Falcon’s Velvet Mafia Due September 29

September 17, 2006 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

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Brace yourselves boys and boys, Brent Corrigan is now legally fuckable and, I hear, his perky butt-hole is put to good use in Falcon’s upcoming Velvet Mafia (adult site). Gay German adult company Cazzo has a gay sex/mafia gang war thingy with its F*uck Fiction movie (I have not yet seen it). Now, Falcon has an a “gay sex/mafia gang war” video featuring Brent Corrigan’s precious little hershey highway.

Velvet Mafia is a plot-rich movie that tells the story of two warring “porn mafia families,” the Avalons and the Starrs, who feud over the much-desired porn model Fox Ryder. “In the cutthroat process of trying to sign Fox Ryder, money is lost, diamonds are stolen, and blood is shed,” said the movie’s director, Chris Steele. Gayvn.com (adult site)

Credit for this screenplay is being given to the director’s (Chris Steele’s) mother, however, the story seems like a extreme take on Brent Corrigan’s real life legal battle with the video company he used to work for.