The Public Service Execution of Bryan Kocis Part IV

December 28, 2011 in Bryan Kocis The Thing, Freak Show Trial by Marion

A couple of days ago, I ran across this old news item from The TimesLeader of Luzerne County, PA in which this reporter Ed Lewis was clearly trying to write this flattering fluff piece on how Assistant DA Michael Melnick obtained a conviction of Harlow Cuadra.  Lewis described the conviction of Harlow Cuadra as A Michael Melnick Production.

Truth trumps every word out of killer Cuadra EDWARD LEWIS OPINION

As if the prosecutions of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes in Fucking Luzerne County Pennsylvania is something that could possibly ever go down in legal history as some kind of brilliant display of legal expertise. It does however look like Melnick is the only person involved in the Cuadra case who isn’t either IN JAIL or ABOUT TO BE UNEMPLOYED.

1.  Two President Judges during Harlow Cuadra’s Trial, Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavrella, are now in prison on racketeering charges.  Make special note here that Conahan and Ciavarella are in prison for “running the Luzerne County Court System like a Racketeering Enterprise“.  Both Conahan and Ciavarella made pre-trial rulings on Harlow Cuadra’s and Joseph Kerekes’ trials.

2.  The Judge over Harlow Cuadra’s Trial was ousted by voters largely, it is alleged, because photos of him with Conahan and a convicted Drug Dealer surfaced during his campaign for re-election.  This Judge, a former Luzerne County Prosecutor, claimed that he didn’t know the man he was photographed with was a convicted drug dealer.

3.  It goes without saying that if Michael Melnick was an elected official, he too would be facing unemployment, just like his boss Luzerne County Prosecutor Jackie Musto-Carroll.  The all time greatest display of ignorance in the history of law has to be Musto-Carroll’s declaration / pronouncement that “Kids For Cash Had Nothing To Do With Her“.  A non-profit legal aid group in fucking Philadelphia could see that something was wrong with Juvenile Court in Luzerne County but Musto-Carroll, who’s fat ass was actually sitting IN Luzerne County, couldn’t see that something was wrong with Juvenile Court in Luzerne County.  Two corrupt Judges Conahan and Ciavarella were handing Musto-Carroll convictions while Musto-Carroll was bragging about her conviction rate as a prosecutor but, Musto-Carroll had no clue that Conahan and Ciavarella were crooks.  Musto-Carroll even opposed the actions by the Philadelphia Law Group for the appellate court to throw out juvenile convictions from Luzerne County.

4.  Producing Porn and Paying Someone To Perform Sex Acts For Money have not been decriminalized in Pennsylvania.  Someone really has to fucking explain to me how a fucking lawyer could go before a Court (in a fucking death penalty murder trial) and claim that Bryan Kocis was just a regular business man running a legal business and that Kocis had a contract with Sean Lockhart.  The fucking business we are talking about here is the production of gay pornography in a state where the production of any kind of pornography has not been decriminalized.  And,  no “agreement” to pay someone money to perform sex acts has ever been found to be a legal contract in Pennsylvania nor in any other state where porn or prostitution has not been decriminalized.

The Michael Melnick Production repeatedly claimed that Harlow Cuadra killed Bryan Kocis to get Sean Lockhart out of a contract Lockhart had with Bryan Kocis / Cobra Video, that Sean Lockhart was contractually bound to Bryan Kocis / Cobra Video.  By every available legal decision in The United States that I know of, any agreement  Lockhart had with Kocis to perform sex acts for money was legally unenforceable.

Again, as we have asked many times …

Given All of The Above …

Just Imagine What That Piece of Shit Bryan Kocis Could Have Gone On To Do In Fucking Luzerne County Pennsylvnia if someone hadn’t chopped the murtherfucker’s head off?

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