Harlow Cuadra Man NOT On The Run

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Somebody claiming to be Brent Corrigan posted a message on a blog some time ago claiming that Harlow Cuadra and his boyfriend were “on the run”, because Police in Pennsylvania had issued Harlow’s photo to the media as a “person of interest” in the murder of Dumbass Bryan Kocis.

You know, maybe Dumbass Kocis killed himself. A Gay Pornographer stupid enough to sue somebody in FEDERAL COURT is probably stupid enough to accidentally stab himself 28 times, slit his own throat and then set his dumbass on fire.

Well, according to Jason Curious (adult site), Harlow was at the GayVN Video Awards in full view of everyone.

Harlow: Man NOT on The Run

Harlow Cuadra is, according to the going rumors, the actual owner of the adult site at http:/www.boybatter.com . The site shows Harlow and his twinky friends in various states of sinful gay sexual activities. Contray to the rather unattractive photo issued by the Police of him, Harlow is really a good looking guy. Harlow is part German and Part Cuban, do I need to say more? The Harlow is also a former marine.

Paul McCartney and Wings had a song titled “Band on the Run”.

In an apparent “scheme” by McCartney to keep more of his earnings from the songs he wrote for himself directly, rather then letting the money go to The Company McCartney and the Beatles were under contract to, McCartney listed his wife Linda McCartney as his partner and co-writer on all of the songs McCartney wrote for Wings. The Company McCartney was under contract to sued McCartney over the scheme claiming that Linda had no talent as a song writer. A Judge in England ruled that McCartney could list anyone he wanted as his partner and co-writer, whether they had talent or not. When Linda McCartney died, her estate was worth over $400 million dollars, most likely due to the fact that she owned HALF of all of the music McCartney wrote after McCartney left the Beatles.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT. The Company that McCartney and the Beatles were under contract and that owns all of the Beatles music was CREATED BY THE BEATLES. The Beatles created The Company as part of a manuever to lessen their tax exposure in England. The Company was created as a publicly traded company and, through stupid, infighting and/or on the advise of entertainment lawyers, the Beatles lost control of The Company. The thing is that when the guy who owned The Company put it up for sell, McCartney and Yoko Ono were both more than wealthy enough to have bought The Company (either individually or jointly). Since neither MCartney nor Yoko Ono made any big effort to outbid Michael Jackson for control over The Company, we must assume that The Beatles are benefiting from having someone else own The Company that owns the Beatles Music.

Remember, The Beatles created The Company to serve them. While The Company owns The Beatles Music, The Company pays The Beatles with the money it receives from The Beatles Music. The Beatles have continuously sued The Company for bigger payouts. The Company pays The Beatles in such a way that The Beatles end up paying less taxes in England. Of Course, it probably woul have been much smarter for The Beatles just to not fahking live in England. According to Legend, Mick Jagger makes a point of claiming that all of the music he writes was written by him OUTSIDE of England, so that he doesn’t have to pay the high Tax in England on the music.


There is at least one good book out there on just how fahked-up the Beatles finances were. Part of the problem with the way early Rock groups handled (and didn’t handle) their money was that no one could have known just how big Rock N Roll would become. Today, it is common for artists to SELL the merchandising rights for their images AND then to collect a percentage of the profits from merchandise sold. Well, The Beatles GAVE AWAY the merchandising rights to their image to a guy FOR FREE in exchange for the guy giving The Beatles half of the revenue from the merchandising.

Paul McCartney’s finances did not get straightened out until Linda McCartney attached herself to McCartney, because Linda McCartney’s father and brothers were all entertainment lawyers. AND,

I realize this sounds cruel but, The Only Way that Paul McCartney’s decision to marry a woman who’s father and brothers were entertainment lawyers DIDN’T blow-up in McCartney’s face was because Linda McCartney DIED OF CANCER. There was no way in hell McCartney could have divorced Linda McCartney without losing a good 80% – 90% of his wealth. As we said, Linda McCartney OWED half of the music McCartney wrote after McCartney left the Beatles because McCartney listed Linda McCartney as his partner and co-worker. It is more that likely that McCartney listed Linda McCartney as his partner and co-writer on the advise of his Entertainment Lawyers (i.e., Linda McCartney’s father and brothers).

Puzzy Whipped Paul McCartney

It is more than a little funny for a guy like Paul McCartney (a guy who had all of these women throwing themselves at him) to end up being “MANHANDLED” by two beauches (two not very attractive, not very bright women). Linda McCartney had Paul McCartney by the balls, the short hairs and every other way, because her father and brothers essentially controled Paul McCartney’s wealth. Now, under British law, Heather Mills McCartney is legally entitled to HALF of everything McCartney owns.

They Say Brent Corrigan Lied

February 20, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

They say Brent Corrigan lied about being under 18 when he went to work for Cobra Video to: ( a ) break his contract with Cobra Video; and ( b ) to get the work he did for Cobra Video removed from the market.

I have to ask this … Who the hell signs unknown 18 something porn bunnies up to long term contracts? The average lifespan of an American Gay Adult Video performer is about three years, at best.

I’ve read that Brent Corrigan is smart and manipulative but, frankly, I find it unbelievable that any kid could have thought of something as BRILLIANT and as BRUTAL as Brent Corrigan claiming that the ID he gave to Cobra Video was fake.

We don’t know and don’t care how old Brent Corrigan is (unless we’re caught with him in a toilet or something).

The law, as we understand it, REQUIRES Adult Video Producers to be able to prove that their performers are over 18. So, Brent Corrigan didn’t technically have to lie about his age. As we see it, all Brent Corrigan had to do was to make it impossible for Cobra Video to be able to legally establish that Brent Corrigan was 18 when he first went to work for Cobra Video.

As I said, assuming that something that has only been on the Planet 20 years or so could be smart, I find it unbelievable that Brent Corrigan could have been THAT knowledgeable about law.

Some Competitor to Cobra Video or some lawyer who specialized in the Adult Video Industry had to have been the person or persons who came up with the STING of making it legally impossible (or very difficult) for an Adult Video Company to be able to establish a performers age (as a way to force that Company to dissolve its contract with the performer and/or remove product featuring that performer from the market), theorically. WE DO NOT MEAN TO IMPLY THAT THIS IS WHAT BRENT CORRIGAN DID. We have never met Brent Corrigan and we are not privy to the details of how he made the claim that he was not 18 years old when he went to work for Cobra Video.

Once Cobra Video was in the position where it could not legally establish Brent Corrigan’s age, Cobra Video would have HAD to withdraw any SUSPECT videos featuring Brent Corrigan from the market even if everyone knew or suspected that Brent Corrigan was 18 years old when he first went to work for Cobra Video.

THIS is just so fahking Brilliant and so fahking vicious. If Brent Corrigan was smart enough to LEGALLY fahk Bryan Kocis over this severely, why would Corrigan have wanted Kocis dead? Especially since Kocis had sued Corrigan in FEDERAL COURT.

As I see things, Brent Corrigan’s only BAD would have been that he gave Cobra Video fake ID. Is there some law that makes it a crime to give an Adult Video Company fake id? Kocis apparently did pursue the claim that Corrigan gave him fake ID as part of some GRAND SCHEME to cause Kocis and Cobra Video harm but, the dumb beauch sued Corrigan in Federal Court (where Kocis had almost zero chance of finding a sympathetic Judge/Jury). If Cobra Video sustained damages as a result of Cobra Video being too stupid to firmly establish Brent Corrigan’s age with reliable documents, what Judge/Jury would blame Brent Corrigan for that?

Again, I see no reason why Brent Corrigan would have wanted Kocis dead. Brent Corrigan would have taken every penny Kocis had.

Bryan Charles Kocis – Most Likely Suspect

February 18, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Isn’t it amazing that so many people appear to be capable of just up and slashing someone’s thoat and getting away without leaving any evidence?

Well, there is the allegation that O.J. Simpson just up and slashed TWO PEOPLE and that OJ did this crime so fast and so expertly that he got way without anyone seeing him and without leaving any evidence.

Then there is the case in New York City where an Hispanic Guy named Paul Cortez is alleged to have somehow managed to quickly sneak into the apartment of a Skanky White Whore and slash the bitch’s throat in the short period of time it took for the Whore’s roommate to go outside and drive his car around to the front of the apartment building.

And, Of Course, someone is alleged to have slashed Byran Kocis’ throat, stabbed Kocis 28 times, set the bitch’s house on fire and then got way CLEAN, without anyone seeing the guy and without the guy leaving any fingerprints.

How is it that so many people appear to be so expert at killing other people?

I have to agree with the logic in Bryan Kocis in Federal Court that it is NOT BELIEVABLE that Bryan Kocis could have gotten a Federal Judge to be sympathetic toward Kocis’ lawsuit. I agree that there was probably no way in hell that Bryan Kocis could have won his lawsuit against Brent Corrigan (even though it could have taken years for Kocis’ lawsuit to be eventally dismissed and for Kocis to exhaust all of his appeals).

Therefore, it seems to us, that if the murder of Bryan Kocis was somehow relateed to the Gay Adult Video Business/Industry, that the Most Likely Suspects in the murder of Bryan Kocis are people who didn’t want to wait 2 to 10 years before they could USE Brent Corrigan in THEIR videos. The “shelf life” of TWINK BRENT CORRIGAN is only so long.

Quite Frankly, Brent Corrigan should have seen Kocis’ lawsuit and his chance to make a lot of money off of Kocis WITHOUT having to do gay adult videos. There should have been lawyers coming out of the woodwork begging Brent Corrigan to let them be his lawyer against Bryan Kocis. It seems to us that a lawyer who knew anything at all about Federal Court should have been abe to see that there was no way in Hell a Bryan Kocis could win a lawsuit in Federal Court (i.e., that Brent Corrigan and his lawyers would eventually take every penny Kocis had).

Anthony and Robert Kocis and a Folding Knife

February 16, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum


There is an item in the news today about an Anthony and a Robert Kocis of Pennsylvania being menaced by a 26 year old man named Barrett Little with a 2 inch folding knife on October 25. Barrett Little of Flagstaff, Ariz.,was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison for pulling a knife on Anthony Kocis, 42 (of Pennsylvania) and chasing Anthony Kocis and his brother Robert Kocis with a folding knife.

As I recall from newspaper reports, a folding knife was found with the body of Bryan Kocis when he was discovered stabbed 28 times in his burning house in Dallas Pennsylvania.

According to testimony presented Thursday in District Court, Little was sitting on the side of the river about 1 p.m. when he or his brother made a physical threat toward an out-of-town fisherman who was in the river with waders on.

The fisherman – Anthony Kocis, 42, of Pennsylvania – replied, “Do you want me to leave,” and that is when Little pulled out a silver knife and ran into the river with his tennis shoes on.

Kocis ran up the river bank to the park, and Kocis’ brother – Robert Kocis – picked up a cantaloupe-sized rock and threw it at Little. A passer-by on the Animas River Trail called 911.

“We were a little shaken up,” said Anthony Kocis, testifying by telephone. “The adrenaline was flowing. I didn’t sleep very well that night. It put a damper on the rest of our trip.

“I just want this gentleman to realize it could have gotten a lot worse.”

When police arrived, Little was cooperative and became very apologetic, said Durango Police Officer Rob Haukeness. When the officer asked Little why he pulled a knife, Little said he couldn’t remember. http://durangoherald.com/asp-bin/article_g…ews070216_7.htm

It is not clear if Anthony Kocis and Robert Kocis are the brothers of Bryan Kocis but, isn’t it a tad ODD that a folding knife is involved in incidents related to THREE MEN NAMED KOCIS FROM PENNSYLVANIA?

Michael Lucas sued over use of La Dolce Vita

February 16, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Gay Adult Video Star and Producer Michael Lucas (aka Andrei Treivas Bregman) has been sued in Federal Court over his decision to title two of his gay productions “La Dolce Vita”.

NEW YORK — The good name and dignity of the classic 1960s film “La Dolce Vita,” directed by Federico Fellini, is being stripped away by two pornographic movies using the same name, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.

International Media Films Inc. accused New York filmmaker Andrei Treivas Bregman of trademark and copyright infringement for the porn films he made under his business name, Michael Lucas. The lawsuit seeks to stop sales of the movies, “Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita” Parts 1 and 2, and to collect unspecified damages. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte…7021501781.html

Michael Lucas is quoted as saying that the lawsuit is “Nonsense”. However, the fact that Lucas was sued in Federal Court is going to COST Lucas a certain amount of money and, Lucas could actually LOSE the lawsuit and have to pay out even more money.

THIS SITUATION is interesting because it relates to our discussion on how INSANE it was for Cobra Video’s Bryan Kocis to sue Sean Lockhart in Federal Court. Anyone who thinks that being an “unsympathetic litigant” (like oh, say a Gay Video Producer) is not going to HURT you in Federal Court is mistaken. When an “unsympathetic litigant” like Michael Lucas decided to use the title “La Dolce Vita” for his Gay Videos, it was like Lucas essentially saying: “Take My Money, Please”.

CLICK HERE for Bryan Kocis in Federal Court

A Judge once said something rather interesting when he dismissed a lawsuit against Leona Helmsley. The Judge said that just becaue Leona Helmsley is an “unsympathetic litigant” everybody and their brother shouldn’t be allowed to just take all of her money by suing her.

When Was Bryan Kocis Killed?

February 13, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

<center> [attachmentid=1401] </center>

Do the authorities in Pennsylvania have proof that Bryan Kocis was KILLED the day they found his body in his burning house? I mean, just because you go to a burning house and find the body of a man who was stabbed to death, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that man was stabbed to death at the same time that the fire was set.

Consalvo ruled Kocis died from the assault and not the fire. It was unknown when he was murdered. http://www.zwire.com/site/index.cfm?newsid…55154&rfi=8

Wouldn’t it make for an even more outrageous drama …

<center>if Bryan Kocis was killed in Las Vegas during the Gay Adult Video Convention?</center>


The Cobra Video Murder – What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas – starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Bryan Kocis

If we have our conventions correct, it appears that the GAYVN Expo ended on Saturday January 13th in Las Vegas and, Bryan Kocis’ body was found in his burning house on Wednesday January 24th.

GAYVN Expo Ends with Smiles LAS VEGAS – After a late night at the HustlaBall, many exhibitors, models and fans came in with little sleep on the final day at the 2007 GAYVN Expo Saturday morning, but that didn’t have an impact on everyone’s enthusiasm … Models were once again in full force for the studios, attracting plenty of attention from fans, both gay and straight. GAYVN.COM

Stars, Fans Increase Traffic on Expo Day 3

Hustlaball Celebrates 3rd Year in Las Vegas

Curtain Rises on GAYVN Expo


In the final years and months of his life, Kocis’ behavior became increasingly erratic, even paranoid. Lately, Michael Parsons keeps replaying one such occurrence over and over in his mind.

Michael remembers knocking on the front door of the cozy, two-story house one day, needing to speak with his neighbor about something he can’t recall.

Surely, Michael knew Kocis was home. All of his cars filled the driveway, and yet he didn’t come to the door. So Michael went back inside and called Kocis on the phone.

No answer. Michael left a message. http://www.zwire.com/site/index.cfm?newsid…55154&rfi=8

Bryan Kocis’ Meeting With Tom Hagen

February 12, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

<center> [attachmentid=1399] </center>


The Bitchless Blog ™ has obtained the transcript of Bryan Kocis’ meeting with Thomas Hagen (Corleone Las Vegas) the day before Kocis was stabbed to death and set on fire.

Thomas Hagen and Corleone Las Vegas are disputing the transcript and Hagen denies that he ever met Bryan Kocis.

“I did not know Bryan Kocis and I most definitely did not meet with Bryan Kocis at his home the day before he died. All I know about Bryan Kocis is what Brent Corrigan and Harlow told me about the guy at the Adult Video Convention in Las Vegas.” Thomas Hagen

Contrary to what Hagen says, our sources are adamant that they saw Thomas Hagen’s Silver SUV in Bryan Kocis’ driveway the day before Kocis was killed. CLICK HERE for the transcript of the Hagen/Kocis meeting.

Brent Corrigan and Harlow Cuadra Sitting in a Tree

February 11, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

<center> [attachmentid=1393] <br>Brent Corrigan and Harlow (source)</center>
Update: Authorities in Pennsylvania investigating the stabbing and flambeeing of dumbass Bryan Kocis were looking for a “Mystery Model” they believed was the last person to see Bryan Kocis alive. The photo released by PA Police for the Mystery Model turned out to be the photo of an escort / adult video performer named Harlow. Harlow contacted PA Police through his lawyers and his escort service and he indicated that: ( a ) he never met with Bryan Kocis; and ( b ) that he met Brent Corrigan / Sean Lockhart in Las Vegas at the Adult Video Convention.

Harlow has a profile on a number of escort sites, all links appear to be to ADULT SITES http://www.norfolkmaleescorts.com/harlow.html http://www.men4rentnow.com/ds/search.asp?c…YoungHottienVa1 According to gossip, “Harlow” actually OWNS the escort service he has been associated with and he is, like Kocis, director and producer of his own adult video company”. Harlow’s video is apparently previewed at http://www.boybatter.com/ (adult site). Harlow’s Reviews http://www.daddysreviews.com/area.php?loc=…=harlow_norfolk (adult site)

Harlow may not have met Bryan Kocis but he is a Government Trained Killer, err, I mean ex-Marine (Harlow is also part German and part Cuban – THAT is a whole other kind of “killer”).

<center> [attachmentid=1394] [attachmentid=1395] <br> Harlow Cuadra – Trained Killer</center>

There was an interesting “hint” in an email alert from Harlow’s company about Harlow’s company forming some sort of Partnership with Brent Corrigan. see http://julienpdx.blogspot.com

A HUGE UPDATE FOR XXX SITE www.boybatter.com is that Harlow and Mark just returned from AVN awards in Las Vegas where we sat down with Porn Twink mega star “Brent Corrigan” and discussed a partnership in filming and collaboration in porn site efforts and dvd distribution! WOW…so look forward to exciting announcements as we follow down this unknown path with some of the biggest names in our indusrty :-)

Citizen Voice has a new article on how “the internet” is making it difficult for PA Authorities to investigate Kocis’ murder. I can imagine that anybody not familiar with the gay adult video industry and the gay subculture that follows (stalks) Gay Adult Video Stars has to be having a hard time separating the credible from the BS. I would say that anything on messageboards is most likely 100% crap, especially the messageboard at ATKOL.com.

The problem for investigators is sorting through the tangled web of online information, sifting out the rumors while searching for leads that could lead to the killer, police say. Kocis’ murder has drawn considerable online attention from the adult entertainment industry and parts of the gay community. A search of the adult film producer’s name with the word “murder” returns nearly 400 Web pages — many are anonymous message boards where readers sound off on their own personal theory of whodunit. http://www.citizensvoice.com/site/news.cfm…55154&rfi=6

My guess is that the murder of Bryan Kocis is probably like that famous murder mystery that took place on a train where ALL of the suspects each took a turn stabbing the victim.

Upfront, I think it has been established that Gay Adult Video Stars don’t make outrageous amounts of money from doing videos but that Gay Video COMPANIES do (according to gossip, Kocis and Cobra Video made millions off of Corrigan’s Pool Boy video and Kocis merely gave Corrigan a late model car). For the performers, Gay Adult Videos are lost-leader marketing tools for the big money to be made from escorting and doing personal appearances. Also, American Gay Video Performers, historically, don’t last very long, so, when a big Gay Video Star comes along, Gay Video companies know they have to USE these guys quickly.

Joey Stefano only lasted a good three years or so as a top Gay Video Star but, Stefano’s stupid videos will be making money for someone for a very long time (and, I don’t think anyone has to pay Stefano’s estate royalties). I have often wondered how A CERTAIN GAY VIDEO DIRECTOR keeps “going” when he has witnessed a good two or three hundred of his Gay Video Stars die of AIDs or OD?

I think it has been clear to everyone in the gay adult video industry for some time that Brent Corrigan could (and most likely will) take the entire Gay Adult Video Industry to a whole new more MAINSTREAM level, and increase the entire adult video industry’s net income by a few hundred percentages. EVERYONE in anyway associated with the Gay Adult Video industry stands to make a shit load of money off of Brent Corrigan, either directly or indirectly.

I think the key to understanding Bryan Kocis’ murder is very simple … This Dumb Bitch Bryan Kocis (holed up in some little shit town in Pennsylvania with no bodyguards) thought he could stand in the way of a whole lot of people making a whole lot of money off of Sean Lockhart/ Brent Corrigan. It should have been obvious to Kocis that he was in a lot of people’s way. Kocis must have made the mistake of thinking he was up against this one little 18 year old kid when he was actually up against the entire Gay Adult Video Industry (an industry with a rather interesting history).

I don’t want the people who put Bryan Kocis out of his misery coming after me, but, the minute Brent Corrigan starred in THAT VIDEO for THAT GAY VIDEO COMPANY, Bryan Kocis should have packed up all his shit and moved to some remote island in the Pacific.

One rather infamous Adult Video Industry story involved a very high profile Brinks Bank Truck Robbery. One of the Good Ole Boys who particpated in the robbery used his money to finance the most expensive Gay Adult Video in hstory (at the time), “Centurians of Rome”. According to legend, Brink’s insurance company (Lords of London) ended up owning the rights to the video.

In the movie “The Godfather”, when a Clueless Movie Producer put himself in the position of preventing a young Italian Twink from starring in a big budget movie, the Clueless Movie Producer woke up one day with a severed horse’s head in his bed. I’m guessing that HINTS didn’t work on Dumbass Bryan Kocis.

As I said before, any man who would put a photograph of a kid on the front of a gay adult video box with photoshop semen dripping from the kid’s Butt probably pissed off a whole lot of people in his 40 odd years on the planet.

Harlow Denies Flambeing Bryan Kocis

February 8, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

<center> [attachmentid=1388] <br> Harlow admits meeting Brent Corrigan</center>
After telling authorities that he was in Virginia Beach servicing A Client when Bryan Kocis became PA’s “Burning Man”, Harlow admitted to meeting Sean Lockhart/Brent Corrigan at the Adult Video Convention in Las Vegas.

Harlow said he doesn’t know of anyone by the name of “Drake.” He is familiar with Cobra Video movies, and admitted to meeting Sean Lockhart, an actor who appeared in several of Cobra’s films, during a recent adult film convention in Las Vegas.

“Nothing really came out if it,” Harlow said about his discussions with Lockhart. http://www.timesleader.com/mld/timesleader/news/16650141.htm



Frying is the cooking of Kocis in oil or fat. http://www.evo-web.com/index.php?option=co…&Itemid=277 Chemically, oils and fats are the same, differing only in melting point. BY FRYING KOCIS, one can sear and even carmelize Kocis’ surface. Kocis would be cooked much more quickly and have a special crispness and texture.


“Flambe” is a French word meaning “flamed”, flambé is a cooking procedure in which alcohol (ethanol) is added to a hot pan (or sofa) to create a burst of flames, and extinguishes itself once the flammable component is consumed. http://www.evo-web.com/index.php?option=co…&Itemid=277 FLAMBEING KOCIS creates a flavor dimension that is more complex than conventional cooking techniques.

Plot Thickens While Bryan Kocis Smokes

February 1, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Hot Desert Knight’s blog (adult site) is claiming that there is a new report for Citizen Voice in Pennsylvania that claims that Sean Lockhart/Brent Corrigan and his partner Grant Roy were both in Bryan Kocis’ house the day Kocis was killed.

HDK links to an article at Citizen Voice that it claims is the source for this claim but, THAT ARTICLE DOES NOT have anything in it that says Lockhart and Roy were in Kocis’ house.

The news reports I’ve read about The Last Days of Bryan Kocis indicated that Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy were/mayhavebeen the last people to SPEAK to Kocis on the telephone before Kocis received an expected guest. These reports did not say specifically where Lockhart and Roy were at the time they talked to Kocis on the telephone but, I assumed they were in San Diego. I have not seen any report from any newspaper that has hinted that Lockhart and Roy were in Pennsylvania at the time of Kocis’ murder.

THE CURRENT STATUS of his little affair – as I understand it – is that Pennsylvania Authorities want to speak to Lockhart and Roy about THE GUEST Bryan Kocis was expecting when they ended their telephone conversation with Kocis.

There is a comment on the net that appears to be from Brent Corrigan/Sean Lockhart since Kocis’s Flameout. Lockhart simply thanks a blogger who cautioned people against making assumptions. CLICK HERE (The Ryan Express)