Demetrius Fannick signs on as Harlow Cuadra’s Lawyer

August 7, 2009 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Harlow Cuadra

The Shit Done Hit The Fan in Luzerne County Pennsylvania !!!.

Attorney Demetrius Fannick filed court papers Wednesday announcing he is now representing Harlow Cuadra, who was found guilty in March of a fatal January 2007 stabbing in Dallas Township … When filing his appearance, Fannick also asked for more time to file reasons why Cuadra is appealing his life sentence to the state Superior Court, stating he has not yet read the transcript from Cuadra’s February trial. Timesleader

BEAUCH THAT I AM, if I was Harlow Cuadra, I would proceed immediately to Federal Court with a CIVIL RICO against Luzerne County and The Luzerne County DA’s Office. THE MATH for a Civil RICO against Luzerne County, as we see it, is so fucking simple. To repeat …

Since the production of porn is criminalized in Pennsylvania, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING INSTANCE that Bryan Kocis contracted with a model to perform sex acts for money in the production of a gay porn video CAN BE USED TO SUPPORT A COUNT UNDER A CIVIL OR CRIMINAL RICO COMPLAINT. AND,

Since The Luzerne County DA was a party to allowing Bryan Kocis to operate a porn production studio out of his basement, THE LUZERNE COUNTY DA SHOULD HAVE RECUSED ITSELF from the investigation into Bryan Kocis’ murder as well as recused itself from the prosecutions of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes.