Perez Hilton in Another Gay Movie 2

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He Stuck His Finger Up His…!

Another Gay Movie 2 is shaping up to be to Gay Icons what “Around the World in 80 Days” was to Hollywood Icons of the day. Perez Hilton, Brent Corrigan/Sean Lockhart, Michael Lucas, Will Wikle, Rupaul, Colton Ford … all in Another Gay Movie 2. That’s a whole lotta lube.

And here I didn’t know that Perez was posting videos regularly to youtube. Although, reports are that Perez has now kissed youtube goodbye. Viacom produces Perez Hilton’s tv show and Viacom is currently suing Google/youtube. If I were Perez, I would have chosen Google over Viacom. But, I would never have gone on The View either if I was Perez.

Luzerne County Cannot Afford Michael Conahan Pet Projects

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Judge Michael Conahan was President Judge of Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas in 2002 for Bryan Kocis’ guilty plea and he was President Judge in 2006 for the “correction” to Bryan Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea. Bryan Kocis was represented in 2002 and 2006 by the attorney Al Flora, Jr.

It is a little bit interesting how newspapers in Luzerne County seem unable or are unwilling to “connect the dots” in certain situations. For example, YOU WOULD THINK that two newspapers that have been serving Luzerne County for years would have immediatly known and reported on the fact that Attorney Al Fora, Jr. had a “conflict of interest” representing Harlow Cuadra. Similarly

There seem to be a couple of Projects that are being cancelled by Luzerne County because of the budget crisis in that county that are pet projects of Judge Michael Conahan.

As some of you may be aware, Luzerne County is currently facing a budget crisis because it needs to borrow money and an activists in Luzerne County sued to prevent Luzerne County from borrowing money.

In the various reports coming out of Luzerne County on what projects would be CUT, Luzerne County’s Drug Court and The Contract with Pennsylvania Child Care LLC for a Juvenile Dentention Facility have been mentioned.

Okay, none of this stupid shit is important enough for me to actually research and verify but, AS I RECALL, Judge Michael Conahan created the Special Drug Court in Luzerne County and it is Conahan’s intention to head the Drug Court when he retires from the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas at the end of this years. ALSO,

Again, as I recall, there was some big little scandal in Luzerne County last year or the beginning of this year over Judge Michael Conahan’s decision to stop sending Juveniles to the facility that Luzerne County had a contract with but to instead send them to a new facility run by Pennsylvania Child Care LLC

Luzerne County intent is to cut funding for the special Drug Court and to try to fund the program “by some other means” (I think they mean by applying for grant money from nonprofit foundations).

There is a news report today out of Luzerne County that the county intends to cancel its contract with Pennsylvania Child Care LLC for a juvenile detention facilty

WILKES-BARRE — Luzerne County officials’ plan to terminate its 20-year, $58 million lease with a Pittston Township juvenile care facility will force the county to construct its own juvenile center, President Judge Mark A. Ciavarella said Thursday.

The county needs a 24-bed center to replace beds in the Pittston Township facility currently assigned to house juveniles awaiting a hearing on criminal charges and those accused of probation violations, said Ciavarella, the judge assigned to the county’s juvenile court. Standard Speaker

Judge Michael Conahan announed that he would retire from the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas on the Sunday before Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were arrested.

Harlow Cuadra and Nine Inches of Reasonable Doubt

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The Luzerne County District Attorney has filed a motion to prevent The Defense Teams for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes from referring to Bryan Kocis’ 2001 arrest for sexualt assault on a 15 year old boy..

July 2001. Bryan Kocis was Arrested when he was found with video tape of him having sex with a 15 year old boy. Kocis is charged with statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors, sexual abuse of children and unlawful contact or communication with a minor. Kocis remained free under $75,000 bail. Citizens Voice

April 2002. The official reports are that Bryan Kocis pled guilty to a sexual abuse of children charge for possessing an unlawful videotape of a 15-year-old boy. Such a guilty plea required that Kocis register as a Sex Offender under Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law. However, Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas took no actions to process Kocis as a sex offender and in fact Kocis never registered as a sex offender. Under Pennsylvania law, evading the requirements of Megan’s Law is a third degree felony. Citizens Voice

February 2006: Bryan Kocis sues Sean Lockhart, Grant Roy and LSG Media in Federal court in San Diego. According to rumor, someone in San Diego called The Pennsylvania State Department that administers Megan’s Law and reported that Bryan Kocis was not a registered sex offender as required by his “apparent’ 2002 guilty plea.

July 2006. Bryan Kocis’ 2002 Guilty Plea is “Corrected” to a plea that did not require registration as a sex offender. Court paperwork shows that, in 2002, Bryan Kocis pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of a child. Under Megan’s Law, he should have registered as a sex offender. But, he never did.

January 24, 2007, Six Months After the CORRECTION to Bryan Kocis 2002 Guilty Plea, Bryan Kocis turns up Headless, Flambeed and, err, Holy.

Burning Man in Luzerne County January 24 2008

December 27, 2007 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

<center>IPB Image </center>
Patterned after the famous Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada, The Burning Man Festival in Luzerne County is described by organizers as an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance. Burning Man Luzerne County ends on January 24th, at 7:30 pm with the ritual of burning a large wooden sculpture of a Decapitated Man

DATE: January 18, 2008 through January 24, 2008

LOCATION: 60 Midland Drive, Dallas Township, Luzerne County


How Harlow Cuadra Brought Down Luzerne County

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Behold the Gay Pornstar Wannabe. Let Us Slay Him and See What Becomes of His Conspiracy Theories

It is hard to think of anything more perverse than a judge assigning The Victim’s Lawyer to represent The Accused in a fucking death penalty murder case.

If Luzerne County can get away with continuing to prosecute Harlow Cuadra inspite of the fact that Bryan Kocis’s Lawyer Al Flora, Jr was assigned to represent Cuadra WITHOUT Cuadra’s consent, then, Luzerne County is capable of anything. If Luzerne County can get way with assigning The Victim’s Lawyer to represent The Accused in a death penalty murder case, then we are all in danger.

The Signs Are There That Luzerne County Has Gone Too Far

There are some very clear signs that President Judge Mark Ciavarella went too far when he refused to assign conflict counsel to represent Harlow Cuadra and instead assigned the Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office to represent Cuadra (when two attorneys in the Public Defender’s Office, Blum and Flora, were attorneys for The Victim Bryan Kocis).

The Most Obvious Sign that Luzerne County Court went too far when it assigned The Victim’s Lawyer to represent The Accused is the motion by Jackie Musto-Carroll’s Office to disqualify The Public Defender from representing Harlow Cuadra. Since when does a prosecutor care how it obtains a conviction? The Motion by Jackie Musto-Carroll’s DA Office is a BREAK by Musto-Carroll with The Good Ole Boy Network. Musto-Carroll appears to be threatening to drop all charges against Cuadra rather than participate in the perversity of prosecuting a guy for murder when the guy is represented by The Victim’s Lawyer (and the Victim’s Relatives’ Lawyer).

If Musto-Carroll IS making a very public break with The Good Ole Boys on the Luzerne County Court, WHY is she doing so? Did witnessing The Good Ole Boys LYNCH the only Female Judge on the Court of Common Pleas (Judge Anne Lokuta) cause Musto-Carroll to BREAK AWAY? Or, does Musto-Carrol know that federal indictments of Luzerne County Officials are going in 2008?

There Must Be A Way Outta Here

The only “graceful” way out for Luzerne County in this whole Victim’s Lawyer Representing The Accused Fiasco is for Jackie Musto-Carroll to drop all charges against Harlow Cuadra.

In general, you don’t “appeal” a judge’s order by re-filing s motion asking for the same relief and hope it get decided by a different judge. Since President Judge Mark Ciavarella stepped into Judge Olszewski’s case and decided the first motion to disqualify the Luzerne County Public Defender from representing Harlow Cuadra, the way to “contest” the order of Judge Ciavarell is to file a formal appeal (now if the order assigning counsel is immediately appealable or, after a verdict if the order is not immediately appealable). Clearly,

Lawyers for Harlow Cuadra did not file a formal appeal of the order of Judge Ciavarella refusing to assign conflict counsel to Harlow Cuadra. Instead, The Luzerne County DA filed a motion identical to the motion The Defense filed, a motion that was denied by Judge Mark Ciavarella.

So, there is clearly a “oddity” here. The Court, in the form of the interceding Judge Ciavarella, has already denied a motion requesting the relief which Prosecutors are now requesting with their motion. Technically, the Prosecution’s motion to disqualify The Public Defender’s Office should be denied because the issue has already been decided (i.e, it is the law of the case). Just another fucking mess in a court system described as dysfunctional.

I would point out that the “dysfunctional” description for Luzerne County’s Court of Common Pleas came as a result of testimony from Judge Anne Lokuta that President Judge Michael Conahan stepped into her cases and decided motions for some “unknown reason”, in the same way that President Judge Mark Ciavarella stepped into Harlow Cuadra’s case and decided motions.

What is the “graceful” way out of this one?

Well, from where we sit, it would be “a tad contrary to legal procedure” for Judge Olszewski to now grant relief that has already been denied by President Judge Ciavarella. First of all, President Judge Ciavarella is technically Judge Olszewski’s “supervisor”. And, as we said, in general, the procedure for appealing a judge’s order is to file an appeal, NOT to file the motion again and hope it gets decided by the actual judge assigned to the case. However, if Judge Mark Ciavarella’s order refusing to assign conflict counsel to Harlow Cuadra is allowed to stand, SOMEBODY IN AUTHORITY (read THE FEDs or The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Judicial Misconduct Commission) might just decide that Luzerne County Courts are indeed out of control.

Oh, it should be pointed out here that one of Luzerne County’s newspapers last week finally printed what we reported some time ago, i.e., that attorney Al Flora, Jr. is still on retainer by Bryan Kocis’ Relatives. Attorney Al Flora, Jr. is currently still the lawyer for Bryan Kocis’ relatives and, apparently, Bryan Kocis’ Estate.

So, Which Way Out? The only person in Luzerne County who appears to be concerned about looking like a total buffoon in Jackie Musto-Carroll. The only person in Luzerne County with a career that looks like it can be salvaged is Jackie Musto-Carroll. So, as we said, THE WAY OUT is for Jackie Musto-Carroll to drop all judges against Harlow Cuadra and then “threaten” to re-file charges at a later date.

Joseph Kerekes Plays UnKnown Time of Death Card

December 23, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

<center> [attachmentid=2038] <br>They say our love won’t pay the rent. Before it’s earned, our moneys all been spent</center>
If Prosecutors don’t know WHEN Bryan Kocis was killed nor WHAT WEAPON was used to kill Kocis, it is going to be pretty fucking difficult for Prosecutors to specify with any amount of credibility that Bryan Kocis was killed by Joseph Kerekes.

Attorneys for Joseph Kerekes are seeking to have Luzerne County Prosecutors specify whether they believe Bryan Kocis was killed by Harlow Cuadra or Joseph Kerekes. While on the surface Defense attorneys are CLAMING that Prosecutors can’t seek the death penalty against Kerekes if Kerekes was not the principal killer, in reality, the move by Defense Attorneys for Joseph Kerekes shows that Joseph Kerekes intends to play the unknown time of death card.

As we pointed out here many times, the man who WAS the Luzerne County Coroner at the time Bryan Kocis’ body was found is on record saying “he didn’t know” WHEN Bryan Kocis was killed AND, that he “didn’t know” if the knife found with Bryan Kocis’ body was the murder weapon. Now, not only is THAT MAN no longer the coroner for Luzerne County, THAT MAN was not a member of the national association for forensic coroners (because the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not make membership in the national coroner organization a requirement for its coroners).

Bottom line, The FORMER Coroner of Luzerne County will in all likelyhood testify under oath that he doesn’t know when Bryan Kocis was killed.

But at a pre-trial conference Friday for both men, a Kerekes attorney, Mark Bufalino, said he needs prosecutors to indicate whether they believe Kerekes was the principal killer, accomplice, or co-conspirator … The issue, Bufalino said, is that he believes prosecutors can only seek the death penalty for a principal killer. Timesleader

Unknown Time of Death for Bryan Kocis

Let’s just take a look at the people who have Bryan Kocis alive on January 24, 2007 …

If you are Defense Attorneys for Joseph Kerekes, wouldn’t you just love to cross-examine the following associates of Bryan Kocis UNDER OATH:

1. Sean Lockhart.
2. The Lawyer who represented Bryan Kocis in that Federal Lawsuit in San Diego in which Kocis DID NOT inform the court that he had TWO companies named Cobra Video LLC.
3. Robert Wagner, “Cad” and other business associates of Bryan Kocis. Given what we know about the “business” Bryan Kocis was involved in, if YOU were a business associate of Bryan Kocis, would you be looking forward to testifying about your dealings with Bryan Kocis UNDER OATH in a fucking murder investigation?

The “potential” Prosecution Witnesses who are claiming that they talked to Bryan Kocis on the telephone on January 24, 2007 will create “reasonable doubt” in the mind of a jury that Bryan Kocis was alive on January 24, 2007.

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Merry Christmas Harlow Cuadra

December 23, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

President Judge Mark Ciavarella and The Luzerne County Public Defenders needed a WAIVER from Harlow Cuadra before the Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office could have been assigned as Harlow Cuadra’s Counsel. see “Harlow Cuadra Right To Conflict Free Representation” CLICK HERE . see also “Public Defender Needed Waiver From Harlow Cuadra” CLICK HERE .

The legal argument presented by attorney Bill Ruzzo in support of his motion and the Luzerne County DA’s motion to disqualify the Luzerne County Public Defender as counsel for Harlow Cuadra is exactly the same legal citation we cited from Judge Kaplan in the infamous KPMG Criminal Tax Case. Specifically, Al Flora, Jr is STILL the attorney for Bryan Kocis “because, an attorney has a continuing obligation to be loyal to his client”.

[from US Attorney KPMG Tax Case. “A lawyer cannot attack his former client through cross-examination or argument to the jury” because of his or her “duty of continuing loyalty” to that former client, prosecutors said WSJ

from Bill Ruzzo for Harlow Cuadra. Olszewski heard arguments about whether the Luzerne County public defender’s office should continue to represent Cuadra. First Assistant Public Defender Al Flora Jr. represented Kocis on a previous matter in 2001 and also represents his family in estate matters. Cuadra’s attorney Bill Ruzzo said Flora’s expected testimony could force him to challenge the credibility of his boss. Citizens Voice

State Needed A Waiver from Harlow Cuadra BEFORE assigining Luzerne County Public Defenders to Cuadra

The really interesting part about the order of Judge Kaplan cited by attorney Bill Ruzzo is what attorney Billi Ruzzo LEFT OUT. Specifically, while attorney Bill Ruzzo DID quote Judge Kaplan’s and the US Attorney’s legal argument that an attorney has a “continuing obligation of loyalty to a former client”, Judge Kaplan also ruled that Defendant had to waive his right to conflict free counsel. Judge Kaplan disqualified an attorney with a conflict saying specifically that becuase the Defendant had not waived his right to conflict free counsel the court had no choice but to disqualify the attorney with the conflict.

What this means, based on legal arguments from a Federal Judge and the United States Attorney, what this means is that President Judge Mark Ciavarella violated Harlow Cuadra’s constitutional right to counsel when President Judge Ciavarella did not get a waiver from Harlow Cuadra before assigning The Luzerne County Public Defender’s Office and Bryan Kocis’ lawyer Al Flora, Jr to represent Harlow Cuadra. GAME OVER! MERRY CHRISTMAS HARLOW CUADRA!

Judge Kaplan delayed the trial of three former KPMGers and a one-time Sidley Austin lawyer today after disqualifying a defense lawyer in the case. In an order Thursday, Judge Kaplan DQed Steven Bauer, lead counsel for ex-KPMG senior tax manager John Larson, after several closed hearings on potential conflicts of interest. Opening statements were scheduled to begin Tuesday. (Click here and here for Law Blog Background on the much-diminished case.)

“Mr. Larson declined to waive his right to conflict-free representation,” the judge said. “The court therefore has no choice but to disqualify Mr. Bauer as trial counsel for Mr. Larson.” The judge didn’t rule on whether Bauer’s law firm, Latham & Watkins, also should be disqualified “unless and until Mr. Larson seeks to be represented at trial by someone else at that firm.” WSJ Law Blog

Separate Trials for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes

December 21, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Luzerne County can’t afford separate trials for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes. Luzerne County can’t even afford to pay for jail space to house Harlow Cuadra in a Luzerne County jail.

It is a fact that Luzerne County is running out of money. Luzerne County had planned to borrow money to avoid shutting down government services. However, an Activist in Luzerne County sued to prevent Luzerne County from borrowing money.

And, if you think there is a clear cut case for convicting Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes for the murder of Bryan Kocis, consider this. There is a man facing trial in Luzerne County right now who was found with about four dead bodies buried in his yard, and, Luzerne County is having a devil of a time convicting that man.

After a shit load of money spent on appeals, Luzerne County must hold separate trials for Weakley and Selenski.

Prosecutors sought to try the men together, but Judge Chester Muroski in May separated the cases, saying Selenski’s defense would be significantly hampered if he was tried with Weakley.

The key issue dealt with statements Weakley made to police in which he detailed Selenski’s alleged role in the deaths. State law allows prosecutors to use Weakley’s statements against Weakley, but they could not use them against Selenski unless Weakley testifies. TimesLeader

The facts justifying separate trials for Selenski and Weaklely are pretty much the same facts that would require separate trials for Cuadra and Kerekes. Joe Kerekes has a legal right to cross-examine Harlow Cuadra on the witness stand if, as alleged by Prosecutors, Harlow Cuadra incriminated Joseph Kerekes on The Blacks Beach Tapes. If Prosecutors have any tapes or other evidence on which Joe Kerekes incriminated Harlow Cuadra, then Harlow Cuadra has a right to cross-examine Joseph Kerekes on the witness stand.

Prosecutors appear to have been trying very hard to not submit The Blacks Beach Tapes into evidence, first by Calling Grant Roy as a witness instead of submitting the tapes into evidence at the preliminary hearing. Now, it appears that Prosecutors may try to use add testimony from Sean Lockhart instead of submitting The Blacks Beach Tapes into evidence.

I could be wrong but, it seems to me that The Defense Can Submit The Blacks Beach Tapes into evidence and trigger a requirement for separate trials, which may be why Prosecutors appear to be trying to NOT give The Blacks Beach Tapes to The Defense.

It is my understanding that Prosecutors have to turn any incriminating evidence they have against the Defendants over to the Defendants’ lawyers. THIS is why Police and Prosecutors don’t do any CSI-Type Work that might prove the defendants they want to prosecute innocent. For example, in New York, Police did not do DNA tests on hair found in a murder victim’s hand, most likely because Prosecutors had already picked the guy they wanted to prosecute for the Murder. Why do DNA tests that might have cleared the guy prosecutors had picked to prosecute?


When you have The State running out of money, a fucking convoluted and unbelievable motive for the murder and, THE VICTIM is totally repulsive to potential jurors, Something’s Gotta Give.

The simplest most likely outcome of the Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal is …

1. All Charges DROPPED against Harlow Cuadra because the prosecution of Harlow Cuadra is too fucked-up to be saved.

2. A Plea Deal with Joseph Kerekes in which Kerekes agrees to testify against Grant Roy and Sean Lockhart.

3. Plea Deals from Grant Roy and Sean Lockhart. AND FINALLY,

4. Luzerne County gets to avoid a criminal probe into the “correction” to Bryan Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea.

As long as NO ONE GETS ANY JAIL TIME, what’s the prob? That Crispy Critter Bryan Kocis could then rest in peace knowing that justice was done.

Who’s Afraid of Sean Lockhart

December 19, 2007 in Sean Lockhart by Sean-Lockhart-Forum

<center> IPB Image<br>My Severed Head Morphed to Eight-Legged Freak</center>
Sean Lockhart posted a blog entry saying he was in Pennsylvania last week “performing his civic duty to help bring justice to the Kocis Family”. Well, ain’t that just F.U.C.K.I.N.G S.W.E.E.T?

Sean Lockhart is concerned about my relatives …

What About My Fahking Head? My Head Remaining Attached To My Body … Did THAT Concern You At All You Little Toxic …. ?

Looking at how Luzerne County is trying everything possible to NOT Charge Little S and Big G, you would think that Luzerne County is Afraid of Sean Lockhart. What? Just because I faked a lawsuit against Sean Lockhart and I had some “friends” ready to Arrest the Beauch if she set foot in Luzerne County … Is that any reason for Luzerne County to be afraid of Sean Lockhart? And, how I got my 2002 guilty plea “corrected” isn’t related to who chopped my head off and flambeed my beans and frank.

One Plus One Still Equals Two

If Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were somehow convinced that I was in the way of them working with Sean Lockhart, there is only one diner in Las Vegas I know of where they could have gotten that impression.

Maybe me and my Eight-legged Freak Spawn need to visit the San Diego Zoo?

Harlow Cuadra and I Believe In Motives

December 18, 2007 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

While it is true that The State is not legally required to come up with a good motive for a crime in order to win a conviction, a good motive can serve to eliminate doubt in the mind of a jury.

Not to beat a dead decapitated corpse but, as we’ve said many times here, Prosecutors can’t legally claim that Bryan Kocis was killed to Free Sean Lockhart from his contract with Cobra Video because any contract(s) Sean Lockhart had with Bryan Kocis/Cobra Video to perform sex acts in videos for money was/is legally unenforceable. In addition,

Cobra Video LLC (both of them) are separate legal entities from the individual Bryan Kocis. Killing Bryan Kocis clearly did not bring about the dissolution of either one of the two Cobra Video LLCs.

Most probably, there was/is a THIRD Cobra Video that functioned as a DBA (alias) for the individual Bryan Kocis. The answer filed by Sean Lockhart in the San Diego lawsuit “suggests” that Lockhart considered “Cobra Video” to be an alias for the individual Bryan Kocis (which is kinda odd when you realize that Lockhart was being sued by The Delaware Cobra Video LLC)

The reason The State presents a motive is to “make up” for holes in a largely circumstantial argument for conviction. The Motive shouldn”t raise additional doubt in the minds of the jurors.