John Roecker Documentary with Harlow Cuadra

July 7, 2010 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

By G. Zisk Rice
Jul 2nd, 2010 01:56 PM
PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y.—One-and-one-half years in the making, Everything You Wanted to Know about Gay Porn Stars but were Afraid to Ask is a raw, unapologetic, behind-the-scenes look at the lives of some of gay adult cinema’s hottest talent. Originally broadcast as a seven-part series on the premium television here! network, E1 Entertainment will release the product as a two-disc DVD set July 27.
This revealing look at a taboo world by director John Roecker (Live Freaky! Die Freaky!) features 16 gay adult performers who provide insight into their careers and lifestyles. Often shocking, unexpectedly humorous and occasionally touching, no-holds-barred interviews with current and former performers—including Johnny Hazzard, Brad Benton, Nick Capra, Jason Hawke, Nick Piston and Jason Ridge—reveal candid tales and anecdotes about the impact of drugs on the industry, the danger inherent in unprotected sex, the toll depression takes on insiders, and the stigma and drawbacks one must cope with when living out fantasies on the screen.
Featuring music by punk rock legends Tim Armstrong and Rancid, the unflinching documentary series “gives voice to the stories, stars and scandalous secrets of the gay skin trade” and offers an honest, impartial look at what really happens after the cameras stop rolling.
Everything You Wanted to Know about Gay Porn Stars but were Afraid to Ask is presented with an aspect ratio of 16×9 (1.78:1) and includes English SDH subtitles for the hearing-impaired. The series runs a total of 232 minutes.
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