Out Magazine does Bryan Kocis & Brent Corrigan

June 29, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

The Chatter on the net is that Out Magazine has a forth coming article related to Bryan Kocis, Cobra Video, Brent Corrigan and bareback videos.

A lot of people seem to know of the coming article. Brent Corrigan apparently has a comment at Jasoncurious.com (adult site) in which he states that he has two weeks to provide Out Magazine with the url for his new website so that Out can reference the url in its article.

The page will be public within 24 hours. The new blog will be in place within 2 weeks time. I’ve got a deadline because Out Magazine is linking to the new location in their article. They interviewed me about bareback sex and the sex industry’s influence on it. Finally, that article will provide me with the public avenue to make my stance and feelings about safe sex and condoms understood. Once the new blog is in place, my writing will once again become a regular thing.” Brent Corrigan confirms at Jason Curious “I’m Outta Here!”

The Out Magazine article will be about either:

1. The effects of bareback videos on the gay adult video business and/or
2. The Brent Corrigan/Bryan Kocis/Harlow Cuadra Melodrama

in re those Gay Blogs

The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal is defintely one of the biggest stories with people who are gay (and probably soon to be the biggest story in the legal profession). Isn’t it a “tad odd” that some so-called GAY BLOGS only “information” on the Bryan Kocis Murder is to link to mainstream media news stories? When you have a big story in the Gay Community, shouldn’t mainstream media be linking to GAY BLOGS for insight on the story?

So far, Gayvn.com, Damon Kruezer and possibly Jason Curious have been referenced by mainstream media in re the Bryan Kocis Scandal.

Bryan Kocis’ RICO trumps Harlow Cuadra’s RICO

June 25, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

The charges The State of Pennsylvania has made against Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes continue to amaze us.

We aren’t specifically certain that The Doctrine of Unclean Hands can be asserted in a crminal setting. However, if ever there was a fucking spectacular example of UNCLEAN HANDS, The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal is IT.

The State of Pennsylvania is essentially arguing that Harlow Cuadra killed Bryan Kocis to FREE Gay Pornstar Sean Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan) from a contract Lockhart had with Bryan Kocis to perform gay bareback sex for money in videos for Cobra Video.

When the hell in the fucking history of the American Criminal Justice could there have ever been something like the above before A Court?

Add to the above that:

1. Cobra Video is apparently an illegal business in Pennsylvania because Pennsylvania has not specifically decriminalized the production of adult videos (as California has). Cobra Video is still operating in Pennsylvania and, apparently, The Pennsylvania State Police is listed on Cobra Video’s website (and products) as the “Keeper of Record” for the age documentation on Cobra Video models.

2. In 2002, Police in Pennsylvania had video of Bryan Kocis having sex with a 15 year old boy. Now, although this had (and has) not been specifically mentioned in the press, since Kocis DID claim that he met the boy and filmed the boy for his Cobra Video business, ONE MUST ASSUME that Kocis PAID the 15 year old boy money for the “right” to video himself having sex with the boy. There was/is a mentioning in one press account of Kocis’ 2002 case that Kocis had the boy sign a “contract”. Again, “contract”, “Cobra Video” would lead a reasonable person to assume that Kocis paid the 15 year old boy money for sex. Interestingly enough, or rather not so interestingly enough, while Kocis was allowed to plead down having sex with the 15 year old boy, there was no mention of PROSTITUTION charges against Kocis during his 2002 child molestation case. THIS is now all the more strange given that it appears the production of adult videos has NOT been decriminalized in Pennsylvania.

The list of bizarre and “seeemingly” illegal shit about Bryan Kocis’ life and times in Luzerne County is literally ENDLESS. Every day we uncover some new fact which makes something else Bryan Kocis was doing in Pennsylvania an “apparently” criminal offense.

The only situation we can think of that could be even close to being as fucking “otherworldly” as the Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal is “possibly” when one Gangster is on trial for killing another Gangster.

Clearly, so-called “Mob Men” are prosecuted all the time for killing other “Mob Men”. However, we have never heard of any situation in which THE PROSECUTION’S case against the Mob Man who committed the murder called for The Court and The Jury to accept that the murdered Mob Man was engaged in a legal business.

Again, and again, we are at a lost to understand WHY The State of Pennsylvania would even allude to Bryan Kocis being involved in a legal business, that Bryan Kocis’ contract with Sean Lockhart could be a legal contract or that anything Bryan Kocis was involved in could have been conceivably legal. NOTHING BRYAN KOCIS WAS INVOLVED IN APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN LEGAL. At the time Bryan Kocis was killed, he was actively and openly involved in trying to FORCE Sean Lockhart to perform gay bareback sex for money. Could a Hollywood script writer even think that up?

AT EVERY SENTENCE in the murder charges The State of Pennsylvania has drafted against Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, the reader is left with the clear impression that THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA is more concerned with SANITIZING BRYAN KOCIS than it is with winning a conviction against Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes.

Forcing Virginia’s Hand On Contracts for Sex

June 17, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Isn’t It Ironic that The Commonwealth of Virginia is now in a position where it is being asked to Recognize and Legitimize A Contract For Sex given that The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Marriage Affirmation Act makes ALL contracting between persons of the same sex VOID AND UNENFORCEABLE in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

The beauty of the Relationship LLC ® is that sex is not and can not be part of the contract. The Beauty of the Relationship LLC is that two or more people can contract to share their lives and a certain amount of their combined assets WITHOUT having The State involved in regulating their sex lives.

However, when we introduced The Relationship LLC back in 1996, The Fucking Gay Marriage Idiots saw the opportunity to claim that they could circumvent the ban on Gay Marriage by using a collection of contracts. The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Marraige Affirmation Act, passed in 2004, is a direct response by the Commonwealth of Virginia to a group of extremely ill advised individuals claiming that they could Circumvent the Gay Marriage Ban with Contracts. We refused an interview with The Gay Financial Network to make it clear that a Relationship LLC had nothing to do with Sex or Sexual Preferences.

Given that the Commonwealth of Virginia was so concerned about Gay People using contracts to approximate marriage (or to otherwise “formalize” gay relationships), it is then rather funny and rather ironic that The Commonwealth of Virginia is now in the position where it is being asked by The State of Pennsylvania to, more or less, recognize that Gay Pornstar Sean Lockhart had a legal and enforceable contract with Bryan Kocis. BTW, that little “contract” between Sean Lockhart and Bryan Kocis called for Sean Lockhart being paid a certain amount of money to perform Gay Bareback Sex Acts in Cobra Video.

Again, if The Attorney for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes can put The Commonwealth of Virginia in the position where The Commonwealth of Virginia has to recoginize and/or legitimize the “Contract” between Sean Lockhart and Bryan Kocis (in order for for The Commonwealth of Virginia to hold that the Pennsylvania charges against Harlow and Joe are VALID CHARGES), Harlow and Joe WILL WALK on the Murder Charges against Them.

IF The Attorney for Harlow and Joe can argue that the Pennsylvania Charges against Harlow and Joe are not valid charges because The State of Pennsylvania is before The Court in Virginia with unclean hands asking the Commonwealth of Virginia to recognize and legitimize a contract for sex, it seems to me that the Commonwealth of Virgnia would choose to NOT recognize the Pennsylvania charges against Harlow and Joe as valid charges INSTEAD of being placed in the position of approving prostitution. Consider this unbelievable legal argument,

The State of Pennsylvania is arguing that Harlow and Joe Killed Bryan Kocis to FREE Sean Lockhart from a contract that REQUIRED Sean Lockhart to perform GAY BAREBACK SEX FOR MONEY in Cobra Videos? The only thing stranger than the State of Pennsylvania actually MAKING such a charge is that Pennsylvania seems to think that Virginia will have no problem recognizing such a charge as A VALID CHARGE.

Virginia’s Marriage Affirmation Act
prohibiting the recognition of same-sex marriages and civil unions, this legislation threatens to overturn private contractual relationships between gay and lesbian couples.
The full text of the act is:
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:
1. That the Code of Virginia is amended by adding a section numbered 20-45.3 as follows:
§ 20-45.3. Civil unions between persons of same sex.
A civil union, partnership contract or other arrangement between persons of the same sex purporting to bestow the privileges or obligations of marriage is prohibited. Any such civil union, partnership contract or other arrangement entered into by persons of the same sex in another state or jurisdiction shall be void in all respects in Virginia and any contractual rights created thereby shall be void and unenforceable.

Harlow Cuadra’s OTHER Trump Card

June 15, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Are there Any Charges in The State of Pennsylvania’s Complaint Against Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes That Are Based On Something That Is Actually LEGAL?

There is one additional little “point” about the Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal that I just realized after reading The Georgetown Law Journal’s submission about Adult Video Performer Contracts. The Georgetown submission pointed out that only The State of California has specifically decriminalized the production of Adult Videos. What is really really interesting about this little point is that technically, the business of paying people money to perform sex acts in Adult Videos has NOT been specifically recognized by The State of Pennsylvania as a legal transaction. In order words, as far as we can tell, Bryan Kocis’ Cobra Video adult production company was an illegal business in The State of Pennsylvania.

As far as we know, and based on the Georgetown Law Journal submission, neither the State of Pennsylvania’s legislature nor any Court in The State of Pennsylvania has specifically held that paying people to perform sex acts for the production of Adult Videos is a legal transaction in The State of Pennsylvania.

As I asked at the begining of this blog entry, are there any charges against Harlow & Joe that are based on anything that is remotely LEGAL (either in PA or VA)?

In our opinion, if the murder charges against Harlow and Joe stand or fall on whether The State of Virginia divines to recognize that There was a legal contract between Sean Lockhart/Brent Corrigan and Cobra Video/Bryan Kocis (or that paying people to perform sex acts in adult videos is legal), I would say: “Don’t Count On Those Murder Charges against Harlow & Joe Holding Up before a Virginia Judge“.

The State of Virginia will never recognize and legitimize a contract for sex in order to hold that The State of Pennsylvania’s charges against Harlow & Joe[/b] are valid charges. IF The State of Virginia is put in the position where it HAS to recognize and legitimize Brent Corrigan’s “contract” with Cobra Video/Bryan Kocis, Harlow & Joe WILL WALK on the murder charges against them. There is no way in hell that The State of Virginia will take the position that A Contract to Perform Gay Bareback Sex for Money in Gay Adult Videos is a legal and enforceable contract.

Some people are claiming that The State of Virginia’s RICO Complaint against Harlow & Joe is being pursued because The Murder Charges Against Harlow & Joe are not going to hold up. Frankly, it is not all that clear that either VA or PA WANT the murder charges to hold up.

Virginia passed the Marriage Affirmation Act in 2004 making “contracts” between persons of the same sex void and unenforceable. Virginia’s New Jim Crow. THE FIGHT AGAINST THE AFFIRMATION OF MARRIAGE ACT

Rendition Part II – Things that Make You Go Hmmm

June 8, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

There are a number of things in the Arrest Affidavit for Harlow Cuadra that makes all of us here on The Bitchless Blog ™ go Hmmmm. Like, given that adult video contracts ARE void and unenforceable (contracts for sex are illegal), WHY would The State even allude to Sean Lockhart being contractually bound to Bryan Kocis/Cobra Video? Examples:

1. Sean Lockhart BROKE his contract with Cobra Video; or
2. Cuadra and Kerekes killed Bryan Kocis because Sean Lockhart was CONTRACTUALLY BOUND to Cobra Video (bound by an illegal contract for sex?)

However, one of the stranger of the stranges things that IS in the Arrest Affidavit for Harlow Cuadra is that Cuadra and Kerekes did not swipe their Gym Club Membership Cards at their gym in Virginia Beach on the day Bryan Kocis was allegedly killed (1/24/07). Why include a comment about two guys NOT swiping their gym club membership card in an arrest affidavit?

WELL, it appears that there IS some CONCERN about proving that Cuadra and Kerekes were in Pennsylvania on 1/24/07. The Gym Club Card Swipe reference appears to be intended to show that Cuadra and Kerekes WEREN’T in Virgnia Beach.

So, proving where Cuadra and Kerekes WEREN’T means that they HAD TO BE in Luzerne County killing Bryan Kocis?

AGAIN, The prosecution and conviction of Cuadra and Kerekes appears to be a “done deal”. There is a whole lot about Bryan Kocis’s life and death that should have a lot of people talking for a very long time.

Rendition: Was Harlow Cuadra Ever In Pennsylvania

June 8, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum


One newspaper quotes the Attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia as saying that Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes have only four grounds for protesting extradition/rendition to Pennsylvania for Pennsylvania to conduct a criminal trial for Cuadra and Kerekes for the murder of Bryan Kocis.

James Brice is the lawyer representing both men. He said they’ll fight the warrants with a writ of Habeas Corpus. “That means they’ve got certain rights under the constitution. If these rights are violated the state must release them.” Judge Simpson set that hearing date for June 27th in Circuit Court. Brice can fight this on four points. Are these the correct people? Are they actually fugitives? Are these valid charges in Pennsylvania? Is the paperwork sufficient? http://www.wtkr.com/Global/story.asp?S=662…mp;nav=ZolHbyvj

However, it appears from a case contesting rendition from WEST Virginia that a DETAINEE can present the legal argument that he was not PRESENT in the demanding State at the time of the Crime

The appellants’ argument challenging extradition is based only on the premise that they were not actually present in the demanding state on July 7, 1990, as charged.5 However, the charging documents do not specifically state that the crime was committed on that date but that the crime occurred “on or about” July 7, 1990. Furthermore, the appellants are charged with the offense of manufacturing marihuana, a crime which is ongoing. Therefore, we find that the appellants have not satisfied their burden of proving by clear and convincing evidence that they were not in the demanding state at the time the alleged offense was committed. Accordingly, we affirm the order of the Circuit Court of Preston County.…;cd=4&gl=us

This is all very interesting because, as far as we can tell, There is No Evidence that Harlow Cuadra was ever in Pennsylvania.

AS WE RECALL, there IS a claim that someone checking into a hotel in Luzerne County presented the Driver’s License of Joseph Kerekes. There is the claim that the License Plate of the car that the individual used to check into the hotel was a car that was rented in Virginia by either Cuadra or Kerekes. There is also the Nude Beach Tapes in which Cuadra allegedly describes the inside of Bryan Kocis house and makes other incriminating statements about Killing Bryan Kocis. HOWEVER,

As far as we have been able to determine, there are no eyewitnesses, DNA evidence, or photographic evidence that has the individuals Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes IN Pennsylvania on the day Bryan Kocis was allegedly killed.

The date that the crime occured is also SUBJECTIVE. The body of the Bryan Kocis was burned after he was killed. It seems to be ESTABLISHED LAW that the “time of death” can be rather difficult to determine when the body of the victim has been either burned or frozen, unless some extra-ordinary measures are taken to determine exact time of death. ALLEGEDLY, the only currently accepted scientific method of precisely determining the time of death of a burned body is via a test that measures the dissipation of certain minerals from the victim’s eyes (assuming the victim’s eyes were not damaged during the crime).

There were just too many different agencies investigating the murder of Bryan Kocis for them ALL to have agreed to some major cover-up. Clearly, someone with access to Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes (and their home and credit card numbers) may have killed Bryan Kocis. The Government Authorities clearly believe that Cuadra and Kerekes probably KNOW WHO killed Bryan Kocis. But, there is not a lot of evidence so far that physcially has Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes IN Pennsylvania on the 1/24/07 (the day Bryan Kocis was allegedly killed).

BTW. While there are/were several different states and Federal Agencies investigating WHO may have killed Bryan Kocis, ONLY ONE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES appears to have come up with the time of death for Bryan Kocis – Luzerne County Pennsylvania.

It seems that THE TRIAL AND CONVICTION of Cuadra and Kerekes for the murder of Bryan Kocis is a DONE DEAL. However, if Cuadra and Kerekes can STAY ALIVE AND AFFORD GOOD LEGAL REPRESENTATION, it seems like their inevitable convictions COULD be overturned by a NON-LUZERNE COUNTY COURT.

I Bugged Marlow Cuadra At The Westside Club

June 6, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

I had to take some Citizen Action Against the Evil Marlow Cuadra.

You’ve all heard that HARLOW Cuadra was arrested after the police bugged him on a Nude Beach In San Diego. However, nobody has been investigating Harlow’s Evil Twin Marlow Cuadra.

So, being the good Citizen I am, I went to the Westside Club every day for six months waiting for The Evil Marlow. I had secretly hidden a camera in my hidey hole in my room at the Westside Club.

As luck would have it, The Evil Marlow Cuadra did in fact show up at the Westside Club two weeks ago.

After I hooked-up with Marlow, there was like this long long discussion about who was going to pay who. I figured since I was doing GOVERNMENT WORK, I could probably throw The Evil Marlow a FREEBIE and send the government an invoice for my services. I hear that CONTRACTS FOR SEX are now legal in Pennsylvania.

So, Marlow and I hooked-up. Just to keep Marlow from getting suspcious, I DID IT with him about three times before we all went into the Group Thingy.

I hate to brag but, I think I have enough on tape to put the Evil Marlow Away for a long time AND to Free The Wrongly Persecuted Harlow Cuadra. Alls I’s gotta do is dig that camera out of my Hidey Hole.

Georgetown Law Journal and Adult Entertainment Contracts

June 5, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Where is it is written that The Adult Entertainment Industry wants THE THREAT OF LITIGATION hanging over their heads every time they give some guy fifty bucks to j/o on video?

Andrew Gilden’s Assumption

Andrew Gilden has written a 23 page analysis on the ASSUMPTION that Adult Entertainment Companies WANT the courts involved in settling employment disputes between Adult Entertainment Companies and Adult Industry Performers.

“adult entertainment industry requires the protection of the judicial system in order to ensure that the tremendous financial value invested into its business is not sacrificed as a result of broken promises, faulty expectations, or criminal sanctions. However, unlike other industries, the adult entertainment industry is uniquely situated in murky legal waters due to the peculiar commodity it endeavors to sell: sexual performance on camera.” Andrew Gilden, “Sexual (Re)Consideration: Adult Entertainment and the Problem of Enforceability”, The Georgetown Law Firm. http://www.georgetownlawjournal.org/issues…lden%5B1%5D.pdf

However, is there any evidence that the majority of Adult Entertainment Companies WANT the fucking Courts involved when it comes to Adult Entertainment Companies “contracting” with performers?

Mr. Gilden is in academia and he appears to have THAT DISEASE that is common with many people who STUDY LAW. Law Professors and Law Students have this strange notion that LAW is PURE, that the Courts actually funciton the way they appear to function from the reading of citations, that somehow a fucking idiot can’t become a Federal Judge (or a Supreme Court Judge). Law Professors and Law Students have this strange notion that having the fucking COURTS involved in your life is a good thing. In My Opinion, The Adult Entertainment Industry is more than happy with the way things are when it comes to their hiring THE BODIES that they use in their products. Litigation only benefits those people charging by the hour to litigate (litigation only benefits lawyers).

America today functions BECAUSE of the high cost of litigation and the threat that some idiot Judge will just fuck-up your life and your business if you make the mistake of filing a lawsuit against soemone. The overwhelming majority of people in America with a fucking brain KNOW that it far better to WORK OUT DISPUTES INFORMALLY than to play Russian Roulette with Dumbass Judges who aren’t paid enough money to support the lifestyles they are leading.

There is a scandal now in New York in which the winners in divorce cases were decided by what lawyer was buying the Judge the most expensive cigars and which lawyer was paying for the Judge’s dinners. Who the fuck wants to bet their life and their business on whether their lawyer is more CONNECTED with the Judge than the other guy’s lawyer?

In my opinion, the Adult Entertainment Industry is like the Staffing Industry when it comes to how they relate to their “employees”. In the Staffing Industry, the average person temping is not a temp long enough for any Temp Agency to benefit by thinking LONG TERM when it comes to how it relates to Temps (i.e., things like healthcare, vacation time, retirement etc.). Reportedly, the turnover rate for temporary workers is 400% in the US. Similarly, given the LIMITED SHELF LIFE of most Adult Entertainment Stars, especially the extremely limited shelf-life of GAY Adult Entertainment Stars, Adult Entertainment Companies would be foolish to actually want the threat of litigation hanging over their heads every time they hire A BODY to appear in one of their videos.

Harlow Cuadra (more likely his lawyer) posted a blog entry saying that he preferred to pay Sean Lockhart a “lump sum” for Lockhart appearing in a boybatter.com video “because he didn’t want to get involved in all of the paperwork that would be required if he agreed to pay Lockhart royalties”. I submit to you that IF Adult Entertainment Companies did manage to get their contracts with performers recognized as legal by the Courts, eventually, more Adult Industry Performers would be demanding “royalities” (something that can’t possibly be a “good thing” for the Adult Entertainment Companies).

Adult Entertainment Companies clearly do want “The Litigation Option” when it comes to illegal duplication of their product and when it comes to Adult Entertainment Companies being able to produce and distribute their product freely.

In New York City, Falcon Studios seems to be rather famous among adult video retailers for suing any and everybody who duplicates a Falcon Studio product. This is all well and good, but, every business accepts a certain amount of “shrinkage” (i.e., a certain amount of theft and fraud). You have to wonder if the EXPENSE Falcon Studios incurs by being so litigious is justified by the small dent Falcon makes in the illegal video duplication racket.

Marriage Prostitution and Contracts for Sex

It is interesting that “Sexual (Re)Consideration” does not appear to actually get to discussing The Two Most Recognized Contracts for Sex in the State of California, i.e., Marriage and Domestic Partnerships

Andrew Gilden does consider what is more or less the State of California’s COMMON LAW MARRIAGE STATUTE, i.e., the case law associated with Marvin v Marvin. In Marvin v Marvin, a woman who had been living with the actor Lee Marvin sued the actor for “divorce” more or less on the grounds that she was essentially Lee Marvin’s common law wife.

In America, Marriage is a recognized EXCEPTION to the prohibition against contracting for sexual services. The legal argument is that THE STATE has an interest in promoting stable families so THE STATE has an interests in making it legal for one man and one woman “to contract with each other for sex”, i.e., to marry.

California’s Domestic Partnership Registration Law clearly recognizes SEX as being part of the domestic partnership contract as the State of California DEFINES the two people registering as domestic partners as “two people who are intimate”.

WHEN THE STATE does allow two people to contract with each other for sex, the State steps into the relationship to REGULATE the relationship. THIS IS A FINE POINT that the Gay Marriage Idiots continually fail to realize. The State REGULATES the sexual activities of married couples. In some States, there are sex acts that are illegal even for married couples. The State of California REGULATES the sexual activities of Domestic Partners by making it illegal for more than two people to register as domestic partners.

I submit to you that IF Adult Entertainment Contracts were to be legally recognized by the State of California, the State of California would then step in to REGULATE what kind of sexual activities could be contracted for in those contracts. In fact, the US Justice Department is essentially already engaged in trying to regulate what sexual activities are ACCEPTABLE in Adult Entertainment in America

Would The State of California allow fisting to be a contractable activity if The State of California decided to reocginize Adult Entertainment Contracts as legal and enforceable?

The Georgetown Law Journal and Sean Lockhart

Andrew Gilden’s “Sexual (Re)Consideration could present The State of Pennsylvania and Sean Lockhart with “a little problem” if Lockhart will in fact be the State’s Star Witness in a murder trial for Harlow Cuadra and Joe Kerekes.

The State of Pennsylvania’s argument is that Cuadra and Kerekes killed Bryan Kocis to free Sean Lockhart from his Performer’s Contract with Cobra Video and Bryan Kocis.

Andrew Gilden’s Sexual (Re)Consideration clearly presents the argument (that most people in the Gay Adult Video Industry appear to share) that the Performer’s Contract between Lockhart and Cobra Video was legally UNENFORCEABLE. Sean Lockhart had already done a video for a studio OTHER THAN Cobra Video before the infamous meeting between Camp Corrigan and Camp Cuadra in Las Vegas in January 2007. Lockhart had appeared in Velvet Mafia by Falcon Studios.

In addition, Andrew Gilden’s “Sexual (Re)Consideration” cites a motion filed by Sean Lockhart in the Lawsuit brought against him in federal court in San Diego by Bryan Kocis/Cobra Video in which Lockhart argued that his contract with Cobra Video was “against public policy” (i.e, Lockhart argued that his “contract” with Cobra Video was legally unenforceable and it was a “contract for sexual services” / prostitution).

If Lockhart was arguing in court in San Diego (prior to his meeting with Cuadra and Kerekes in Las Vegas in January 2007) that his contract with Cobra Video was void and unenforceable because it constituted PROSTITUTION, how can Lockhart then testify in a murder trial for Cuadra and Kerekes that he told Cuadra and Kerekes that he could not appear in a video for their company because he was LEGALLY BOUND to Cobra Video?

BoyBatter Lee Back on Dailymotion (for the time being)

June 5, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Boybatter has a cute little fit fellow named Lee. We posted a very clean short clip of Lee before on our Dailymotion account and dailymotion took down both our little clip and marknorfolk’s extended version of Lee. Well, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. ALL of our and marknorfolk’s videos that dailymotion had excised are back up now and running.

Somebody’s gotta find out what is up with dailymotion.

I know for sure I’m going to save me a copy of marknorfolk’s extended version of Lee’s performance just in case Dailymotion goes back to its old ways. We figured that dailymotion would delete Mark’s version of Lee, but our version was totally clean and our version was deleted also.

Lee’s video is so cute to me. Not only is Lee cute but, the banter between Lee and Camera Guy is cute as well. We mentioned before that Camera Guy just seems to walk into this bedroom and finds Lee lying on this bed. At one point, Lee asks: “Can I c*m”. Camera Guy says: “You can c*m soon enough young man”.

Camera Guy says: “Are we going to see you out of those shorts?” Lee says: “Maybe”.

I’ve read somewhere that Lee actually bottoms in one of the boybatter vids (I think this is in the description marknorfolk wrote for the vid). BTW, Marknorfolk is the account boybatter used to upload sample vids for us and as teaser advertising. I think that “Mark” is a name that Joe Kerekes used (I think this is in the Arrest Affidavit for Harlow).

Boy Batter Lee
Uploaded by bitchlessness. – Watch more hot videos.

Those Adult Video Performer Contracts

June 4, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

We posted a blog entry titled Marriage Prostitution and Contracts for Sex some time ago that discussed how the fine line separating Marriage from Prostitution was getting even finer (as a result of legal cases like Anna Nicole Smith and the Brent Corrigan/Bryan Kocis affair). Now, of course, as a result of the Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal, everybody is talking about contracts for sex, specifically contracts that Adult Video Producers sign with their performers.

The Bryan Kocis/Brent Corrigan Saga essentially started out as a desire by Sean Lockhart/Brent Corrigan to break away from Bryan Kocis/Cobra Video and produce his own work and/or to work for other Adult Video Companies.

It is our understanding that even The Georgetown Law Journal has weighed in on Adult Video Industry Performance Contracts. The Georgetown Law Journal article is more about the State of California in that it allegedly (we still can’t access the file) argues that if California is going to reap so many rewards from the Adult Video Industry being concentrated in California, then California should then recognize Adult Video Performance Contracts as legal.

Most of the people debating this issue are just declaring that Adult Video Performance Contracts are illegal because Contracts for Sex are illegal. This is not entirely correct.

Not All Contracts for Sex Are Illegal. Marriage is a Contract for Sex and marriage is legal. Also, Prostitution is legal in some counties in the US. There is legal prostitution in some counties in Nevada.

If you doubt that Marriage is legally recognized as a contract for sex, consider this:

1. One partner to a marriage can have the marriage declared VOID if the other partner refuses to provide sex.

2. One partner to a marriage can sue OTHER PEOPLE if other people do something to a spouse that results in the spouse being unable to provide the partner with sex. We read a news article some years ago that claimed that former Adult Video Performer Jack Wagner was suing someone for doing something that resulted in injury to his much older wife. Wagner (as we recall) charged that his spouse was unable to perform as a result of the injury.

3. Most domestic partners contracts (by states and cities) DEFINE domestic partners as two people who are INTIMATE.

With respect to Adult Video Industry Performance contracts, if the Producers want the contracts to be valid and enforceable, they need only have the contracts signed and the performances performed in a county in Nevada in which prostitution is legal.

Splitting Hairs

There are so many LITTLE THINGs about the Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal that are bound to make a lot of people in the legal profession squirm (or to at least be glad that they are not the judge or the prosecutor for the Harlow Cuadra/Joe Kerekes murder trial).

1. We pointed out already that while Cuadra and Kerekes are charged with stealing and destroying Cobra Video’s MASTER TAPEs, some of those tapes were pulled from the market, allegedly because and underaged boy was in them. So, THE STATE could be in the position of arguing before a Jury that Cuadra and Kerekes stole and destroyed KIDDIE PORN that the Victim had produced and that was still in the Victim’s possession.

2. THE MOTIVE The State has set forth to date is that Cuadra and Kerekes killed Kocis to free Brent Corrigan from his CONTRACT with Cobra Video. Well, as we discussed, Adult Video Industry Performance Contracts are void and unenforceable if they were intended as contracts for sex. So, THE STATE would be arguing before a Jury that Cuadra and Kerekes killed Bryan Kocis because Kocis was trying to legally FORCE Brent Corrigan to comply with the terms and conditions of AN ILLEGAL CONTRACT FOR SEX.

The above are just two of many many reasons why we don’t think there will ever be a trial for Cuadra and Kerekes. We think Luzerne County will throw everything it has into getting Cuadra and Kerekes to plead guilty to something (specially since the Current DA of Luzerne County is running for Judge in the November Elections). If there is a trial for Cuadra and Kerekes, it should be video taped and presented as a Comedy Show at Law Schools around the country. No Judge and No Prosecutor in Luzerne County is going to walk way from a Murder Trial for Cuadra and Kerekes WITHOUT becoming the laughing Stock of the Country.

THE HAIR SPLITTING with respect to the “CONTRACT” between Bryan Kocis and Brent Corrigan is that the Kocis Sympathizers are claiming that Kocis TECHNICALLY sued Corrigan for trademark infringement and fraud. However, THE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT that ended the lawsuit Kocis filed Against Corrigan et. al. allegedly calls for Corrigan to appear in X number of new Videos for Cobra Video. So, it should be clear to even the simpliest of minds that BRYAN KOCIS’s INTENT when he sued Corrigan in Federal Court was to FORCE Corrigan to perform gay sex acts in more Cobra Videos (i.e., Bryan Kocis’ intent in suing Corrigan in Federal Court was to force Corrigan to comply with the terms and conditions of an illegal contract for sex).

Freaking The Freak Out of The Freak Show Trial

Now, take a deep breath, there is even more FREAK to this Freak Show.

Someone CLAIMING to be CLOSE to Brent Corrigan has claimed on a number of messageboards that the Cointract Bryan Kocis had Brent Corrigan signed called for Brent Corrigan being Bryan Kocis’ LOVER. If THAT ain’t’ a contract for sex, then there ain’t no such thing as a contract for sex.