Video of Bryan The Thing Kocis

October 26, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

To Kill The Thing
Uploaded by bitchlessness. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.
We here at The Bitchless Blog managed to get an enhanced version of the video tape of the ATTEMPT to kill Bryan Kocis.

Please that notice that I said ATTEMPT. The simple fact of the matter is that Bryan Kocis is not Dead, Bryan Kocis is The Thing.

Clearly, the torching / flambeeing of Bryan Kocis’ body after the decapitation and 28 stab wounds was an attempt by the three or so menses shown in the video to actually kill Bryan Kocis. However,

As you can also see Bryan Kocis did not die. Bryan Kocis’ head merely sprouted legs and Kocis then went on to star in that movie Eight Legged Freaks.

Don’t believe? Watch the video again, you’re see.