Second Annual Chopping Off Bryan Kocis’ Head Day

January 26, 2009 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

To Kill The Thing
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Now that Judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella have been indicated and they are expected to plead guilty and spend the next SEVEN YEARs in a Federal Prison, let’s all look back to the act two years ago that eventually brought down Conahan and Ciavarella. Yes, Boys, We BE Observing The Second Annual Chopping Off Bryan Kocis’ Head Day

Judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella INDICTED

January 26, 2009 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Federal prosecutors have indicted two Luzerne County judges in connection with what they call a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud the public and the IRS … U.S. Attorney Martin Carlson released the information Monday regarding the indictments of President Judge Mark Ciavarella and former President Judge Michael Conahan in connection with the Luzerne County juvenile detention center … The two judges are accused of concealing the receipt of $2.6 million between 2003 and 2007 WNEP

So, how does That alternate theory for The Bryan Kocis Murder sound to you all now? The alternate theory of the crime that holds that Bryan was murdered so that he could not testify in a federal probe into how Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea was “corrected” in 2006 by Judge Michael Conahan, The Luzerne County DA and Al Flora, Jr (Kocis’ attorney). It seems to me that IF DEFENSE ATTORNEYS FOR HARLOW CUADRA have the balls to actually present the Alternate Theory of the Crime, that act is guaranteed to require the recusal of The Luzerne County DA from the Bryan Kocis Murder Trial AND Investigation.

2 Pa. judges to plead guilty to public corruption
Two judges in Luzerne County have agreed to plead guilty to public corruption and to serve more than seven years in federal prison … Federal prosecutors say that President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Judge Michael Conahan participated in a $2.6 million scheme to defraud taxpayers by taking kickbacks related to the construction of juvenile detention facilities in Luzerne County and elsewhere.

Anybody with a brain who noticed that Bryan Kocis was operating a Gay Porn Production Studio out of his basement in a residential community in a state where the production of porn had NOT been decriminalized would have known immediately that there was something rotten in Luzerne County.

44 year old men like Bryan Kocis caught on videotape having sex with fifteen year old boys aren’t usually handed back their video equipment by Judges and District Attorneys and allowed to go back to producing gay porn in their basements … THIS IS FUCKING INSANE! There is simply no other way to say it!

Now that The Feds have TAKEN OUT Ciavarella and Conahan, The Feds Can Now Turn Their Attention to The Luzerne County District Attorneys Office.

Judges don’t operate in a vacuum. In order for there to have been SUSPECT BEHAVIOR by Conahan and Ciavarella in Juvenile court, The Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office, Defense Attorneys in Luzerne County AND the Luzeren County DA had to have all, at the very least, have ALLOWED Conahan’s and Ciavarella’s behavior. When, as alleged, Conahan and Ciavarella did not ask juveniles if they knew they were entitled to legal representation, The Luzerne County DA was required as an Officer of The Court to DEMAND that Conahan and Ciavarella comply with State law and ask the juveniles if they knew they were entitled to lawyers.

You have Michael Conahan, Al Flora, Jr and The Luzerne County DA as parties to “correcting” Bryan Kocis 2002 guilty plea in 2006 and, it just so happens that The same parties were at work in Luzerne County Juvenile Court, since Al Flora, Jr appears to be second in command at The Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office.

The Number One Rule for Little Shit Back Water Court Systems SHOULD BE Don’t Step Outside of Your Little Shit Domain.

When those Luzerne County Fuckwads started issuing subpoenas all over America and disrupting the lives and businesses of people OUTSIDE OF LUZERNE COUNTY, Luzerne County became a clear and obvious threat to everyone in America. Thank God The US Attorney has Done The Right Thing. Somebody had to put a stop to these Back Water Fuckwads who were clearly out of control. I think if you have a Judge stupid enough to just up and start sending Juveniles to a private facility owned by his buddy, THEN, you have A Judge who is not only capable of anything but you have a judge who is totally out of fucking control.

Joseph Kerekes’ Real Lawyer

January 19, 2009 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

<center>Who Is Really Joseph Kerekes’ Lawyer?</center>
The Judge in The Bryan Kocis Murder Trial denied Attorney Demetrius Fannick’s request to represent Harlow Cuadra. Fannick had met with Joseph Kerekes several times and appeared to be on his way to representing Kerekes when Fannick turned around and filed a request to represent Cuadra.

Formal Attorney of Record is clearly just a legal designation, it doesn’t prevent a person from having “other legal advisers”. The fact that one set of attorneys were formally designated as Harlow Cuadra’s and Joseph Kerekes’ attorneys of record for their murder trials didn’t prevent Cuadra and Kerekes from having other legal advisers. Given this, the question must be asked:

Who Is Really Joseph Kerekes’ Lawyer?

I’m sure Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra were / are aware that the so-called Conflict Counsels assigned to represent them by The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas are attorneys who were picked by Judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella and they are attorneys who are being paid by The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas. Most important to note is that Judge Mark Ciavarella recently decided to appoint new conflict counsel to Luzerne County’s pool of Conflict Counsels apparently without advertising the positions, without seeking competitive bids and without any “oversight” from The Luzerne County Board of Supervisors. Do I have to spell this out for you?

If Judge Mark Ciavarella is picking conflict counsels to add to The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas roster of conflict counsels without having to advertise the positions and without public competitive bids from lawyers seeking the position, then it must be assumed that the lawyers who Ciavarella APPOINT to the Conflict Counsel Pool must be lawyers who have some “prior association” with Ciavarella … How the fuck else would Ciavarella even know the lawyers to appoint them to the Conflict Counsel Pool … since Ciavarella apparently did not advertise the job vacancies?.

In effect, the so-called Conflict Counsels for Luzerne County are not only employees of Judge Mark Ciavarella, the lawyers in the Conflict Counsel Pool OWE their jobs to Ciavarella since the Conflict Counsels Apparently did not compete with anyone to get assigned to the Conflict Counsel Pool.

Since I don’t think that Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes are stupid enough to put their lives totally in the hands of Mark Ciavarella’s “friends”, it is very possible that both Cuadra and Kerekes have (and have always had) unofficial lawyers / legal advisers.

One person has even suggested to us that THIS BLOG is being used as Cuadra’s and Kerekes’ unofficial legal adviser, since this person claims that he is mailing copies of our posts to Cuadra.

Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes – The Love Story and The Agenda

FIRST, let me just point out that Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes remained together as a couple even though both of them clearly had every opportunity to have sexual relationships with other people. In addition, from all available evidence (at least all evidence available to me), Cuadra and Kerekes remain a couple and they continue to pursue agendas that are to both their benefits even though they haven’t seen each other in about two years.

SECOND, think of all the bullshit and maneuvering The Luzerne County DA went through to get one trial for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerkes. The fact that Joseph Kerekes plead guilty BEFORE TRIAL effectively severed Cuadra’s trial from Kerekes’ “trial”. The Luzerne County DA obviously thought there was something to be gained from having one trial for Cuadra and Kerekes. Well, whatever there was to be gained from one trial for Cuadra and Kerekes has now been lost.

The Classic Defense Strategy when there is more than one defendant is for one defendant to blame the crime on the other defendant(s). Since Joseph Kerekes had already plead guilty, how can that not make it easier for Harlow Cuadra to blame the crime on Joseph Kerekes?

Frankly, I don’t see how anyone with a fucking brain can’t see that by pleading guilty, Joseph Kerekes has done something that COULD BE pursuant to an agenda that benefits BOTH him and Cuadra. Namely, Kerekes has ( a ) severed his “trial” from Cuadra’s trial; ( b ) Kerekes has made it easier for Cuadra to blame the crime on him (Kerekes); AND, most importantly, since Cuadra now has new private lawyers; ( c ) Kerekes has put Cuadra in a pretty damn good position to argue / prove prosecutorial miconduct at trial and to get the Luzerne County DA removed as prosecutor.

If you are going to get a “conviction” overturned, I think the hardest “type of conviction” to get overturned is a jury verdict. From what I’ve read, Appeals Courts will affirm a conviction from a Jury Verdict even if there was misconduct on the part of the prosecution. So, Joseph Kerekes could just be gambling that it will be easier to get his guilty PLEA thrown out than it would be to get a guilty verdict from a jury over-turned – something which seems pretty fucking sane to me.

The fact is that if Harlow Cuadra’s lawyers argue that The Luzerne County DA’s past association with Bryan Kocis REQUIRED that The Luzerne County DA recuse itself from The Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation AND Trial, Then, The Luzerne County DA might just be required to tear up Joseph Kerekes’ guilty plea, because of the DA’s conflict of interest issues.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, The Only Thing Keeping Those Fucking Idiots in The Luzerne County DA’s Office on The Bryan Kocis Murder Trial / Investigation is the fact that No Attorney has yet had the Balls to Point out that The Luzerne County DA’s past history With Brian Kocis REQUIRES That The Luzerne County DA recuse itself from The Bryan Kocis Murder Trial / Investigation … How the fuck can A DA prosecute someone for Murder when it is possible to argue that The Fucking DA’s Office had a fucking motive to want the victim dead? THIS IS FUCKING INSANE!

An Alternate Theory of the Crime has Bryan Kocis being murdered so that Kocis could not testify in a federal probe into how Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea was “corrected” four years later in 2006. THE PARTIES to correcting Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea in 2006 were Judge Michael Conahan, The Luzerne County DA’ Office and Attorney Al Flora, Jr.

The simple fact of the matter is that The Luzerne County DA SHOULD HAVE recused itself from The Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation AND Trial because of The Luzerne County DA’s past history with Kocis..

The Brilliance of Killing Bryan Kocis

January 15, 2009 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

The Brilliance of Killing Bryan Kocis is revealed yet again by The PA Supreme Court’s refusal to reopen hundreds of juvenile court cases in Luzerne County even though there is ample evidence that ( a ) the juveniles were not represented by counsel; ( b ) that, contrary to law, the juveniles were not even advised of their right to counsel; and ( c ) that there is ample evidence that the juveniles were ordered detained at a private juvenile detention facility owned by associates of the Judges (Conahan and Ciavarella) presiding over Luzerne County’s Juvenile Court.

The state’s Supreme Court on Wednesday denied, without explanation or comment, a juvenile advocacy group’s request to reopen hundreds of Luzerne County court cases in which youths appeared before a judge without an attorney.

The Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia filed the request in April. The center sought the release of children who remain in custody or supervision as a result of what it deemed were violations of the youths’ legal rights. Timesleader

People in Luzerne County who hated Judges Michael Conahan and Mark Civarella had to know that it was going to take EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES to bring down Conahan and Ciavarella, that nothing short of a National Scandal and a Federal Probe would do.

We have long maintained that From a Political Perspective, The Murder of Bryan Kocis is simply too perfect.

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest to you that maybe Michael Conahan would not have resigned from The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas (with some 6+ years left on his term) if Bryan Kocis’ HAD NOT turned up decapitated and flambeed.

A fucking Child Molester / Gay Pornographer who was allowed to openly operate a Gay Porn Production Studio out of his basement by the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas (Michael Conahan) AND The Luzerne County District Attorney (David Lupas) turns up decapitated and flambéed, this is classic regime change … this is like that Senator being setup with a dead hooker in The Godfather.

Bryan Kocis turns up on fire and headless and, all of a sudden there is a national spot light on Michael Conahan and little shit Luzerne County and people all over the county are wondering how Bryan Kocis got away with not registering as a sex offender under Megans Law.

For all of you who have not been following along the last couple of years it is a third degree felony if anyone helped Bryan Kocis evade the requirements of Megans Laws.

Maybe it’s just me but, it seems to me that trying to avoid a felony conviction for helping Bryan Kocis evade Megans Law is a better motive for murder than wanting to get has-been Sean Lockhart out of an unenforceable fuck contract.

Bryan Kocis Trial Judge to Seek Reelection

January 6, 2009 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Isn’t it sorta kinda like poetic justice that the Judge currently presiding over The Bryan Kocis Murder Trial has to run for re-election in November because his 10 term is ending?

Isn’t it fucking perfect that Judge Peter Olszewski has to run for re-election with Decapitated Flambeed Child Molester / Gay Pornographer Bryan Kocis on his back? Keep in mind kiddies that Bryan Kocis’ Estate actually got away with suing two extradited guys who were immune to the service of process in Luzerne County. The jail that Harlow Cuadra is in isn’t even in Luzerne County.

Hopefully, a lot of fuckers in Luzerne County will be in jail by November 2009.

“Vote them all out,” Urban said. “They’re all part of the system.”

President Judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and the county judges have initiated litigation over court funding because county commissioners want to reduce judicial branch salaries by $1.9 million. Attorneys agreed to a temporary truce that the 2009 budget will be in effect starting Jan. 1 for non-court departments, while the judiciary would be funded at 2008 amounts until the litigation is resolved.

Olszewski and Burke declined to respond directly to the litigation or Urban’s comments on voting against incumbent judges.

“Obviously, I play no role in the budget process,” Olszewski said. “I’m sure when November comes, the voters of this county will review my record and review everything I’ve done on the bench over the last 10 years, and they will vote to retain me by a large margin … I’m confident that I’ll do well.” Citizensvoice

Harlow Cuadra and Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

January 5, 2009 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

I just remembered that the clip of Harlow Cuadra that we posted to youtube is only a few minutes from a much longer clip posted by Cuadra / Joseph Kerekes to their dailymotion account at I thought the much longer clip at dailymotion would be deleted from dailymotion and youtube for being to “racy” so, I only used a small part of the original clip. I was recently surprised to find out that the much longer clip of Harlow Cuadra is still on dailymotion (as is a much longer racy version of the clip of Boybatter “Lee”)

The Battle over evidence currently under way in The Bryan Kocis Murder Trial may have less to do with the actual admittance of seized evidence and much more to do with a legal doctrine called Fruit of the Poisonous Tree. In effect, criminal case law holds that if The State had no legal right to detain or arrest someone or no right to search someone’ person or property, THEN, any evidence seized by the state under such circumtances is not admissible at trial. IN THEORY, the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine COULD be used in a “cascading effect” against the State of Virginia by Cuadra to a point where the extradition of Cuadra and Kerekes to Pennsylvania could be ruled to have been improper. In short,

If Virginia’s detaining and subsequent arrest of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes was improper, EVERYTHING that happened to Cuadra and Kerekes subsequent to their arrest was improper, including their extradition to Pennsylvania.

Investigations of county carrying over into 2009

A source familiar with the probe of the judiciary said the delay in resolving that case has been due, in part, because investigators continue to uncover new information as they dig deeper.

“Every time they turn something over, they have to interview more people. It’s unending,” the source said.

The investigation is ongoing, the source said, but it appears that a determination on possible charges will be made in 2009. Timesleader

Had Bryan Kocis Lived

January 1, 2009 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Spawn of the Severed Head of Bryan Kocis Attack a Group of 15 year old boys

Seriously, Piece-of-Shit Child Molester Bryan Charles Kocis actually got away with openly operating a Gay Porn Production Studio out of the basement of a residential house in a State where the production of porn HAS NOT been de-criminalized. AND, on top of that, Bryan Kocis Gay Pornographer had the fucking balls to actually file a lawsuit in Federal Court (although, apparently through a dummy corporation out of Delaware) seeking to enforce a fuck contract. No Court in America has ever found that fuck contracts are valid and enforceable … People really need to ask themselves what would Bryan Kocis have gone on to do if someone HADN’T chopped the mutherfucker’s head off?

There is an episode of one of the Star Trek TV Series (Voyager, I think) in which a man is the captain of a space craft that can alter time. The Man has been commander of this space craft and its crew for more than 100 years attempting to ALTER THE PAST in just the right way so that the Captain’s long dead wife would never have been killed in a war.

The Captain of this space craft has been altering the past for more than 100 years and, no matter how he alters the past, his wife always ends up getting killed in the war.

Had Bryan Kocis not died on January 24, 2007

I submit to you that if someone hadn’t stabbed Bryan Kocis some 28 times and then chopped the mutherfucker’s head off on or about January 2007, that someone else would have simply stepped up to the plate at some later date, stabbed Bryan Kocis 28 times and that other someone would have then set Bryan Kocis’ ass on fire.

I submit to you that under no set of circumstances could Bryan Kocis have lived out the year 2007. Bryan Kocis was going to die one way or another no matter how anybody altered events.

The Key Factor That Made Bryan Kocis Death unavoidable was the altering / correcting of Kocis’ 2002 Guilty Plea in 2006

There is no way in hell that The Scandal associated with Bryan Kocis not registering as a Sex Offender under Megans Law WAS NOT / IS NOT going to explode in the faces of Judge Michael Conahan and The Luzerne County DA’s Office. A Fucking Child Molester caught with video tape of himself having sex with a 15 year old boy WHILE the child molester is openly operating a gay porn studio out of the basement of a residential house. What kind of fucking Bizarro World is this fucking Luzerne County Pennsylvania?

Bryan Kocis was going to end up decapitated and on fire under ever possible timeline.

Luzerne County Burning Man Festival

January 1, 2009 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

Yep, it’s coming up on that time of year again …

Luzerne County’s Second Annual Burning Man Celebration
DATEs: January 18, 2009 through January 24, 2009
LOCATION: 60 Midland Drive, Dallas Township, Luzerne County

The festivities will begin with the ritualistic rape of a 15 year old boy (which will be video taped of course) and the celebration will end at 5:30pm on January 24th with the now historic Burning Man event.

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