and he claimed a “Date of First Use” that was two years before his company existed. The idiot copied one of our trademark applications “word-for-word” and failed to realize that the “Date of First Use” he copied from our application was two years before his company existed.

The Police don’t come and arrest you when you lie on a trademark application. However,

When you lie on a trademark application, it makes it difficult to get a Judge to recognize your trademark claims as valid (if a state or the USPTO actually grants you a trademark registration).

We all know that Cobra Video and Bryan Kocis’ Estate could probably get away with filling a lawsuit in Luzerne County Court to enforce the state trademark The Delaware Cobra Video LLC obtained on the mark BRENT CORRIGAN. HOWEVER,

Just outside of Luzerne County is a place called The Real World.

The Delaware Cobra Video LLC Trademark Application on BRENT CORRIGAN with Pennsylvania

Date: December 15, 2005
Applicant: Cobra Video LLC A Delaware Corporation (I only know of a LLC named Cobra Video in Delaware)
Entity Number: 3338162
Description of Mark: “Brent Corrigan” Trade Name used by model Sean Lockhart as appearing in adult entertainment
Date When Mark was First Used Anywhere: February 14, 2004
Date When Mark was First Used in Commonwealth: February 14, 2004


Scary Sheat – A Blind Item

February 6, 2008 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

Since we started blogging about The Bryan Kocis Murder, only one person created some bullshit reason for trying to contact us and communicating with us.

Of all the people who have valid reason to be “concerned” about something we printed on this Board about The Bryan Kocis Murder, some fucking porn asshole turned out to be the clown to decide that he had to call us, email us and to create some fucking bullshit reason for communicating with us. Of course, we didn’t respond to idiot’s emails, we didn’t call him at his “office number” and, we have no intentions of doing anything with his “communications” to us except maybe turn them over to The FBI and The Defense Teams for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes.

There is nothing more dangerous than a idiot who has no idea that he’s an idiot.

The FBI, Investigators in Luzerne County and the Defense Teams for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes might really want to look into WHY this porn idiot has such a personal stake in The Bryan Kocis Murder … Especially given current events.

Perez Hilton in Another Gay Movie 2

December 30, 2007 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

He Stuck His Finger Up His…!

Another Gay Movie 2 is shaping up to be to Gay Icons what “Around the World in 80 Days” was to Hollywood Icons of the day. Perez Hilton, Brent Corrigan/Sean Lockhart, Michael Lucas, Will Wikle, Rupaul, Colton Ford … all in Another Gay Movie 2. That’s a whole lotta lube.

And here I didn’t know that Perez was posting videos regularly to youtube. Although, reports are that Perez has now kissed youtube goodbye. Viacom produces Perez Hilton’s tv show and Viacom is currently suing Google/youtube. If I were Perez, I would have chosen Google over Viacom. But, I would never have gone on The View either if I was Perez.

Who’s Afraid of Sean Lockhart

December 19, 2007 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

<center> IPB Image<br>My Severed Head Morphed to Eight-Legged Freak</center>
Sean Lockhart posted a blog entry saying he was in Pennsylvania last week “performing his civic duty to help bring justice to the Kocis Family”. Well, ain’t that just F.U.C.K.I.N.G S.W.E.E.T?

Sean Lockhart is concerned about my relatives …

What About My Fahking Head? My Head Remaining Attached To My Body … Did THAT Concern You At All You Little Toxic …. ?

Looking at how Luzerne County is trying everything possible to NOT Charge Little S and Big G, you would think that Luzerne County is Afraid of Sean Lockhart. What? Just because I faked a lawsuit against Sean Lockhart and I had some “friends” ready to Arrest the Beauch if she set foot in Luzerne County … Is that any reason for Luzerne County to be afraid of Sean Lockhart? And, how I got my 2002 guilty plea “corrected” isn’t related to who chopped my head off and flambeed my beans and frank.

One Plus One Still Equals Two

If Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were somehow convinced that I was in the way of them working with Sean Lockhart, there is only one diner in Las Vegas I know of where they could have gotten that impression.

Maybe me and my Eight-legged Freak Spawn need to visit the San Diego Zoo?

Lovely Lovely Will Wikle Another Gay Movie Sequel

December 12, 2007 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

<center> IPB Image<br>The Lovely Lovely Will Wikle</center>
If I didn’t already have a spot reserved for Jason Crew in my basement, that shinny silver plaque next to the chains and whips would say: “Will Wikle”. is reporting that one of my favorite side dishes, Will Wikle, will also be in The Sequel to Another Gay Movie.

I might now actually go see Another Gay Movie The Sequel, if Wil has a nude scene.

Frankly, I think Another Gay Movie needs to go XXX. Another Gay Movie was too racy to ever appeal to a large mainstream audience. And yet, the movie wasn’t “explicit” enough to get a stampede of Gays.

If Another Gay Movie did go XXX, it would probably be the #1 Rental on MaleFlixxx for some time.

BTW, the animated Gay Movie Stonewall and Riot is on MaleFlixxx/Bitchless TV.

Sean Lockhart and The Right to Contract

December 9, 2007 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

It is probably not a good idea to base your actions in life on Bill Maher’s knowledge of constitutional law.

I mentioned in a previous post that A Certain Individual’s use of the phrase “personal freedom” sounded to me like the mantra Bill Maher used and abused on the old ABC TV Show, Politically Incorrect.

Bill Maher regularly declared to the world that he was a “Libertarian” and that America was founded on Personal Freedom.

America’s original Constitution (it has been amended a number of times) was primarily concerned with protecting the individual from The State, not with granting the individual rights in relation to other individuals. America was not founded on Personal Freedom. “America’s Founding Fathers” considered Blacks property and they did not grant women the right to vote. An argument could actually be made that an individual’s relationship to other individuals is a State (rather than Federal) matter.

Sean Lockhart Has The Right To Contract With Others To Engage In Legal Pursuits

It is probably not a good idea to go around urging people not to contract with Sean Lockhart because, interfering with Sean Lockhart’s right to contract to engage in legal pursuits is “actionable” under the doctrine of tortuous interference. Let me put it this way,

I wouldn’t publish shit urging people not to contract with Sean Lockhart. But, that’s just me.

Paying someone money to perform sex acts in the production of Adult Videos is technically not a legal pursuit. So, it might be possible to “get away with” urging people not to contract with someone for that person to perform in adult videos. But still …

If you are in business and you want to stay in business, it might just be a good idea to run your press releases past a lawyer before you issue them.

The Republicans, Blacks and The Right to Contract

The United States Congress created law codified at Title 42 Section 1981 in response to racial discrimination against newly freed slaves seeking to make a living during Reconstruction (I’m talking about the 1800′s here). Title 42 Section 1981 simply states that Blacks have the same right to contract as Whites.

Around 1986, The Republican Apppointed Justices on The United States Supreme Court decided to re-interpret Title 42 Section 1981 and they published a decision claiming that Title 42 Section 1981 could only be used by Blacks SEEKING work. The decision of the Supreme Court in 1986 held that, once hired, Blacks could not use Title 42 Section 1981 to sue their employers for racial discriminating over the terms and conditions of employment.

Eventually, Congress passed law reversing The Supreme Court’s infamous decision in 1986 on Title 42 Section 1981. So, Technically, Blacks still have the same right to contract as Whites. However,

Since the entire Federal Court System is packed with Republic appointed federal judges like The Supreme Court, it is safe to say that there are probably not a lot of Blacks wining lawsuits in federal court filed under Title 42 Section 1981.

I Bought The Rights to Sean Lockhart

December 5, 2007 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

As Soon as I read in The Citizens Voice that Bryan Kocis owned the rights to Sean Lockhart (adult site), I got on the telephone, called Bryan Kocis heirs and,

<center>I bought the rights to Sean Lockhart for $39.52</center>

I now own the rights to Sean Lockhart. Sean Lockhart is my property. And, guess what?

I’ve decided to wrap Sean Lockhart up in a nice bow and Fed-Ex him to Harlow for Harlow’s Christmas present.

I don’t think Harlow is allowed to have pets in prison so, look for to auction off Sean Lockhart on Ebay to help raise money for Harlow’s legal defense fund.

Oh! and, ha ha ha ha,

Sean Lockhart still doesn’t know that I’m going to be Stan the Merman in Another Gay Movie – The Sequel. Lockhart’s silly performance is going to end up on the cutting room floor. Ha Ha Ha Ha!