The Legalities of Two Cobra Video LLCs

October 29, 2007 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

As you know, we discovered some time ago that Bryan Kocis (and others?) created two companies with the name Cobra Video LLC. One Cobra Video LLC is listed as having being formed in Pennsylvania around 2002. A Delaware Cobra Video LLC is listed on the Delaware Secretary of State’s website as having been formed around 2005.

We posted a blog entry here in which he stated that it was our “Assumption” that it was the Pennsylvania Cobra Video LLC that applied for the State Servicemark/trademark on the Mark BRENT CORRIGAN. We have not seen the service mark application for BRENT CORRIGAN filed by “Cobra Video” in Pennsylvania so, we don’t know which Cobra Video applied for the servicemark/trademark. However,

The reason we ASSUMED that it was the Pennsylvania Cobra Video LLC that applied for the state trademark on BRENT CORRIGAN is because the business that applied for the state trademark in PA would have had to have AFFIRMED that it was engaged in business in Pennsylvania on the trademark application. Since the Pennsylvania Cobra Video LLC was FORMED in Pennsylvania, there would have been no “qualification” needed for the PA Cobra Video to claim that it could legally engage in business in PA. However, The Delaware Cobra Video LLC could not and cannot legally engage in business in PA unless it registeres with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a “foreign LLC”. AND, it appears that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania would NOT have allowed the The Delaware Cobra Video LLC to use the name “Cobra Video LLC” in PA because that name was obviously already being used by the existing PA Cobra Video LLC.

A Foreign Limited Liability Company is formed by filing form DSCB:15-8981, accompanied by a docketing statement, form DSCB:15-134A.

The Foreign Limited Liability Company name must be available for use in Pennsylvania. If the chosen name is not available they may register and transact business under another business name.
The name of the jurisdiction under the laws of which the limited liability company was organized and the date of its formation must be listed.

The legal questions associated with a guy having two companies with the same name are many:

1. Did the Delaware Cobra Video LLC assume and/or inherit all rights and property that belonged to The PA Cobra Video LLC? My understanding is that when a business is “re-incorporated” in another state, the old business ceases to exist. For example, according to legend, Microsoft Corporation re-incorporated itself in Washington State when the company was first incorporated in Delaware.

Based on what we have been able to determine, The PA Cobra Video and the DE Cobra Video are BOTH currently active. So, it would appear that The Delaware Cobra Video LLC is NOT the successor LLC to The PA Cobra Video LLC but the DE Cobra Video and the PA Cobra Video are in fact two different companies. Obviously, it would take consultation with a lawyer and examination of the formation papers for both LLCs to determine how one LLC relates to the other LLC.

2. Does the DE Cobra Video LLC have a different tax id from the PA Cobra Video LLC and, do they each file tax returns? A Business Tax ID is like a person’s social security number.

Which Cobra Video Applied for PA Trademark on BRENT CORRIGAN?

If The Delaware Cobra Video LLC did apply for the PA trademark WITHOUT registering to legally do business in PA (i.e., without registering with PA as a foreign LLC), there could be a problem with the validity of the DE Cobra Video LLC’s trademark on BRENT CORRIGAN. ALSO,

If The Delaware Cobra Video LLC is not registered to do business as a foreign LLC in Pennsylvania, then you have to wonder how The Delaware Cobra Video LLC had standing to: ( a ) file the lawsuit it filed in San Diego; and ( b ) to apply for a federal trademark on the mark BRENT CORRIGAN claiming that it used the mark in business (in business where?). There does not “appear” to be any indication that The Delaware Cobra Video LLC is registered to do business in Pennsylvania.

Perhaps Bryan Kocis filed the PA trademark/servicemark application listing himself, Bryan Kocis, as “the applicant” on the application, even though Kocis appears to have claimed that “Cobra Video” held the PA trademark.

What A Tangled Web He Weaved

There appears to be a Pennsylvania Corporation named Cobra I Video formed in 1993

Harlow Cuadra Joseph Kerekes and Evolution

October 27, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Lawyers and Judges are like crocodiles, they have not evolved in millions of years.

The biggest unknown factor in the prosecution of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes is that they both had legal counsel PRIOR TO THEIR ARRESTS.

Surely an experienced criminal attorney should have forseen that:

1. Virginia Beach would, more likely than not, file a RICO Action against Cuadra and Kerekes or take some other action to make it difficult for Cuadra and Kerekes to be able to afford legal counsel, the Prosecution of John Gotti appears to be THE TEMPLATE for all criminal prosecutions these days;

in the prosecution of John Gotti, The US Attorney disqualified Gotti’s long time lawyer Bruce Cutler. Cutler had managed to obtain “non guilty verdicts” for Gotti in several previous prosecutions.

2. That Cuadra and Kerekes would be rendered to Luzerne County Pennsylvania for prosecution on murder charges;

3. That Cuadra and Kerekes would be assigned Public Defenders by Luzerne County.

Now, here is where it gets interesting.

If an attorney for Cuadra and Kerekes had investigated Luzerne County’s Public Defender’s Office, wouldn’t an experienced criminal attorney have discovered that Jonathan Blum and Al Flora, Jr, attorneys in the Luzerne County Public Defenders Office, were once Bryan Kocis’ lawyers? Surely the private attorney William Rizzo hired by Harlow Cuadra knew that Jonathan Blum and Al Flora Jr once repesented Bryan Kocis. William Rizzo is himself an attorney in Luzerne County’s public defender’s office.

Al Flora, Jr. was asked by a Luzerne County newspaper to respond to the ABA’s Death Penalty Assessment for Pennsylvania and the importance of proper legal counsel for defendants in death penalty cases CLICK HERE.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dos not require County Coroner or Medical Examiner to be Accredited

Just as an experienced criminal lawyer should have known that Luzerne County’s Public Defender’s office would have conflict free representation issues, an experienced criminal lawyer should have known that Luzerne County would have Expert Witness Problems with establishing a time of death for Bryan Kocis.

Not only did the ABA discuss the importance of conflict free representation in death penalty cases but, the Executive Summary of the ABA’s “Evaluatiing Fairness and Accuracy in State Death Penalty Systems: The Pennsylvania Death Penalty Assessment Report” highlights the fact that Luzerne County Corners/Medical Examiners are NOT Accredited through the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME).. CLICK HERE

As with its crime laboratories, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvnia does not require county coroner or medical examiner offices to be accredited. To date, no Pennsylvania county coroner office or medical examiner office has obtained voluntary accreditation through the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME). While Pennsylvania does not require such accreditation, it has established the Coroner’s Education Board to create minimum training standards and continuing education requirements for newly elected coroners and deputy coroners. In the few counties, such as Allegheny and Delaware Counties, which instead employ a medical examiner, qualifications for the position appear to vary, although all require that the medical examiner be a pathologist. ABA

Trademarking the Character Brent Corrigan

October 25, 2007 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

There is an interesting “citation” made by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in reference to trademarking a character. Essentially, the USPTO claims that a mark can be trademarked when the mark is a character and that character identifies services or goods. The USPTO claims that a mark cannot be trademarked when the mark is merely the name of a character in a movie or story.

Registration is refused because the proposed mark, as used on the specimen, solely identifies a particular character and does not function as a trademark for the identified goods. Trademark Act Sections 1, 2 and 45, 15 U.S.C. §§1051, 1052 and 1127. The name of a character is registrable as a trademark only where the record shows that it is used in a manner that would be perceived by consumers as identifying the goods in addition to identifying the character. In re Caserta, 46 USPQ2d 1088 (TTAB 1988); See In re D.C. Comics, Inc. 689 F.2d 1042, 215 USPQ 394 (C.C.P.A. 1982) and Paramount Pictures Corporation v. Romulan Invasions, 7 USPQ2d 1897 (TTAB 1988). USPTO

When Did “The Brent Corrigan Series” Surface?

In communications from The USPTO, the USPTO appears to have sought PROOF from Cobra Video that the mark BRENT CORRIGAN was used to identify a series of videos and that BRENT CORRIGAN was not merely the name of a character in one or more videos. The Million Dollar Question then is, was there a BRENT CORRIGAN SERIES of videos in existence PRIOR to the date the BRENT CORRIGAN trademark application was submitted to the USPTO?

The applicant has indicated that the mark is used in a trademark manner on two video tapes. Therefore, the applicant is request to provide evidence that the mark is used to identify a series of video tapes, rather than merely to identify a character in the videos. Evidence of a series includes copies of multiple covers or packaging for prerecorded works that show the mark used as a source identifier for the series and show the mark as distinguishable from the individual titles of the works. USPTO

It will be interesting to see if The Delaware Cobra Video LLC continues to pursue the trademark application for the mark BRENT CORRIGAN. Especially when there is a date of first use on the application that is BEFORE The Delaware Cobra Video LLC existed.

It is also interesting that no one appears to have yet informed that Federal Judge in San Diego that there were TWO Cobra Video LLCs (assuming that the existence of two Cobra Videos was not make clear in the Judge through the pleadings in the case).

Harlow Cuadra Right to Conflict Free Representation

October 25, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Federal Judge Kaplan in New York may turn out to be Savior to Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, at least when Cuadra and Kerekes appeal the convictions handed down against them in Luzerne County. At this point, Luzerne County would not even be proceeding with the prosecutions of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes unless Luzerne County DOESN’T CARE that whatever convictions they obtain against Cuadra and Kerekes will most likely be reversed (and that Luzerne County will go down in law history right next to a photo of Bryan Kocis).

First, Judge Kaplan dismissed criminal charges against employees of the accounting firm KPMG on the grounds that Prosecutors had “gone to far” in making it difficult for the defendants to retain legal counsel. Federal Judge Kaplan ruled that a defendant in a criminal proceeding can be denied his legal right to counsel when The State goes to far in making it difficult for the defendant to be able to retain legal counsel OF HIS CHOOSING. There is no question that Virgina Beach freezing the assets of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes made it next to impossible for Cuadra and Kerekes to “personally” afford the legal counsel of their choice.

Now comes another order from Judge Kaplan in the same KPMG Criminal Case in which the Federal Judge presents the argument that a criminal defendant has to specifically waive his right to conflict free representation in order for the Court to assign or allow an atttorney with a conflict of interest to represent that defendant. In other words, Judge Kaplan is presenting the argument that The Court cannot simply decide that an attorney’s conflict of interest is “not prejudicial” to the defendant, that even if the Court decides that an attorney’s “conflict of interest” is not prejudicial, the Defendant still has VETO POWER to refuse representation by that attorney if The Defendant believes the attorney has a conflict of interest.

Judge Kaplan delayed the trial of three former KPMGers and a one-time Sidley Austin lawyer today after disqualifying a defense lawyer in the case. In an order Thursday, Judge Kaplan DQed Steven Bauer, lead counsel for ex-KPMG senior tax manager John Larson, after several closed hearings on potential conflicts of interest. Opening statements were scheduled to begin Tuesday. (Click here and here for Law Blog Background on the much-diminished case.)

“Mr. Larson declined to waive his right to conflict-free representation,” the judge said. “The court therefore has no choice but to disqualify Mr. Bauer as trial counsel for Mr. Larson.” The judge didn’t rule on whether Bauer’s law firm, Latham & Watkins, also should be disqualified “unless and until Mr. Larson seeks to be represented at trial by someone else at that firm.” WSJ Law Blog

In the case of the Public Defenders for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, TWO attorneys in the Luzerne County Public Defenders’ Office (Jonathan Blum and Al Flora, Jr) previously were attorneys for Bryan Kocis. Based on newspapers reports out of Luzerne County, Al Flora, Jr is STILL the attorney for Bryan Kocis Relatives/Estate.

Inspite of the fact that TWO attorneys in the Public Defenders Office once represented Bryan Kocis, Luzerne County President Judge Mark Ciavarella ruled that one of those attorneys (Jonathan Blum) and Luzerne County’s Public Defenders Office could still represent Harlow Cuadra in a death penalty criminal case. Federal Judge Kaplan’s Order in the KPMG case suggests that INSPITE OF THE DECISION of Luzerne County’s President Judge, that Harlow Cuadra can VETO having one of Bryan Kocis’ former lawyers act as his criminal attorney in a death penalty case by Cuadra NOT WAVING his right to conflict-free representation.

Blum also contends another conflict arises from his and First Assistant Public Defender Al Flora’s past representation of Kocis. Flora was interviewed by police and provided information relative to Kocis’ murder, Blum said in his motion. Because Flora is a potential witness in the case, the public defender’s office should be removed, Blum argued. Citizens Voice

Seriously, at this point, how can anyone even recite the facts of the prosection of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes with a straight face? Two of Bryan Kocis’ former lawyers work in the Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office and the Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office is representing Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes?

“A lawyer cannot attack his former client through cross-examination or argument to the jury” because of his or her “duty of continuing loyalty” to that former client, prosecutors said WSJ Law Blog

Not only was the above argument accepted by A FEDERAL JUDGE, the above argument was made by The United States Attorney’s Office.

The simple fact that Luzerne County continues to characterize Bryan Kocis as an executive pursuing a lawful business PROVES that Luzerne County should DISQUALIFY ITSELF from prosecuting anyone for the Murder of Bryan Kocis and that someone At The Federal Level in Pennsylvania needs to step into this Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal.

Seriously, I can’t fucking believe that The Federal Government would have been party to anything to do with Luzerne County and Bryan Kocis.

Auction Last Severed Head of Bryan Kocis Costume

October 24, 2007 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

<center> IPB Image</center>
Auction Alert

To help with the Legal Defense Fund for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, The Bitchless Blog will be auctoning off our Last Severed Heard of Bryan Kocis Costume.

As you can see, the costume in question is the popular Severed Head of Bryan Kocis Morphed to Eight-Legged Freak Spider version, we had eight versions of the “Severed Heads of Bryan Kocis” based the shapes Bryan Kocis took when he was The Thing in John Carpenter’s movie of the same name.

Come Halloween Day (Sean Lockhart’s Birthday), do you really want to be the only Gay on the Block without a Severed Head of Bryan Kocis?

And For Those of You In San Diego, can you imagine the look of shock on Sean Lockhart’s face if you walked up to him dressed as the Severed Head of Bryan Kocis? You could say something like: “Sign that contract, you little beauch!”. Oh,

It will be jolly good fun for all involved.

Cobra Video 2257 Records

October 19, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

“We [ The FBI ] will accept either digital or physical records,” he said. “It’s almost easier for us if they give [the records] to us on a disk,” because then inspectors can review them at their offices and “get out of the company’s way.”

There are some disadvantages to providing digital records, though. Perhaps chief among them: if an inspector notices a discrepancy while reviewing physical records, the company has the opportunity to avoid a violation notice by rectifying the problem right then and there. Discrepancies found in digital records reviewed off-site receive no such benefit. FBI Provides More 2257 Inspection Info XBIZ.COM

I guess the above quote from an article currently at settles the question of whether or not the FBI will accept electronic 2257 Records on the ages of models, the records that adult entertainment companies are required by law to maintain.

Some FRIENDS OF CAMP CORRIGAN organized a petition to have Cobra Video‘s 2257 Records inspected by the FBI based on the “allegations” in the Arrest Affidavit for Harlow Cuadra . The arrest affidavit for Harlow Cuadra claims that Cuadra described stealing and destroying Cobra Video’s 2257 records.

The facts as we understand them are that the criminal charges that Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes stole and destroyed Cobra Video’s 2257 records are based SOLELY on statements The Luzerne County DA’s Office claim Harlow Cuadra made on the Black’s Beach Tapes. No One in the Luzerne County DA’s Office, as far as we know, is claiming that they searched for Cobra Video’s 2257 and that said Records don’t exist. In fact, The Luzerne County DA’s Office has to make a point of NOT searching for Cobra Video’s 2257 Records and NOT asking anyone about said Records.

Clearly, if the DA’s Office in Luzerne County searched for Cobra Video’s 2257 Records that were stored in Bryan Kocis’ house (allegedly) and located the records, the DA’s Office would have to then drop the burglary charges against Cuadra and Kerekes and/or inform the Defense for Cuadra and Kerekes that the records were found.

As long as the DA’s Office in Luzerne County doesn’t search for Cobra Video’s 2257 Records and no one proves to the DA’s Office that Cobra Videos 2257 Records were not destroyed, then the DA’s Office can continue to claim that Cuadra and Kerekes stole and destroyed Cobra Video’s 2257 Records based on the DA’s “interpretation” of what Harlow Cuadra said on the Black’s Beach Tapes. AND, as we all know, it is the burglary and arson charges that the DA’s Office is using to support its claim that the death penalty against Cuadra and Kerekes is justified.

Bottom line, as we see it, no one in the Luzerne County DA’s Office is clamiing that they have personal knowledge that Cobra Video’s 2257 Records don’t exist.

Since FRIENDS OF CAMP CORRIGAN petitioned the FBI to inspect Cobra Video’s 2257 Records AND Cobra Video is still in business, one must assume that the Cobra Video’s 2257 Records stored at Bryan Kocis’ House were not destroyed or that there were copies of the 2257 Records stored somewhere other than at Bryan Kocis’ house.

Any criminal action by any governement agency against Bryan Kocis or Cobra Video could harm the prosecution of Cuadra and Kerekes for the murder of Bryan Kocis. So, how likely are there to be any criminal actions against Bryan Kocis or Cobra Video PRIOR to trials for Cuadra and Kerekes?

Luzerne County Prisons Overcrowded

October 16, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Any of you guys got a spare bedroom or two Harlow and Joe could use ’til March?

Maybe the reason Harlow Cuadra had to move back to the Lackawanna Jail Facility was because there wasn’t any room to house Harlow at the Luzerne County Jail with Joseph Kerekes. I assume that prison overcrowding would directly or indirectly lead to all of the correctional facilities being over-crowed.

WILKES-BARRE – The Luzerne County Prison Board declared a state of emergency at the county prison Monday after learning several counties that had been accepting the overflow of inmates cannot take any more prisoners … The prison has been plagued by overcrowding for years, but officials were able to deal with it because of the cooperation of other counties, including Clinton, Tioga, Montour, Lackawanna and Columbia. Hyder said officials from those counties notified him about two weeks ago they cannot take any more prisoners because they had to ensure they had enough beds for their own inmates. Times Leader

Sean Lockhart and Perfect Publicity Storm

October 14, 2007 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

<center> [attachmentid=1899] </center>
all links are to adult sites and others are “reporting” that Sean Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan) is now making a film called The Porne Ultimatum for’s Dirty Bird Pictures. There is this “implication” in the statements attributed to Sean Lockhart about The Porne Ultimatium that Lockhart will be billed as BRENT CORRIGAN in the film.

Will the TWO COBRA VIDEO LLCs have the fucking balls to sue Lockhart and Dirty Bird Pictures like the LATE Bryan Kocis threatened to do to Falcon over Lockhart being billed as Brent Corrigan for Velvet Mafia?

AS YOU ALL MAY KNOW, started the ole Gay Porn Scandal Ball rolling a couple of years ago with the “double header scandals” of:

1. having used Nextdoormale models Mark Kraynak and Steve Wright who were found dead in an abandoned Quarry outside of Montreal; and

2. found to have used enlisted guys from nearby Fort Bragg on its website.

AFTER THE FORT BRAGG SCANDAL, moved away from Fort Bragg to film at “various locations”.

Ummm … Since had a military theme and had a military theme …. Ummm, I’m just saying.

More Mark Kraynak Galleries via NextDoorPass – join one site get access to all 5 NextdoorStudio sites:

On That Settlement Agreement Bettween Sean Lockhart and Cobra Video

There is a rather funny statement attributed to Sean Lockhart about his SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT with Cobra Video. Since the settlement agreement Sean Lockhart signed was with The Delaware Cobra Video LLC, the “agreement” could technically be WORTHLESS and have no effect whatsoever on The Pennsylvania Cobra Video.

It remains to be discovered how The Delaware Cobra Video LLC was related to The Pennsylvania Cobra Video LLC. However, I think it might be safe to say that NEITHER one of the two Cobra Video LLCs is likely to be suing Sean Lockhart, Grant Roy, LSG Media or anyone else for anything any time soon (unless they can be guarranteed to get a Luzerne County Judge).

Frankly, I would just love to see Cobra Video threaten Dirty Bird Pictures so that Dirty Bird could then SLAPP a RICO Against That Little Enterprise in Luzerne County.

Actually, I wish I had standing to slap a Civil RICO against Bryan Kocis, I would rip that fucker’s Estate apart.

Somebody really needs to RICO Bryan Kocis in San Digeo. A Federal Civil RICO in San Diego would get to the truth of what was going on with Bryan Kocis in Luzerne County. And, who do we have in San Diego that might have standing to RICO Bryan Kocis?

1. Lee Bergeron/LSG Media
2. Sean Lockhart
3. Grant Roy
4. Possibly, Dirty Bird Pictures (if Kocis threatens Dirty Bird over Sean Lockhart being billed as Brent Corrigan).

I think this might be what they refer to as A Balance of Threats. Killing Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes no longer guarantees that The Truth About Bryan Kocis is not going to come out (and be used to market gay porn).

The Stage is Set. Lights! Cameras! RICO!

Brent wants to let fans know not to expect any new Cobra Videos with him in them anytime soon. Although he is more than willing to uphold his end of the “mutually financially lucrative” settlement arrangement that he reached before Bryan Kocis’ untimely demise, it is unlikely that whoever is running Cobra now will be able to get anything together, as far as filming goes, in the near future.

Counsel for Harlow Cuadra Joseph Kerekes

October 14, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

This is an unofficial moratorium on carry out death sentences by lethal injection as a result of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to hear an appeal on whether or not “death by lethal injection” constitutes “cruel and unusual” punishment. However, a man was executed in Texas a few days ago because some Clown of a Judge decided that the motion to stay the man’s execution had not arrived in court before 5:00 pm. Obviously, anything in possible with the “kind of people” who somehow manage to become Judges in America.

I’ve seen and read about some fucking weird shit happening in the American Justice System in my short life. However, I’ve never seen or read about anything that was remotely as fucking weird as Luzerne County Justice. Even New York City Justice looks sane compared to Luzerne County Justice.

Al Flora, Bryan Kocis’ lawyer and the lawyer hired by Bryan Kocis’ relatives after Bryan Kocis was killed, was all this time the First Assistant Public Defender in the Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office? And, now the Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office is Harlow Cuadra’s lawyer.

Let’s hope, at some point fairly soon, some sane person somewhere in Pennsylvania calls a halt to this Fucking Freak Show in Luzerne County.

It is interesting to note that the Judge who just decided on the attorneys to represent Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes was NOT the Judge assigned as the trial Judge for Cuadra and Kerekes. While Judge Peter Paul Olszewski was allegedly assigned as the trial judge for Harlow Cuadra and Kerekes at the Preliminary Hearing, it was Luzerne County President Judge Mark A. Ciavarella who just decided on legal counsel for Cuadra and Kerekes.

Are there going to be two Judges on the Cuadra/Kerekes prosecution?

It seems to me that the President Judge should only have acted on motions in the Cuadra/Kerekes prosecution if the assigned trial judge was not available. Was Judge Paul Olszewski not available to rule on the motions for legal counsel for Cuadra and Kerekes?

If Judge Paul Olszewski is in fact the assigned trial judge for Cuadra and Kerkes, then the decision on counsel for Cuadra and Kerekes is subject to change at any time. Cuadra and Kerekes need only re-submit their motions for counsel from outside of Luzerne County and hope that the motion is decided by Olszewski instead of President Judge Ciavarella.

Background Luzerne County Court Gossip

According to gossip on blogs in Luzerne County, current President Judge Mark A. Ciavarella is the hand picked successor of Powerful Luzerne County Judge Michael Conahan. Judge Michael Conahan was the presiding judge for Bryan Kocis’ 2002 and 2006 child molestation case. Attorney, Al Flora was Bryan Kocis’ lawyer in 2002 and 2006.

If you check the archives of newspapers in Luzene County, it was attorney Al Flora who spoke to the press arguing that the “correction” to Bryan Kocis 2002 guilty plea in 2006 by Judge Michael Conahan was legal and proper.

It was also in January 20067 when there was a public “questioning” of why Bryan Kocis was not a registered Sex Offender that Bryan Kocis’ Family re-hired attorney Al Flora (a criminal lawyer). Again and Again, there is the question of why Bryan Kocis’ Estate needs a criminal lawyer?

Judge Michael Conahan announced that he would retire at the end of the year on the Sunday before Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were arrested.

Importance of Legal Counsel For Harlow Cuadra Joseph Kerekes

October 12, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Update. Times Leader is reporting that Joseph Kerekes has been appointed counsel not associated with the Public Defender’s office. Harlow Cuadra has public defenders. HERE’s A KICKER, Al Flora, Jr, Bryan Kocis’ lawyer in 2002 and the lawyer retained by Kocis’ relatives AFTER Kocis was found dead, is Luzerne County’s first assistant public defender. Harlow Cuadra is essentially being represented by Bryan Kocis’ old lawyer’s law firm. AS IF THIS FREAK SHOW COULD GET ANY MORE FREAK SHOW. Times Leader

The American Bar Association in Pennsylvania released a study on the application of the death penalty in The State of Pennsyvlania. The Times Leader went to Bryan Kocis’ Lawyer Al Flora for comment on the report. As I understand it, Al Flora was retained by Bryan Kocis’ relatives AFTER Kocis’ death, Flora is currently the Criminal Lawyer for Bryan Kocis relatives.

Of course, this raises the question of why Bryan Kocis’ Estate needs a criminal lawyer?

The report, drafted by a team of prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges, concluded the state’s application of the death penalty is highly inconsistent, resulting in some defendants being sentenced to death who, if they had been convicted in another jurisdiction, likely would have been sentenced to life in prison. Times Leader

The American Bar Association Report should strengthen the coming motions to dismiss from Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes on the argument that they were denied their right to legal counsel by Virginia Beach’s aborted RICO action.

Some of the key problems cited include inadequate access to experts and investigators for the defense, a lack of standards to ensure attorneys appointed are qualified to handle the complex nature of capital cases, the existence of racial disparities in sentencing and confusing jury instructions. Times Leader