How Fucking Stupid is DA Jackie Musto Carroll

November 30, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Not to beat a dead decapitated / flambeed horse but, doesn’t this sound like some kind of joke …

You have a District Attorney’s Office in Luzerne County that is claiming that it is going to proceed to prosecute two guys in a death penalty murder trial when the fucking DA’s Office can be implicated in the crime under one possible theory for The Murder of Bryan Kocis?

“An Alternate Theory of The Crime” has Bryan Kocis killed to prevent Kocis from testifying in a criminal probe into how Kocis’ 2002 Guilty Plea was completely changed in 2002. It is a third degree felony for anyone to have helped Bryan Kocis evade the requirements of Megans Law (i.e. it is a third degree felony for anyone to have helped Kocis evade registering as a sex offender under Megans Law as Kocis was required to do as a result of Kocis’ originally recorded 2002 guilty plea). And, Judge Michael Conahan, The Luzerne County DA’s Office and Attorney Al Flora, Jr were the parties involved in the 2006 “correction” to Bryan Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea.

I have learned over the years that you should never bet money on what an Idiot Government Lawyer WON’T do. However, The Luzerne County DA and The Judges on The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas know that they are the subjects of a federal probe, they know or should know that it is not out of the question that the US Attorney’s Office will look (or already has looked) into how Kocis’ 2002 Guilty Plea was completely changed in 2006.

I think what we have in Luzerne County is a stare down contest.

The Luzerne County DA is hoping like hell that Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes plead guilty to something before:

1. the Luzerne County DA’s Office is forced to admit that it can’t possibly proceed to trial against Cuadra and Kerekes (because of the DA’s past “associations” with Bryan Kocis); and,

2. before The Luzerne County DA’s Office is forced to admit that The Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation was tainted by the fact that The Luzerne County DA’s Office was involved in The Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation INSPITE of the DA’s past “associations” with Bryan Kocis.

Prediction. All Charges against Cuadra and Kerekes will be dropped under The Speedy Trial Rule and Luzerne County will blame that whole Brian Kocis Murder Trial Fiasco on Stephen Menn.

Harlow Cuadra Lawyer Stephen Menn to get BigAss Raise

November 28, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Attorney Stephen Menn will not be permitted to withdraw from the defense team representing accused killer Harlow Cuadra, despite his planned resignation from the county’s conflict counsel pool, Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. said Thursday … “The issue for you to resign from your position with the county as conflict counsel and your request to withdraw as counsel on this case are separate and distinct,” Olszewski said … Cuadra and co-defendant Joseph Kerekes are charged with the January 2007 killing of Bryan Kocis in Dallas Township. Citizensvoice

Maybe I’m missing something but, it seems to be that Harlow Cuadra has just obtained a new private lawyer with unlimited resources. Since Cuadra’s lawyer Stephen Menn will resign from the Luzerne County’s no money Conflict Attorney Pool AND, since the Bryan Kocis Murder Trial Judge is refusing to allow Menn to withdraw from Representing Cuadra, it seems to me that Menn is ( a ) going to be able to bill Luzerne County for representing Cuadra at Menn’s “private attorney rate” rather than the lower Conflict Attorney rate; AND ( b ) that Luzerne County will have to pay for / reimburse Menn for any and all extra-ordinary discovery work Menn divines necessary to properly represent Cuadra.

Important Points about Lawyers, Pro Bono Work and Providing Professional Services

1. Stephen Menn just got a big raise in his billing rate. I have seen Judges simply ASSIGN cases to lawyers when the Judges knew full well that the clients couldn’t afford to pay the lawyers and the Judges knew that the attorneys would be essential working Pro Bono (without pay). However, I think this little practice works on the doctrine that the lawyers want to keep a good relationship with the Judges and, as a result, the lawyers are willing to accept the fact that they will be assigned X number of pro bono cases by the Judges in a year. Providing X number of hours of pro bono work is in fact something lawyers and law firms brag about on their websites and in their advertising. In other words, I don’t think there is any LAW that gives any judge the authority to FORCE a lawyer to work for no money. So, it seems to me that if Attorney Menn is forced to continue to represent Cuadra, Menn will now be able to bill Luzerne County for professional services rendered to Cuadra at Menn’s private attorney rate.

2. Luzerne County will now have to pay / reimburse Stephen Menn for any and all extra-ordinary legal services Menn deems necessary. Anyone who has had the misfortune to be involved in building a house knows how the court / case law views providers of professional services. Simply put, if you hire someone The State defines as a skilled professional, you are obligated to pay this skilled professional for any and all services the professional deems necessary even when the professional does work/services you did not specifically authorize. For example, I hired a plumber to FINISH plumbing work started by another plumber on a house I was building. The new plumber TORE OUT all of the old plumbing instead of simply finishing a plumbing job that was 80% completed and the new plumber re-did the plumbing for the entire house. UNDER CASE LAW IN MOST STATES associated with providers of professional services, the new plumber had every legal right to tear out the old plumbing if in his PROFESSIONAL OPINION the old plumbing was defective and to charge me to do the plumbing for the entire house. AS AN ATTORNEY IN LUZERNE COUNTY’S CONFLICT POOL, Attorney Stephen Menn MAY have been obligated to obtain approval from Luzerne County for any extra-ordinary expenditures / legal work (like hiring private detectives and having DNA analysis done by private lab) that Menn wanted to do to defend Cuadra. However, as a private attorney, it seems to me that Stephen Menn can hire private detectives, have private labs do DNA tests and Men can perform any extra-ordinary legal services he deems necessary AND BILL LUZERNE COUNTY for services rendered/expenditures. Under existing case law, Luzerne County has to pay Menn’s bills and/or re-imburse Menn for the money he expended defending Cuadra. In other words, Cuadra may just have gotten a private defense attorney with virtually UNLIMITED money to defend Cuadra to the best of his ability.

3. As mentioned previously, if attorney Stephen Menn intends to now practice law somewhere other than in Luzerne County ( and what lawyer with a fucking brain WOULDN’T want to get the fuck out of that little fucked-up county) then, Stepehen Menn should have no hesitation to argue The Alternate Theory of the Crime that has Bryan Kocis killed to prevent Kocis from testifying in a state or federal probe into how Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea was completely changed in 2006.

Look, listen very carefully to this …

I found a case in Pennsylvania in which a Prosecutor recused himself from prosecuting a criminal case because the Prosecutor went to high school with one of the parties.

In the Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal, you have a fucking DA’s Office that, under one possible theory of the crime, COULD have a motive for wanting Bryan Kocis dead and this fucking idiot of a District Attorney’s Office HASN’T recused itself from the Bryan Kocis Murder Trial/Investigation.

There is simply no way that a little shit inbred court system like The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas could have spawned rocket scientist lawyers.

Motion to Exclude Reference To Bryan Kocis 2002 Guilty Plea

November 25, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

<center>IPB Image </center>
in re The Bombshell Alternate theory for The Murder of Bryan Kocis, I definitely recall reading in the Luzerne County Newspapers about A Prosecution Motion to Exclude All References to Bryan Kocis’ 2002 Guilty Plea from the Murder Trial for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes. However, I have NOT read anything in the Luzerne County newspapers about the “The Disposition of Prosecutors’ Motion to Exclude Reference to Kocis’ 2002 Guilty Plea”.

Two Things With Respect to Prosecutors’ Motion to Prevent Reference to Kocis’ 2002 Guilty Plea

1. The very fact that Prosecutors submitted a motion to prevent The Defense Teams from making any reference at the Murder Trial to Kocis’ 2002 Guilty Plea is a rather strong indication that Prosecutors KNEW and KNOW just how fucking explosive it could be if The Alternate Theory for The Murder of Bryan Kocis Card is Played At Cuadra’s and Kerekes’ Murder Trial. AND, if Prosecutors knew that it was possible to IMPLICATE the Luzerne County DA’s Office directly or indirectly to The Bryan Kocis Murder via one possible alternate theory of the crime, THEN, The Luzerne County DA’s Office should never the fuck have been involved in the Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation, let alone being involved in prosecuting someone for Kocis’ Murder.

2. Frankly, as I understand the law in the US in re criminal defendants, Luzerne County Prosecutors have no legal authority to prevent Cuadra and Kerekes from presenting an alternate theory for the Murder of Bryan Kocis.

KEEP IN MIND that it really doesn’t fucking matter if an alternate theory can be proved. The simple fact that The Fucking Luzerne County DA could be called to the witness stand at Cuadra’s and Kerekes’ Murder Trial in re the alternate theory of the crime ESTABLISHES that the Luzerne County DA should have recused itself from the Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation.


Bryan Kocis Murder Trial and The Luzerne County Jury Pool

November 25, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

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Now that the talk in Luzerne County has turned to qualifying jurors, has anyone really sat down and thought about whether the good citizens of Luzerne County might hate The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne County Officials and Bryan Kocis MORE THAN Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes? Here are a few little points about the available jury pool in Luzerne County:

1. 500+ Juveniles in Luzerne County were PROCESSED to a prviately owned Juvenile Detention Facility that ENRICHED a man with business ties to President Judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarell. Consider that those 500 former juveniles may now be adults and potential jurors. Consider 1,000 parents of those 500 juveniles in the Luzerne County jury pool. Consider 2,000 grandparents of those juveniles, 2,000 aunts and uncles of those juveniles and at least 1,000 siblings of those juveniles as potential jurors. No matter how you add up the degrees of separation from 500+ juveniles USED by The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas, Don’t you end up with a shit load of people who might actually DISTRUST / FUCKING HATE The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas?

2. In addition, while President Judges Conahan and Ciavarella and Luzerne County Officials were over-paying Conahan’s brother-in-law to the tune of at least $300,000, Luzerne County was engaged in re-assessing and increasing the property taxes of ALL of the potential jurors in Luzerne County. AND, to top all this off,

3. You have The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas and The Luzerne County DA allowing a fucking child molester to openly operate a gay porn studio NEXT DOOR out of his fucking basement.

The Perfect Crime

The Bryan Kocis Murder may just go down in history as The Perfect Murder.

The Perfect Murder is, when it really comes down to it, NOT really about committing the crime without leaving behind something that can incriminate yourself. No, THE PERFECT MURDER IS ACTUALLY ABOUT KILLING SOME REPULSIVE FUCKER THE COMMUNITY WANTED DEAD. And, it probably wouldn’t hurt if the repulsive fucker you killed who the community wanted dead happened in A LITTE FUCKED-UP COURT SYSTEM TAINTED BY SCANDALS WITH JUDGES and DA’s WHO HAD HIGHLY SUSPECT (POTENTIALLY CRIMINAL) TIES TO THE POOR VICTIM CHILD MOLESTER.

I repeat again for your consideration the case of A FATHER who walked up to a man in an airport and shot the man dead in full view of HUNDREDS OF WITNESSES, tv cameras and reporters. At the murder trial for this father, jurors found the Father innocent of murder … The “not guilty plea” may have had something to do with the fact that the MAN shot dead in the airport was being returned to the state after the man had kidnapped and had had sex with the Father’s underaged son.

Luzerne County Prosecutors have embarked on an age old tired ass propaganda routine trying to paint Bryan Kocis as this poor victim business man who was operating a legal business. However, I don’t think there are going to be a lot of people in Luzerne County upset over The Public Service Execution of Bryan Kocis.


Bryan Kocis Murder and Required Propaganda

November 23, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

To Kill The Thing

Investigators allege in arrest and court records that Cuadra and Kerekes wanted to film movies with actor Sean Lockhart, who was a contract model for Kocis’ company, Cobra VideoA civil lawsuit Kocis filed against Lockhart and his business agent, pornography movie producer Grant Roy, prevented Lockhart from working with Cuadra and Kerekes. Timesleader

Isn’t it a little bit hard to take anything the Luzerne County newspapers print about The Bryan Kocis Murder as true when the newspapers keep printing shit that we all know ISN”T true?

Sean Lockhart wasn’t contractually bound to Bryan Kocis and/or Cobra Video because contracts to perform sex acts for money are void and unenforceable. Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy submitted legal documents to Federal Court arguing that Lockhart’s contract with Bryan Kocis/Cobra Video was void. Also,

Bryan Kocis didn’t sue Lockhart and Roy in federal court, some apparent shell company out of Delaware sued Lockhart and Roy. THIS is no minor point because, clearly, there were at least TWO Cobra Videos and, there is ZERO EVIDENCE that the Cobra Video in Delaware had any standing whatsoever to sue Sean Lockhart. In other words, the fact that Bryan Kocis’ lawsuit wasn’t dismissed is even STRANGER when you consider the fact that Kocis filed the lawsuit in the name of a Delaware Cobra Video that Sean Lockhart never contracted with and which Lockhart, apparently, never even knew existed.

Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes had a lawyer Barry Taylor and Cuadra and Kerekes were themselves “contracting” with guys to perform in videos. I seriously doubt that anyone can build any case supporting the idea that Barry Taylor was too stupid to know that prostitution is illegal.

Luzerne County Prosecutors Embarassed to Admit They Didn’t Know That Adult Video Contracts are Void and Unenforceable

You know, the way these fucking Luzerne County idiots keep repeating this mantra that Brent Corrigan was contractually bound to Bryan Kocis and Cobra Video you have to wonder if Sean Lockhart owes not being charged with a crime to the fact that Luzerne County Prosecutors were too fucking stupid to know that contracts to perform in adult videos are void and unenforceable.

Based on all available evidence, Luzerne County Prosecutors do in fact plan to go before a Judge and argue that Sean Lockhart was contractually bound to Bryan Kocis/Cobra Video even though such contracts are void and unenforceable AND even though the simple fact that Luzerne County ALLOWED Kocis to pay Lockhart and others for sex is a crime.

AT THIS POINT, since the Luzerne County District Attorney is clearly stupid enough to prosecute someone for the murder of Bryan Kocis INSPITE OF the DA’s past history with Kocis, I guess all we bystanders can do is hope that the Feds indict the fucking retards before they can do any further damage to society.

There is already more than enough grounds for The US Atttorney to Charge that Luzerne County, Bryan Kocis and Cobra Video were A Racketeering Enterprise. Frankly, I don’t see WHY the US Attorney has not already proceeded with criminal charges against Luzerne County.

Current US Attorneys are expected to resign when Bush leaves office, so, we will probably have to wait until AFTER JANUARY AND PRESIDENT OBAMA TAKES OFFICE, for federal indictments against Luzerne County to be filed.

Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes SHOULD file Federal Civil RICOs immediately!

Instead of waiting for The US Attorney Regime Change when President Obama takes office in January, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes should proceed immediately with filing Civil RICOs charging that Luzerne County and Cobra Video was a racketeering enterprise. As indicated, there appears to us to be more than enough evidence to support a Federal Civil RICO Complaint against Luzerne County and Cobra Video.

The fact that Bryan Kocis’ estate was allowed to serve process on Cuadra and Kerekes could also serve as the basis for a charge of a pattern of fraud in a Federal Civil RICO Complaint.

Cuadra and Kerekes can draft Federal Civil RICO Complaints in their cells now and file them in Federal Court PRO SE, without lawyers. In addition, Cuadra and Kerekes can present the alternate theory for the Murder of Bryan Kocis in their Federal Civil RICOs.

The simple fact of the matter is that paying someone to perform sex acts for money is a crime. So, every single time Luzerne County allowed Bryan Kocis to pay someone to peform in a Cobra Video can serve as the basis for Criminal and Civil RICO complaints charging that Luzerne County allowed Kocis to operate an ongoing Racketeering Enterprise. Whatever LOGIC lead Virginia Beach to RICO Cuadra and Kerekes in VA would similarly support the same kind of RICO action against againt Luzerne County and Cobra Video in PA.

When you consider that ( a ) Luzerne County allowing Bryan Kocis to pay guys to perform in adult videos could serve as the basis for a Federal RICO complaint; and ( b ) that if someone helped Kocis evade Megan’s law that someone could be convicted of a third degree Felony, doesn’t it look like OTHER PEOPLE had a much bigger incentive (than Cuadra and Kerekes) to chop off Bryan Kocis’ head and then set the fucker on fire?

Harlow Cuadra Attorney Prepares to Drop The Bomb

November 17, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Alternate Theory of the Crime Bombshell: Seriously, The Bryan Kocis Murder Trial CAN BE STOPPED DEAD IN ITS TRACKS by the Defense Teams for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes arguing that Bryan Kocis was killed to prevent Kocis from testifying in a state and/or a federal probe into how Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea was completely changed in 2006. Since the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas, The Luzerne County DA and Luzerne County Public Defender Al Flora Jr were ALL INVOLVED in changing Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea, THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY the Luzerne County DA could continue prosecuting Cuadra and Kocis UNLESS Luzerne County DA Jackie Musto-Carroll is a total fucking idiot and she doesn’t care about destroying her political career and possibly being indicted on criminal charges.

If The Defense Teams for Cuadra and Kerkes don’t present the Alternate Theory of the crime above, in the interest of justice, we fell obligated to forward a letter to the US Attorney advising the US Attorney (and all parties of The Bryan Kocis Murder Trial) that the Luzerne County DA has a clear conflict of interest in prosecuting Cuadra and Kerekes.

As we have indicated before,

If the Luzerne County DA knew dick about law, it would have recused itself from prosecuting Cuadra and Kerekes a long time ago. Again, little shit court systems like the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas CLEARLY don’t breed very bright lawyers.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, we would like to take this opportunity to advise Cuadra’s and Kerekes’ families that Cuadra and Kerekes can sit down in their cells and draft FEDERAL CIVIL RICO COMPLAINTS against Luzerne County arguing that Bryan Kocis’ operation of a gay porn studio out of his basement was A RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE and presenting The Alternate Theory for the Murder of Bryan Kocis.

Harlow Cuadra Attorney Attorney Stephen Menn Resigns from Luzerne County Conflict Attorney Pool

The reason we are bringing all of this up again is that Harlow Cuadra’s Attorney Stephen Menn has announced that he is resigning from the Luzerne County Conflict Attorney Pool. What makes this potentially important is that when Menn is not on Luzerne County’s payroll he will have even less of a reason to NOT present The Alternate Theory of The Crime, a theory that could potentially IMPLICATE The Luzerne County DA directly or indirectly in Bryan Kocis’ Murder.

LOOK, just take a fucking minute right here and consider the fucking fact that a fucking DA Office prosecuting two guys in a death penalty murder case CAN BE IMPLICATED ITSELF IN THE CRIME by one possible theory of the crime. What kind of stupid fucking DA would continue to prosecute such a case when IT can be implicated in the fucking crime by one possible theory of the fucking crime? THIS is the kind of fucking insane shit I guess one can expect from a little shit fucked up court system like The Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas.


Not one Judge in the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas and not one lawyer in the Luzerne County DA’s Office is going to walk away from The Bryan Kocis Murder Trial UNTAINTED. The entire fucking court system in Luzerne County is going down one way or another.

Attorney Stephen Menn, a member of the court-appointed teams defending accused killers Hugo Selenski and Harlow Cuadra, gave notice Thursday that he will resign from the Luzerne County conflict counsel pool at the end of the year … Menn, a member of the conflict pool since 1998, said last week he had grown frustrated with the system and the intense workload, which included simultaneously handling five homicide cases. Citizensvoice

Only in Fucking Luzerne County

Another example of just how fucking stupid these lawyers are in Luzerne County, the fucking pool of conflict attorneys are on the payroll of the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas and they are under the administration of President Judge Mark Ciavarella.

I mean, just how fucking CONFLICT FREE can a pool of attorneys be if they are on the payroll of the Court and administered by Mark Ciavarella?

Only in fucking Luzerne County folks!

PA Demands $300,000 Paid to Conahan’s Brother-in-Law

November 13, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Not only were President Judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella sending juveniles to a private detention facility owned by a man with financial ties to Conahan, Conahan’s brother-in-law Dr. Fran Vita was also being paid three times the normal fee to perform psychological evaluations on those juveniles.

Now, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is demanding that Luzerne County re-pay the State for the EXCESS AMOUNT OF MONEY paid to Conahan’s Brother-in-law.

Commissioner Greg Skrepenak said he wasn’t aware that Dr. Vita was related to the judge. “I’m a little concerned about the actual payment of it back. I’m concerned about the details but we don’t administer the courts. They have their own administration. All we do is budget for them,” Skrepenak said.

The state is questioning more than $800,000 in payment. The county may be forced to pay back at least $300,000 of that payment.

The state reimburses the county 50 percent of the cost for the evaluations.

The commissioners questioned Wednesday said they should have signed off on a contract to hire Vita but they never did. They said it was someone in the court system who decided to hire him. WNEP.COM

Will PA Demand Repayment of Moneys Paid to Private Juvenile Detention Facility?

In addition to paying Conahan’s Brother-in-law more than what The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania considered an appropriate fee, The Private Juvenile Detention Facility was also being paid more than what PA considered an appropriate fee to house juveniles.

It is fairly safe to say that if The Commonwealth of PA demands that Luzerne County, Conahan and Civarella REPAY THE STATE for the money the State Paid to that private dention facility that THAT will be game over for Luzerne County, Conahan and Civarella. The Commonwealth of PA was reimbursing Luzerne County for about half of the fee Luzerne County paid to the private detention facility..

Bryan Kocis’ Idiot Federal Lawsuit Final Chapter

November 10, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Trust Me, The Settlement Agreement that ended Bryan Kocis’ Lawsuit against Sean Lockhart et. al in Federal Court is one of the more SUSPECT things of all the suspect shit in the Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal. Based on my experiences in Federal Court, Bryan Kocis’ idiot federal lawsuit should have lasted all of about three seconds in Federal Court.

Filing a Motion to Dismiss when someone sues you in Federal Court is the classic way to determine if the Judge hates the person who is suing you or if the Judge doesn’t want to be otherwise bothered with the issues raised in the lawsuit.

If the Federal Judge hates the person suing you and/or if the Federal Judge doesn’t want to be bothered with the issues raised in the lawsuit filed against you, the Federal Judge might actually tell you to file a motion to dismiss or the federal judge will dismiss the lawsuit on his own motion.

The fact that Sean Lockhart et. al. apparently did not file a motion to Dismiss Bryan Kocis’ idiot lawsuit in Federal Court is, in a word, STRANGE. A fucking Child Molester / Gay Pornographer sues you in federal court (a court system packed with “conservative” Reagan Bush appointed judges) and, instead of moving to dismiss, you file a fucking answer. Trust me, this is as fucking strange as Bryan Kocis operating a gay porn studio out of the basement of a residential house.

The Motion to Dismiss in Federal Court

AS YOU MAY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TELL, I have a great deal of “experience” with Federal Court and Federal Judges. In fact, I don’t want to brag but,

I am expert at getting my lawsuits dismissed by federal judges.

The above MAY sound like a rather odd thing to say but, TRUST ME, given the number of idiot fucking judges on the federal bench, you definitely want your lawsuit dismissed in some instances rather than to have some Dumb Fuck Federal Judge decide the lawsuit. Get this,

It is rather clear to me from my “experiences” with Federal Court that Dumb Fuck Federal Judges view dismissing my lawsuit as a form of assault. A Dumb Fuck Federal Judge will sneer at me and dimiss my lawsuit and you would swear that the idiot fucker THOUGHT that he was stabbing me in the back or otherwise destroying my life. HOWEVER, the reality is that when a Dumb Fuck Federal Judge dismisses your lawsuit no issues are decided and you can just turn around and file the same lawsuit in State Court. So, filing a defective lawsuit in Federal Court is the perfect way to determine if the Dumb Fuck Federal Judge hates you and will rule against you if you allow the Dumb Fuck Judge to Decide you lawsuit.

Let me explain …

First of all, since I am not a lawyer, lawsuits that I file don’t have to be perfect per rulings from the US Supreme Court. Per orders of the US Supreme Court, legal pleadings filed by someone who is not a lawyer are not to be held to the same legal standard as legal pleadings from lawyers. So,

If a Federal Judge is NOT biased against me, the Judge will allow me to repair any defects in my lawsuit. On the other hand, if the Federal Judge hates me, the Dumb Fuck will jump at the opportunity to dismiss my lawsuit if there is the slightest defect in the pleadings. And, why would I want a dumb fuck judge who hates me to NOT dismiss my lawsuit? Once the dumb fuck judge dismisses my lawsuit, since no issues are decided, I can just file the same suit in State Court.

Employment Lawyers Know That Federal Judges Don’t Want To Be Bothered With Discrimination Lawsuits

When someone files a discrimination lawsuit in federal court, it is guaranteed that the defendant will file a motion to dismiss. In fact, I am willing to bet you money that you won’t be able to find a single discrmination lawsuit in Federal Court in which the defendant DID NOT immediately respond with a motion to dismiss.

In effect, for the last 25 years or so, thanks to Reagan and Bush packing the Federal Court System with Judges who hate Blacks, the job of an employment lawyer in Federal Court has been to file and re-file the exact same motion to dismiss in federal court when an employer is sued for racial discrimination.

promo for Harlow Cuadra episode on HereTV

November 3, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

The promo for The Harlow Cuadra episode of Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Gay Pornstars on HereTV looks rather slick. Also, Harlow comes across as intelligent and “guy next door”.

I wish I knew of another way to explain just how fucking bizarre it was for Bryan Kocis to be operating Cobra Video out of his fucking basement.

I know that we have repeated this mantra so many times now, a lot of people may be numb to our outcry. Also, the fact that Luzerne County is behaving as if what Bryan Kocis was and what Bryan Kocis was doing was completely normal doesn’t change the fact that What Bryan Kocis was doing in Luzerne County was simply outrageous.

I am convinced that any lawyer in America who looks at The Bryan Kocis Scandal will be more interested in HOW KOCIS GOT AWAY WITH WHAT HE GOT AWAY WITH than with who killed Kocis.

Luzerne County prosecuting Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kereks for allegedly killing Bryan Kocis is like putting a man on trial for killing an animal that was eating babies.

Even more important than HOW Kocis got away with operating Cobra Video out of his basement in Luzerne County is imagining what Kocis would have gone on to do if someone HADN’T killed that Piece-of-Shit.

In my short life, I have run into a lot of “connected people” who managed to get away with a lot of shit. However, I’ve never fucking heard of something as fucking ALIEN as a 44 year old man caught having sex with a 15 year old boy being given back his video equipment by Prosecutors and allowed to go back to shooting gay bareback porn in the basement of a house in a state where the production of porn is illegal. Seriously, is it just me? Somebody needs to explain this shit to me!

HereTV has the potential to blow the Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal wide open simply by alerting America to the fact that Bryan Kocis (child molester / gay pornographer) was operating Cobra Video out of the basement of a house in a residential community. Who Killed Bryan Kocis probably has a lot more to do with Kocis operating Cobra Video in his basement than with Cuadra and Kerekes.