Bryan Kocis Something Rotten in Luzerne County PA

March 23, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

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I don’t think anybody would fucking believe this story if it wasn’t written down.

With Bryan Kocis living in Dallas Township Pennsylvania, you had a fahking Gay Pornographer shooting Gay Bareback Videos in his basement in his house in a residential community on trial for having sex with a 15 year old boy.

I think all we need to know to understand WHY Bryan Kocis is dead is to know that Bryan Kocis videotapped himself having sex with a 15 year old and:

Bryan Kocis was NOT convicted as a child molester;

Bryan Kocis was NOT listed as a registered sex offender; and

Dallas Township Police allowed Bryan Kocis to go right back to creating gay bareback videos in his basement (only they apparently kept the video of Bryan Kocis having sex with a 15 year old boy).

Either White People Can Get Away with Any Kind of Shit In Dallas Township Pennsylvania or Bryan Kocis was leading one Charmed Life in Dallas Township Pennsylvania.

Point of Refernece

A Student at Columbia University in New York City was convicted of rape and spent a great many months in prison because an adult female accused the guy of raping her after she met him through and internet chat room. The Columbia Student only made it out of prison when his lawyers managed to get him a new trial and the woman then refused to testify against the guy again.


Anybody who reads this newspaper report on how a gay pornographer somehow DIDN”T go to jail for VIDEOTAPPING himself having sex with a 15 year old boy will completely understand ( a ) Why Bryan Kocis is Dead; and ( b ) Why Dallas Township Police can’t seem to figure out who killed their local gay pornographer.

A Dallas Township man who operated an adult video business pleaded guilty Thursday in Luzerne County Court to a sexual abuse of children charge for possessing an unlawful videotape of a 15-year-old boy.

All other charges against Kocis were dropped Thursday when he pleaded guilty to the single charge of sexual abuse of children in connection to the tape police found in his home.
He faces a sentencing range of probation to nine months’ imprisonment for the offense.
President Judge Michael Conahan will impose sentencing on May 15.
Attorney Al Flora explained Thursday that Kocis did not know of the teen’s true age until after the police investigation began. He alleged the teen had lied about his age to Kocis.

He further argued that Kocis had a registered and legitimate business and that he properly obtained written contracts from all of the “models” he employed.
However, Kocis had not obtained a written contract and proof of identification for the teen before the police investigation began.…55154&rfi=8

It seems to me that the FBI and the US Justice Department should be looking into how a Fahking Gay Pornogrpaher didn’t go to jail for having sex with a 15 year old boy AND how a piece of shit like Bryan Kocis was able to go on shooting gay bareback videos in his basement in a residential community in Dallas Township Pennsylvania.

Harlow Cuadra Probed and Not in a Good Way

March 14, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Frankly, I’m amazed that the Bryan Kocis Murder investigation appears to be focusing on Harlow Cuadra. The “official story” is that someone using a picture of Harlow was scheduled to meet with Kocis 90 minutes before Kocis was found in his burning house. However, the authorities in Pennsylvania have not officialy indicated WHEN they think Kocis was killed. The Pennsylvania coroner has been quoted as saying that Kocis was already dead before his house was set on fire, but, there has been no official statement on HOW LONG Kocis may have been dead before his house was set on fire.

Doesn’t it seem a tad ODD that someone could stab Kocis 28 times, slash his throat, set his house on fire and drive away all within a 90 minute time period after Kocis finished talking to someone on the telephone?.

If Harlow had something to do with Kocis’ murder, why would he have kept shit from the murder in his house AFTER he voluntarily disclosed that it was his picture that authorities were circulating as the “person of interest”? The description of what police did when they searched Harlow’s house sounds like what the FBI would do to a house used by a terrorist cell.

I can understand Pennsylvania authorities being gong-ho about idiot Kocis’ murder, given that Kocis was killed in their backyard. However, I can’t understand Virginia Beach authorities going along with what Pennsylvania wanted. Why should Virginia Beach give a shit about who killed Fahking Bryan Kocis?

Taylor said the search actually took place on Feb. 10, and began at 5:53 a.m. Brewer said a SWAT team forced open the door and shot a canister of tear gas inside.
“No one was there at the time,” Taylor said. “They left the warrant on the counter when they left.”
Taylor and Brewer, who represents Kerekes, said authorities ripped away the wiring for the home’s security system, left smoke alarms dangling from the ceilings, and removed a heavy safe from a closet and pried it open. An outside storage shed was also forced open, the attorneys said.
“It’s indisputable to what happened at the residence,” Brewer said.
Taylor said the tear gas burnt the carpet inside the home.
According to the search inventory list, authorities removed a log book, videotapes, digital cameras, camcorders, battery packs, luggage, receipts, firearms, ammunition, clothing, computers, insulation and a buccal swab, a sample taken from the inside of the mouth.

Virginia is a very conservative State. And, I’m sure Virginia Beach (a big military town, as I understand it) would rather not have Harlow’s gay adult video company in the city specializing in using Military Guys.

APPARENTLY, the claim that Harlow and his lover were on the run came about because Harlow’s lawyer is refusing to allow Pennsylvania Authorities to speak to Harlow.

I am so glad Harlow has a good lawyer. I would wish Harlow Good Luck. But, Harlow and his attorneys don’t appear to be all that concerned.

Taylor has briefly spoken to investigators about the case. He said he won’t allow Cuadra to be questioned by authorities in either state.
“I don’t let police talk to my clients under any circumstances. That’s not my policy,” Taylor said. “They characterize that he is in hiding. How can he be in hiding when there’s no arrest warrant issued.”

The Mysterious Harlow in Action

March 9, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

You know … I’d like to meet this Harlow Cuadra. I’d like to see if he would like try to kill me or something after butt sex.

What if Harlow charged by the stabbings? Like the first three stabbings would be like $10.00 each but, you could like elect to get the bulk stabbing rate of like 30 stabbings for $150.00. Like, If you go to Harlow’s escort page, is there like a rate card for flambeeing after butt sex?

Death as a Marketing Ploy seems to be all the rage in Gay Videos these days. So, like why shouldn’t the Luscious Luscious Part Cuban/Part German Harlow use the name Drake in his video (the name made infamous by the Bryan Kocis Murder)?

NICK, that ex-GI who fell into that abandoned quarry outside of Montreal, has sold a lot of product for Next Door Studios. There is still video of NICK on and some of the other next door sites. Next Door Studios really put their guys to use. I mean, the Next Door Guys do straight, gay AND toys. They probably do construction and house cleaning too, I’ll bet.

Hmmmm, Peter and Harlow … That sorta kinda has a nice ring to it. Doesn’t It? Hi, I’m Peter and this is my Government Trained Killer Lover Harlow so, don’t fahk with me beauch. I likes that!

NEWSFLASH: Bryan Kocis is Still Dead!

March 8, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

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Exclusive. The Bitchless Blog ™ has obtained exclusive reports for authorities in Pennsylvania that reveal that Bryan Charles Kocis is Still Dead. Also,

There is additional evidence out of Pennsylvania that suggest that Ex- Marine Harlow Cuadra is an Opportunistic Whore in that Harlow named the character he plays in his new movie Drake (“Drake” being the name of the mystery model Bryan Kocis was rumored to be expecting shortly before he was killed and flambeed).

Harlow Cuadra, the Virginia male escort, has told reporters that he was the man in the photo. He said in e-mails Tuesday and Wednesday that he named a character in his movie “Drake” as a “marketing ploy.”

Additional Exclusives.

1. The Dumbass lawsuit that Dumbass Bryan Kocis filed in FEDERAL COURT against Brent Corrigan was “settled and dismissed”

2. The two men menaced by another man with a folding knife in Arizona were not Bryan Kocis’ brothers. Edward Lewis of the Times Leader informed us that Kocis had no brothers, he only had two sisters. See Anthony and Robert Kocis and a Folding Knife.


Exactly WHO owns Cobra Video now?