Introducing Harlow Cuadra Live!

September 13, 2010 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Harlow Cuadra
Book Deal! I’s Gots My Own Private Idaho Book Deal!

NOW, you can re-live The Glory / Gory Days of Gay Porn’s Scandal of Scandals. That Big To Do that started when That Piece of Shit Bryan Kocis Turned Up Headless and Oh So Extra-Crispy.


Did one of the disgruntled Cobra Video Boyz hack off the head of a man Luzerne County described as A Business Man (and who most people described as A Child Molester)?

Did The Luzerne County Mafia put out a contract on The Local Gay Pornographer to keep a national spot light from shinning on Luzerne County and disclosing what was really going on in That Little Shit Hole of a Peyton Place?

Ah, yes. Luzerne County, Pennsylvnia, the perfect example of how The Great White Levit Town Experiment Turned To Shit.

What am I talking about?

Well, in plain Ole Ebonics, We Done Put Up A Blog Type Thingy To RE-COUNT / RE-LIVE our Live Blogging of The Bryan Kocis Public Service Execution err, I mean MURDER and, Luzerne County’s Kids For Cash Scandal. Remember, if you check …

We were the first people to point out that Former Judge Michael Conahan didn’t seem on the up and up by the simple fact that Conahan et. al. allowed Bryan Kocis to operate a gay porn production studio out of the basement of a residential house. Michael Conahan also RETROACTIVELY altered Bryan Kocis’ Guilty Plea to justify Kocis not having registered as a Sex Offender.

CLICK HERE for Harlow Cuadra Live! (and CLICK HERE for Bryan Kocis – Still Dead. also