The Bitchless Blog ™ was first to “raise alarms” about what could be happening in Luzerne County Pennsylvania. In the still ongoing criminal investigation in Luzerne County by the United States Attorney, One former President Judge of Luzerne County (Michael Conahan) had plead guilty to a criminal racketeering charge and another (Mark Ciavarella) is due for a criminal trial on similar charges.

The Bitchless Blog pointed out that Bryan Charles Kocis, who was caught having sex with a 15 year old boy, was operating a gay porn production studio out of the basement of a residential house. It is hard to imagine that there are very many communities in America that would allow people to openly operate gay porn production studios out of the basements of residential houses.

The posts to this blog are “reprints” of posts to The Bitchless Blog as they “live blogged” The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal and what has come to be called The Luzerne County Kids-For-Cash Scandal.

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