CLOCKWORK GAY ™ Could Be Sooner Than You Think

January 31, 2008 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

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We’ve mentioned several times that we have an idea for a Gay Porn Parody of A Clockwork Orange, a “ripped from the headlines drama” a la Law & Order.

Well, we suggested “one possible treatment” for Clockwork Gay ™ to a Gay Video Company and they actually seemed interested in the idea. AND GET THIS,

The “concept” we came up with “on-the-fly” could mean that there could be a Clockwork Gay movie in select theaters IN MONTHS (followed by a hardcore gay porn version of the movie a month or two later).

This is just so fucking brilliant. God!

I’m beautiful AND Smart. Hold on … I’m gonna go have sex with myself.

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Fixation with Harlow Cuadra Helps Joseph Kerekes

January 31, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

We’ve mentioned before that the entire focus of The Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation appeared to have been on Harlow Cuadra. From all that we know now, that appears to have never been any “CSI-Type” investigation of the “crime scene” to determine who MIGHT have killed Bryan Kocis (in fact the crime scene wasn’t protected from the public and it was ultimately demolished). The Police appeared to have “concluded” from the git-go that Harlow Cuadra was their man and that nothing else mattered.

Well, now that the Prosecution of Harlow Cuadra has gone up in flames, Prosecutors may have to come up with some actual evidence against Joseph Kerekes.

There is an interesting description in the Timesleader about motions recently filed by Joseph Kerekes.

They also want to keep prosecutors from using as evidence a recorded conversation of Kerekes and others at a California beach after the Kocis slaying. The attorneys say the interception of the conversation was obtained in violation of Kerekes’ constitutional rights … The attorneys said the search executed on Kerekes’ home was illegal and any evidence seized there, and from his e-mail account, should be kept out of trial.

The Suggestion Here is that some of the Search Warrants and Other “Permissions” Investigators Obtained May Have Only Been Authorized Against Harlow Cuadra.

Specifically, there is the suggestion that the Search Warrant to Seach Harlow’s and Joe’s Home may have only given authorities permission to Seach Harlow’s Property, not Joseph Kereke’s property or property owned JOINTLY by Harlow and Joe. AND,

That Authorities may have only had legal authority to intercept and record the converstions of Harlow Cuadra, Grant Roy and Sean Lockhart on Blacks Beach.

Obviously, Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy KNEW that their converstions were being recorded and they gave their permission to the recording. However,

There is the suggestion from the Timesleader description of the motions filed by Joseph Kerekes that the Authorities did not think to get permission to RECORD JOSEPH KEREKES CONVERSATIONS.

If the Search Warrants/Wire Tap authority Investigators obtained for Blacks Beach only listed Harlow Cuadra then, Joseph Kerekes conversations were illegally recorded on Blacks Beach, thus, the motion by Kerekes’ lawyers seeking to prohibit the Prosecution from submitting the fruits of the search of the Virginia Beach Home and The Blacks Beach Tapes.

There was a Law & Order episode sorta related to this issue. The Police went to a Suspect’s Office to do an investigation, the suspect was a lawyer. The Suspect was not in the office so, Police asked another Lawyer in the office for permission to search a file cabined used by the Suspect. Well, it turned out that the Office was not one law firm but rather it was an office space shared by lawyers who no partnership relationship between them. The Attorneys for the Suspect argued that the other lawyer in the office had no authority to give police permission to seach the suspect’s file cabinet.

Joseph Kerekes and Inflammatory Pre-trial Publicity

January 30, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Joseph Kerekes has filed a motion to move his trial out of Luzerne County.

I would say that Bryan Kocis’ Estate serving IMMUNE EXTRADITED PARTIES with civil process might just support argument of “inflammatory, sensational” pre-trial publicity” and that Cuadra and Kerekes can’t get fair trials before any Luzerne County Judge. First,

How do you manage to serve incarcerated individuals with civil process WITHOUT the assistance of the “state” fun facilities where those individuals are being held? AND,

The only thing that was accomplished by serving IMMUNE individuals with civil process was the chance to INFLUENCE potential jurors with the INFLAMMATORY headline: Bryan Kocis Kin Sue Accused Killers.

Well, I hope that that brief moment in the headlines was enough of a RUSH for Bryan Kocis’ Estate to justify them watching ALL CHARGES DROPPED against Cuadra and Kerekes as a result of Bryan Kocis’ Estate serving Cuadra and Kerekes with process when they are immune to civil process.

Also, if Prosecutors in Virginia Beach were in fact behind THAT SPAM BLOG against Cuadra and Kerekes (in association with Prosecutors in Luzerne County), The Defense Team for Joseph Kerekes is likely to use that to support their motion for a CHANGE OF VENUE.

As I watched that SPAM BLOG mindlessly try to sink my posts at Netscape/Propeller, I made the conscious decision to do nothing and to give them all the rope they needed to hang themselves.

It looks like every thing Luzerne County does in re Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes just makes them all look more and more like “NOT VERY BRIGHT PEOPLE”. Citizensvoice

Wouldn’t it have been so much better for Luzerne County IF Cuadra and Kerekes had been killed in that early morning raid of their Virginia Beach home?

Harlow Cuadra and The Threat of Trial Part IV

January 30, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

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What Does It Really Mean That Harlow Cuadra Now Has High Profile Lawyer Demetrius Fannick?

The Luzerne County Newspapers are reporting that the 1/30/08 Status Hearing for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes has been re-scheduled to 2/20.

Luzerne County has every reason to be afraid of what Attorney Demetrius Fannick could do to Luzerne County, Judges Mark Ciaverella and Michael Conahan and to The Luzerne County Prosecutors’ Office by “defending” Harlow Cuadra.

Luzerne County has every reason to be afraid of Demetrius Fannick because a rising star like Fannick has very little to lose by USING The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal to increase his PROFILE and APPEAL. Any attorney interested in being HIGH PROFILE has to view a little shit county like Luzerne County as A Stepping Stone To Big Law

In other words, Demetrius Fannick has little incentive to NOT PISS off Judges on the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas because, if he gets charges against Harlow Cuadra dropped, he could get ( a ) A Book/Movie Deal and /r ( b ) become a Partner at some BIG LAW Law Firm in Philadelphia or New York.

There Are Some Things A Lawyer Simply Will Not Do.

There are some ACTs that a lawyer CAN do in litigation that NO LAWYER would ever do because lawyers know that they will have to appear before the same judges over and over. For example,

I have done something THREE TIMES that no lawyer would ever do, I sued a Federal Judge.

No Lawyer in his right mind would ever sue a federal judge (or any other Judge) because doing so would guarantee that that lawyer would never ever win another lawsuit before ANY Judge. But,

I’m a Black Man. I’m not going to win any lawsuit in Federal Court. In Fact, my lawsuit strategy in Federal Court is BASED on getting my lawsuits DISMISSD. When I go to Federal Court, I have generally already created a situation in which I would actually WIN by getting my suit dismissed. I have nothing to lose by suing a Federal Judge because that would most likely mean that my lawsuit will be dismissed that much sooner. And, I have in fact sued Three Federal Judges. THREE TIMES, after I filed motions asking a federal judge to disqualify himself from my case, when the judge refused to disqualify himself, I sued him and then he was REQUIRED to disqualify himself from my case. NO LAWYER WOULD EVER DO SUCH A THING.

ALTERNATE THEORY OF THE CRIME: Brayn Kocis Was Killed So That He Could Not Testify About the “Correction” To His 2002 Guilty Plea

Every Lawyer in Luzerne County has to know that if he/she presented the above “Alternate Theory Of The Crime” on behalf of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes that it would PISS of President Judge Mark Ciaverella and former Judge Michael Conahan. Only a lawyer with no LONG TERM INTEREST in practicing law before the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas would DARE present the alternate theory of the crime that “Bryan Kocis Was Killed So That He Could NOT Testify About The “Correction” To His 2002 Guilty Plea”.

Even the lawyers for Joseph Kerekes might be “Hesitant” to present such an alternate theory of the crime because the bottom line is that they are being paid by Luzerne County to defend Kerekes. AND, those lawyers know that they will be before Luzerne County Judges again over and over in subsequent cases during their careers.

Only A Lawyer from OUTSIDE of Luzerne County or A Superstar Lawyer Eager To Use Luzerne County as a Stepping Stone would DARE claim that

Bryan Kocis Was Killed To Shut Him Up! That Byran Kocis Was Killed So That He Could Not Testify In A Federal Probe of How Kocis’ 2002 Guilty Plea Could Be “Corrected” Four Years Later By Judge Michael Conahan

An Alternate Theory of the Crime Has To ONLY Create Reasonable Doubt in the mind of a jury. The Defense Teams for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes Don’t Have To Prove who did Kill Bryan Kocis. AND,

It Might Be Very Very Important To Remember AGAIN That It Is In Fact A THIRD DEGREE FELONY IF Someone Helped Bryan Kocis EVADE the Requirements of Pennsylvania Megan’s Law.

It might also be helpful to know that PARTNERS at BIG LAW Law Firms can pull down OVER A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. My understanding is that the salaries of Judges in Luzerne County and The DA of Luzerne County is MUCH LESS than One Million Dollars A Year.


Harlow Cuadra and The Threat of Trial Part III

January 29, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Harlow Cuadra’s new lawyer Fannick is quoted in the Timesleader saying that Harlow Cuadra will proceed to trial Unless the DA Drops The Charges. Sounds like a fucking threat to me!

These Lay Bimbos blogging about The Bryan Kocis Murder clearly have no clue how law works. For example, take this “eagerness” to get a copy of the transcript for The Blacks Beach Tapes. What fucking difference does it make to the murder prosecution of Harlow Cuadra what is or is not on The Blacks Beach Tapes if the prosecution never gets to trial? At this point,

What has been filed in THE RECORD of the Harlow Cuadra prosecution IS NOT evidence for a trial. There hasn’t been a trial. AND, if there is a trial, the Prosecution will decide at that time what to submit as evidence and the Judge will decide at that time what to admit or not admit into evidence. At this point, it is very possible that The Prosecution submitted a transcript of The Blacks Beach Tapes into the record SOLELY so that the transcript would be available to Bryan Kocis’ Estate for a civil trial, and that the Prosecution has no intentions of submitting The Blacks Beach Tapes into evidence at any criminal trial.

The Threat of Trial

I don’t think very many people realize how much damage you can do to a b.i.t.c.h. by suing the b.i.t.c.h. even if you ultimately lose the lawsuit. The Luzerne County Criminal Justice System, in my opinion, could not survive a murder trial of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes without, at the very least, becoming a national joke. If Attorney Fannick presents the alternate theory of the crime that …

Bryan Kocis was Killed so that he could not testify about his 2002 guilty plea being “corrected” in 2006 …

Luzerne County’s Court system would end up being the biggest joke in America Law and the “evidence” and “testimony” of Luzerne County Officials that Fannick obtains through depositions and cross-examination at trial could lead to a full blown federal criminal probe of Luzerne County Courts. If there isn’t already one.

Luzerne County had its shot at “convincing” Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes to plead guilty to something, NOW, The Threat of Trial is very very real.


Maybe I should stop giving away so many of my litigation secrets …

I was employed by this idiot company and I had this idiot QUEEN for a boss. The Idiot Queen assumed that he was so much smarter than I am that he could “set me up” to be fired and I wouldn’t catch on. WELL,

I walked away from work for lunch one day, and I headed straight to Federal Court and sued my employer AND the Idiot Queen.

Every employer in America is prepared to DEFEND A FIRING of a Black employee. However, no employer in America has even considered the idea that A Black Employee could just go out to Lunch, Sue Them and never return to work. Trust Me.

THE BOTTOM LINE is that during discovery for my case, I conducted a videotape deposition of Idiot Queen and I questioned the stupid_bitch about his homosexuality ON VIDEO TAPE. The Punch Line is that the stupid_bitch had a TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE.

What do you supose happens to a dumb Queen with a Top Secret Security Clearance when the stupid fucker has a video taped deposition in a PUBLIC RECORD on which he talks about his homosexuality?

Some Months After the idiot company and the stupid Queen celebrated getting my lawsuit dismissed, they tired to get the Judge in the case to seal the record of the case. Of Course, I had copies of the videotape. Hey, I may not be the smartest person in America, but, I’m not the dumbest either.

There Ain’t Gonna Be No Fucking Murder Trial for Harlow Cuadra or Joseph Kerekes

I’m not even a lawyer and I was able to wipe out a dumb Queen with a video taped deposition. Trust Me, from what I’ve read about Attorney Fannick, Fannick could do a shit load of damage to a lot of “officials” in Luzerne County by “defending” Harlow Cuadra. There ain’t no fucking way in hell Luzerne County is going to conduct a murder trial for Harlow Cuadra or Joseph Kerekes. If Cuadra and Kerekes can stay ALIVE,


Blacks Beach Tapes Helps Civil Suit Against Harlow Cuadra

January 28, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

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So, why would Luzerne County Prosecutors file The Blacks Beach Tapes into the record of the criminal case for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes when they know or should know that doing so would most likely result in the added expense of separate trials for Cuadra and Kerekes?

BACK AT THE PRELIMINARY HEARING, it sure looked like Luzerne County Prosecutors were doing everything they could to NOT submit The Blacks Beach Tapes into evidence. Isn’t THAT why Grant Roy was called to the witness stand, so that Grant Roy could testify instead of prosecutors submitting The Blacks Beach Tapes?

Well, in my opinion, submission of The Blacks Beach Tapes helps Bryan Kocis’ Estate with their civil suit more than it helps The State’s criminal prosecution of Cuadra and Kerekes. because, Bryan Kocis’ Estate now don’t have to sue The State to get their hands on The Blacks Beach Tapes, the tapes are in a public record.

Look, I fucking perfected The Scheme of getting dumb fuckers to submit shit into evidence in one case so that I or someone else could use that evidence against the dumb fucks in another case. I have filed “legally deficient” racial discrimination lawsuits, knowing that they would be dismissed, JUST to get some dumb fuck to submit documents into evidence that I could use against the fuckers in another kind of proceeding. Everyone knows that racial discrimination lawsuits are dismissed on site these days so, nobody thinks twice about what they submit as evidence into the case file for a racial discrimination lawsuit.

BACK IN THE DAY, I was talking to this lawyer about a racial discrimination COMPLAINT I had before The Idiot Fucking EEOC. This lawyer told me up front that the EEOC wouldn’t do shit but that it was possible to use the EEOC. THIS lawyer said that because every company knows that The Fucking EEOC doesn’t help people complaining about racial discrimination in the workplace, EMPLOYERS will submit shit to the EEOC (knowing that the EEOC won’t do shit against them) that the Employer would never submit to an unbiased court. THIS IS WHERE I GOT THE IDEA of using a “dismissable lawsuit” to get a fucker to hang himself with his own evidence.

Civil Suit of Bryan Kocis’ Estate

Submitting The Blacks Beach Tapes into evidence in the Cuadra/Kerekes criminal case clearly means that Bryan Kocis’ estate won’t have to file any suits to get the tapes from The State, since the tapes are now in a public record. HOWEVER,

The fact that Bryan Kocis’ Estate allegedly served Cuadra and Kerekes with civil process WHEN Cuadra and Kerekes are immune to proces doesn’t help The Estate win any favor with any Judge outside of Luzerne County. In fact, if The Estate did serve Cuadra and Kerekes with process, that move could be used to get a properly served lawsuit DISMISSED. How can serving and immune person with civil process NOT be a HOSTILE manuever?

Since Cuadra and Kereks are residents of Virginia, any wrongful death suit, it seems to me, would have to be filed in FEDERAL COURT. I can’t imagine any Federal Judge being sympathetic to a lawsuit filed by Bryan Kocis’ Estate. Just as I still can’t figure out how Brent Corrigan and Grant Roy WEREN’T able to get Bryan Kocis’ lawsuit in San Diego immediately dismissed.

There has to be some reason NOT YET DISCLOSED to explain how Lockhart and Roy somehow managed to NOT get a lawsuit from a child molester / gay pornographer dismissed by a Federal Judge. I mean, THAT takes some serious fucking TALENT. You have to be a very very very TALENTED_BITCH to NOT get a Federal Judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a Child Molester / Gay Pornographer. ANYWHO,

Cuadra and Kerekes could file a COUNTER SUIT against Bryan Kocis’s estate AND Cuadra and Kerekes could then use their counter-suit to get documents about Bryan Kocis’ business dealing INTO THE PUBLIC RECORD. I don’t think anything good for Bryan Kocis’ Estate could result from documents related to Cobra Video’s business dealings being in a public record.


The Movie Seven and Dumb Litigators

January 27, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

I just saw the movie Seven again and I tell ya, I never tire of seeing this idiot fucking look on Brad Pitt’s face when he realizes that he was up against someone far smarter than him.

Litigators Are Simply Not Very Bright

As I mentioned before, a couple of lawyers were in a position to know that if Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were unable to afford private attorneys that there would be a problem with the Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office being assigne to represent Cuadra and Kerkes. Several attorneys KNEW that Al Flora, Jr, Bryan Kocis’ Lawyer, was second in command at the Public Defender’s Office

Litigators are not very bright because a litigator doesn’t have to be smart to win a lot of lawsuits. As proof, I would point out to you that Thomas Sneddon, Star Prosecutor, COULDN’T convict Michael Jackson and STAR PROSECUTOR Marsha Clark couldn’t convict OJ Simpson.

I think even a lay person who knows a little bit about law knows the “rule” that you don’t ask a witness any question in court that you don’t know the answer to. Marsha Clark and her co-prosecutor Darden asked OJ Simpson to try on a pair of blood soaked shrunken gloves when they had no fucking idea if the gloves would fit O J Simpon.

Thomas Sneedom put Michael Jackson’s ex-wife on the witness stand and assumed that she would shit on Michael Jackson simply because she was Jackson’s EX wife and because Jackson wasn’t allowing her to see her kids as much as she wanted.

So, how exactly the fuck did a Thomas Sneedon and a Marsha Clark win so many fucking convictions during their STAR careers as prosecutors?

The biggest crime in America HAS to happen when all of these wide eyed Law School Graduates pass the bar, get their first case and they then realize how law REALLY WORKS.

Litigation is not based on being smarter than your opponent, litigation is based more on sucking up to some Judge who doesn’t make enough money to support the lifestyle he is living. And, don’t ask me WHY no one had bothered to examine the simple little fact that a lot of Judges appear to be living lifestyles that can’t possibly be supported by the shit money they make.

A Judge in New York was prosecuted recently for accepting bribes in the form of cash, cigars, dinners and bottles of wine to decide Divorce cases in favor of one group of lawyers. My question is: “How did someone manage to single out THAT one Judge to prosecute for accepting bribes?

Luzerne County Drops Charges Against Paul Weakley

January 26, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Weakley pleaded guilty Friday to a federal count of racketeering conspiracy. The charge included the slayings of Kerkowski and Fassett; the robbery of the couple and of a Monroe County man; and multiple other criminal acts including burglary, arson, weapons offenses and drug trafficking.

As part of the plea agreement, the Luzerne County district attorney’s office has agreed to drop state homicide charges against Weakley. He faces life in prison without parole, although prosecutors may recommend a reduced sentence. Prosecutors had previously announced their intention to seek the death penalty.

Very interesting.

Luzerne County’s pursuit of Paul Weakley and Hugo Selenski resulted in the case law in Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas holding that Weakley and Selenski were entitled to separate trial. Essentially, the state court of appeals ruled that where one accused incriminates another accused to prosecutors, the parties are entitled to separate trials.

Luzerne County claims that Harlow Cuadra incriminates Joseph Kerekes on The Blacks Beach Tapes.

Ironclad Case Against Weakley and Selenski

Can you get more proof against two murder suspects than finding dead bodies buried in one of the guy’s yard? YET,

Inspite of the overwhelming evidence against Weakley and Selenski, Luzerne County DA Lupas failed to even bring Weakley and Selenski to trial during Lupas’ tenue. Lupas pursued his “theory” that he could try Weakley and Selenski together if he used Weakley’s testimony against Selenski without telling the jury that the testimony came from Weakley. The state ppeals court rejected Lupas’ argument and ruled that Weakley and Selenski were entitled to separate trials. The appeals court found that even if Lupas changed the name of the “witness” against Selenski, a jury would still be able to figure out that the testimony came from Weakley.

It could even be argued that New DA Jacki Musto-Carroll recognized that the Weakley/Selenski prosecution was so fucked-up by Lupas that she had no choice but to drop state homocide charges against Weakley in order to have even a chance of winning a conviction against Selenski.

Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerkes

The Weakley/Selenski Case virtually guarantees that the appeals judges who heard the Weakley/Selenski appeal will rule that Harlow Cuadra and Jospeh Kerekes are likewise entitled to separate trials IF Luzerne County wishes to waste even more money claiming that it can hold one trial for Cuadra and Kerekes together.

However, I seriously doubt that Jackie Musto-Carroll will attempt to use former DA Lupas’ failed “one trial theory” in HER prosecution of Cuadra and Kerekes.

The only chance Luzerne County had of having one trial for Cuadra and Kerekes was if Luzerne County could have kept The Blacks Beach Tapes out of evidence. Since Luzerne County filed a transcript of The Blacks Beach Tapes into the record of the Cuadra/Kerekes Case, it is safe to say that Luzerne County has decided either:

1. That it will go to the expense of holding two separate trials for Cuadra and Kerekes; or
2. That Luzerne County has given up on prosecuting Harlow Cuadra and will try for a trial only against Jopseh Kerkes.

In our opinion, as we’ve said before, The Case Against Harlow Cuadra is DOA. You can’t assign the Victim’s Lawyer to Represent The Accused without assuming that any conviction you get will be reveresed by The State Court of Appeals. And, based on all available evidence, Jackie Musto-Carroll is NOT A Good Ole Boy

The Entire Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation appears to have been fixated solely on Harlow Cuadra. One really has to wonder HOW and WHY The Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation was so concentrated on ONE PERSON, Harlow Cuadra, especially under the LEGALLY UNSOUND THEORY that Sean Lockhart was CONTRACTUALLY BOUND to Cobra Video

Will Harlow Cuadra’s New Lawyer Invoke The Doctrine of Unclean Hands?

Seriously, you have to wonder what kind of LAWYER would actually claim to the press that a gay pornstar was contractually bound to perform gay bareback sex acts for money in the production of a gay video? That SOMEONE in Luzerne County actually prepared an AFFIDAVIT and swore under penalty of perjury that Sean Lockhart was contractually bound to Cobra Video presents The Defense Teams for Cuadra and Kerekes with the AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE that Luzerne County Prosecutors have Unclean Hands (and that all charges against Cuadra and Kerekes should therefore be dismissed).

The Doctrine of Unclean Hands holds that when you go before a court, your hands should be clean. Under the Doctrine of Unclean Hands, asking a legitimate court to recognize a “contract” between a gay pornstar and a gay adult video production company as a valid and enforceable contract to the point where such a “contract” could serve as the motive for a murder SHOULD BE something that is repugnant to the Court. Consider this,

If Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas allows the prosecution of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes to continue WITH an affidavit in the case file holding that Sean Lockhart was contractually bound to Cobra Video and Cuadra and Kerekes are convicted, SOMEONE could subsequently claim that The Cuadra/Kerekes Case decriminalizes the production of Adult Videos in Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania could become the Second Great Adult Video Production Captial in America after California.

If and when the production of gay videos is decriminalized in The Commonwealth of Pennsyvlania, I seriously doubt that that HISTORIC DECISION will be made by President Judge Mark Ciavarella of the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas.

Harlow Cuadra retains Attorney Demetrius Fannick

January 25, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

As of today Friday Jan 25,2008 Harlow is represented by Demetrius Fannick. Demetrius Fannick will represent Harlow at trial.

This is the Defense Harlow needed to get him through this, this is a fair trial for him now.

We are still excepting donations for his expert withness’s fees at, this site will also be updated over the weekend with new information.

Some months ago, there was an item in the news/gossip that Joseph Kerekes was considering retaining the attorney Demetrius Fannick. However, since much of the prosecution’s case appears to have be directed at Harlow Cuadra, it would clearly HELP Joseph Kerekes if:

1. Charges against Harlow Cuadra are dismissed; and
2. If Harlow Cuadra gets his trial separated from Joseph Kerekes’ trial.

Fannick is most known for his defense of homicide suspect Hugo Selenski. Prosecutors sought the death penalty for Selenski in the 2003 shotgun slayings of suspected drug dealers Frank James and Adeiye Keiler.

Selenski was cleared of those homicide charges after a jury trial in 2006. He was found guilty of abuse of a corpse for burning the men’s bodies.

Selenski is now awaiting trial in the deaths of pharmacist Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett. Fannick is not representing Selenski in that case. Timesleader

Harlow Cuadra Walks with Transcript of Blacks Beach Tapes

January 24, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

<center> IPB Image</center>
WILKES-BARRE — Accused killer Harlow Raymond Cuadra couldn’t sleep for a week after the killing of Back Mountain porn producer Bryan Kocis, but the murder “made me feel better inside,” Cuadra says in a 108-page transcript of a wire tap of Cuadra and his accused accomplice Joseph Kerekes on a San Diego beach … Luzerne County Assistant District Attorneys Tim Doherty and Michael Melnick filed the document Tuesday at the county courthouse The Citizens Voice

It sure looks like Luzerne County is preparing to claim that It Did Its Best to convict Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kereke for when all charges against Cuadra and Kerekes are dismissed. The Civil Lawsuit against Cuadra and Kerekes when Cuadra and Kerekes are legally immune to service of civil process is the best proof thus far for the argument that Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes Will Walk!

What we are seeing from Luzerne County are the last gasps from the Prosecution’s case against Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kereke. Prosecutors have reportedly filed a transcript of The Blacks Beach Tapes to the record. The Blacks Beach Tapes virtually guarantee that Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes will have separate trials if they are taken to trial.

Not only can Luzerne County probably NOT FINANCIALLY AFFORD separate trials for Cuadra and Kerekes but, given the intimate nature of the relationship between Cuadra and Kerekes, as should already be clear, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what acts were allegedly done by Cuadra and what acts were done by Kerekes.

The Classic Defense Strategy when there is more than one accused is for one person to claim that the crime was committed by the other person AT SEPARATE TRIALS.

[i]There is a Classic Scene in the movie The Onion Field in which the character played by James Woods convinces another person accused of the same crime to coordinate his defense with Wood’s defense.