Brent Corrigan and Harlow Cuadra Together Again

April 30, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

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ACCORDING TO LEGEND, whenever Brent Corrigan and Harlow Cuadra get together, some tired-ass old Queen gets his wings in heaven.

Harlow Cuadra has a post on his blog describing his legal team merging with Brent Corrigan’s legal team … err, actually, what I meant to say was … Harlow Cuadra has a post on his blog describing his meeting with Brent Corrigan on a nude beach in San Diego. Harlow has a few more pictures of this meeting on his blog at (adult site).

Here is a line from Halow’s blog entry that I just have to highlight.

Last time Brent and I played footsies while our elders discussed the boring paper work and financial details. All the boy wonder, and stud wonder wanted was to fahk and make some memorable movie’s while we where at it … This time it was even difficult to look at each others eyes. Mark tried to break the ice, with some comment on the weather(didn’t help). As the proverbial clouds dimmed the sunshine…

Our Elders? He’s referring to their lovers as Their Elders?

Harlow Cuadra also discloses in his latest blog entry that MTV is doing a biography on Bryan Kocis’ life. Harlow says he had an interview with “Garth” and an MTV Editor last Friday.

When I heard the rumor that Halow Cuadra was going to make a movie with Brent Corrigan, I did not believe that it could possibly be true. FROM WHERE I SAT, it seemed to me that the Corrigan Camp had to have fingered Harlow as the person scheduled to meet with Bryan Kocis on 1/24/07.

someone one has pointed out that the photograph of Harlow and Corrigan in Las Vegas was “ON THE NET” and viewable by anybody PRIOR to 1/24. apparently stated in an email newsletter (prior to 1/24) that Cuadra and Corrigan might be making a movie together.

The Big Fat Fake Harlow Cuadra Interview

April 21, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

This is that Cuadra boy’s idea of a G Rated video.

The Lovely Lovely Harlow Cuadra ( ), “person of interest” in the Bryan Kocis investigation has an interview on his website with me, The Lovely Lovely Lovely Peter Everhard.

Well, it is all fake. The entire script was created by The Bitchless Blog solely for “entertainment purposes”. Harlow Cuadra had no input in the drama except to to have the “script” we emailed to pasted onto the blog at .

btw, as far as we know, Harlow has no identical twin brother
btw2, we do not advocate nor do we condone pushing people into hell fire hot volcanoes

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While this interview is fake, we have relayed Cuadra’s offer to sit down for a real interview to James Marcus at Netscape Reports ( ). So, here is the Big Fat Fake Harlow Cuadra Interview

Peter Everhard here, live blogging from NYC my telephone
interview with Mr. Harlow Cuadra. Harlow is at’s
secret undisclosed hide…err, I mean, LOCATION in Norfolk,

First off, I’m a little pissed off. Harlow promised to FedEx
me four Boy Batter Boys. Alls I got was two Boy Batters. I
haven’t gone to sleep after having sex with only two guys since
high school.

No matter. Harlow Cuadra is a young guy and he is, after all,
on the ru…err, I mean RUNNING a business. But, next time, I
want six Boy Batter Boys FedEx-ed … and two large cokes …
and two side orders of fries!

So, Let’s get on with this interview thingy…

Peter: Hello, Mr. Cuadra.
Harlow: Hello, Peter. Glad to talk to you.
Peter: Well, I have to ask, Harlow. Have you killed anybody
Harlow: No!
Peter: Did you kill anybody yesterday?
Harlow: No!
Peter: Can I play with your pussy?
Harlow: What?
Peter: Look, Mr. Cuadra. If you’re gonna be evasive, just
Fed-Ex me those two bonus Boy Batter Boys and we can call this a
Now, … where was I … Mr. Cuadra, Is it true that you have a
twin brother named Marlow Cuadra?
Harlow: As a matter of fact, I do have an identical twin named
Marlow. He’s living in Montreal right now.
Peter: Has he pushed any more American strippers into abandoned
quarries since Mark Kraynak and Steve Wright?
Harlow: What?
Peter: Was Marlow that other guy with Timothy Boham at the
Mexican border?
Harlow: What?
Peter: Again, Harlow. If you’re gonna be evasive…
Harlow: I’m not trying to be evasive. I’m just not
understanding your questions.
Peter: Okay, Mr. Cuadra. Let’s try something different here.
Hypothetical …
You, Brent Corrigan and a Virgin Hawaiian Princess are on the
rim of an erupting Volcano. Do you throw the Virgin in the
volcano or Brent Corrigan?
Harlow: Is it like a really really hot volcano?
Peter: Yes. It’s a boiling hot, hell fire of a volcano. Do you
throw the Virgin in the volcano or Brent Corrigan?
Harlow: Are there like cameras around and like witnes, err, I
mean, other people around?
Peter: Mr. Cuadra, would you just answer the question.
Harlow: Hmmm. I’ll have to check with my attorney and get back
to you on this.
Peter: Okay. Hmmm, it says here the correct answer is Both
You’re new at this aren’t you?
Harlow: New at what?
Peter: Never mind.
Let’s get back to your identical twin brother Marlow …
Is it true that Marlow is a nine and you’re only a six?
Harlow: Actually, we’re both eight and a halfs.
Peter: Ha, Ha, Ha. Did you grow and extra 2 inches since last
Harlow: What?
Peter: That’s it … I can’t work like this… Say What Again!

The Call That Killed Bryan Kocis

April 18, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Date: Between February 2006 and July 2006
Identity: Anonymous Caller to State of Pennsylvania Office administering Megan’s Law registrations
Message: “Hello, I’m a concerned housewife in Luzerne County with three young sons. I would like to know why Bryan Charles Kocis is not registered as a sex offender. Mr. Kocis lives at ____ in Dallas Township and he was convicted of ‘sexual abuse of children’ in 2002″.

ACCORDING TO RUMOR, some time before July 2006, someone called the State of Pennsylvania and asked why Bryan Charles Kocis of Dallas Township Pennsylvania was not registered as a sex offender. Everything that happened in Bryan Kocis’ life after that call was made seems to have been attempts by Kocis to cover his ass; maneuverings by Kocis to avoid bankruptcy and prison.

I previously wondered what could have been the event that resulted in Bryan Kocis going FROM wanting to destroy Brent Corrigan “by any means necessary”; TO Bryan Kocis wanting to settle the idiot lawsuit he filed in Federal Court against Corrigan. IF the State of Pennsylvania did contact Luzerne County about why Bryan Kocis wasn’t a registered sex offender, THAT EVENT would have had to have been what gave Bryan Kocis an “attitude adjustment”.

An anonymous poster on another board claimed that ONE OF BRENT CORRIGAN’s LAWYERS called the State of Pennsylvania and asked why Kocis wasn’t registered as a sex offender after Kocis sued Corrigan et al.

Background: Bryan Kocis taped himself having sex with a 15 year old boy in Luzerne County in 2001. Sometime in 2002, Kocis pled guilty (before Judge Michael Conahan) to “sexual abuse of a child” and was given a sentence of 1 year probation. In 2002, a conviction for the sexual abuse of a child REQUIRED that the convicted person register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law in Pennsylvania. Bryan Kocis pled guilty to the sexual abuse of a child but, he got no jail time and he was not required to register as a sex offender. Kocis was represented by the attorney Al Flora when he first pled guilty in 2002 and when the guilty plea was “corrected” in 2006.


If such a call was made to the State of Pennsylvania asking why Kocis wasn’t a registered sex offender and the State of Pennsylvania in turn questioned Luzerne County about the matter, it was GAME OVER for Bryan Kocis.

The 2006 change to Bryan Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea is, as we speak, still causing controversy in Luzerne County for Judge Michael Conahan and Attorney Al Flora. Some people in Luzerne County are wondering how a guilty plea can be completely changed four years later.

A CALL to the State of Pennsylvania over Kocis’ Sex Offender Status would have had to signal to Bryan Kocis that Camp Corrigan was prepared to “play dirty” and use the fact that Kocis video taped himself having sex with a 15 year old boy against Kocis in federal court in San Diego. From where I sit, it really didn’t matter a whole hell of a lot, in the larger scheme of things, what Kocis guilty plea was. Kocis video taped himself having sex with a 15 year old boy, the THREAT by Camp Corrigan to raise that issue in a federal lawsuit was probably all that was needed to convince Kocis that he might want to settle his idiot lawsuit. Something clearly motivated Kocis to go back to Luzerne County Court to get his guilty plea “corrected”. Now,

The fact that Camp Corrigan had a WEAPON to use against Kocis in federal court in San Diego meant that Kocis was definitely NOT going to be able to FORCE Brent Corrigan to say that Kocis didn’t know Corrigan was 17 years old when Corrign first went to work for Cobra Video. Even though the settlement agreement between Kocis and Corrigan allegedly stipulates that Corrigan is required to issue a press release saying that Kocis didn’t know Corrigan was 17, Corrigan WAS 17. So, what fucking difference would it have made in a criminal trial if Kocis produced a press release from Corrigan as a defense? Especially when the press release was obtained by Kocis essentially threatening Corrigan with financial ruin.

The Fact that Kocis could not force Corrigan to lie for him (Kocis) in a possible criminal kiddie porn investigation of Kocis meant that Kocis was facing bankruptcy AND prison. Contrary to a 2002 CLAIM by the Luzerne County DA in re Kocis, “mistake of age” is NOT a legal defense in Pennsylvania that a 44 year old man can use when he is caught having sex FIRST wiith a 15 year old boy and then again with a 17 year old boy.

Using the fact/claim that he was underage when he first went to work for Cobra Video and then (allegedly) linking back to Kocis 2002 incident with another underage boy (AND the fact that Kocis wasn’t registered as a sex offender as REQUIRED BY PA LAW), Brent Corrigan had JACKED Bryan Kocis up but tight (i.e., Kocis was facing charges of being a kiddie porn producer, unlawfully evading Megan’s Law, sexual abuse of children etc..). It is therefore somewhat ironic that Kocis’ death has essentially TURNED THE TABLEs on Corrigan.

There is a Law & Order episode in which a man is killed by a hit man. Little pieces of evidence are left that incriminate the man’s cheating wife and her boyfriend in the man’s murder. Yada, Yada, Yada, the punch line is that the man himself hired the hit man that killed him so that he could get back at his wife and her lover.

When considering the question of Who Killed Bryan Kocis, I always end up wondering … Who the hell would set foot in Luzerne County? Given what I’ve read about how Luzerne County Courts Operate, anybody fortunate enough to not have been born in Luzerne County should have the good sense to never go into Luzerne County. It should also be noted here that, prior to filling a lawsuit against Brent Corrigan in federal court in San Diego, Bryan Kocis essentially tried to TRICK Brent Corrigan into appearing for a deposition at the Luzerne County Courthouse.

Bryan Kocis issued a press release claiming that he had sued Brent Corrigan in Luzerne County Court and that Corrigan was requried to appear at Luzerne County Courthouse for a deposition. It turned out that Kocis had merely obtained a CASE NUMBER for a lawsuit from the Luzerne County Court Clerk without actually filing any lawsuit. There was no lawsuit and no scheduled deposition as Kocis claimed in a nationally released press release. You have to wonder WHAT Kocis had planned for Brent Corrigan IF Corrigan had shown up for a deposition in Luzerne County Court

The killer of Bryan Kocis had to have been either a professional hit man or a resident of Luzerne County because, no sane person would set foot in Luzerne County. Definitely, Brent Corrigan would not himself appear in Luzerne County. Definitely, no family with teenage boys should ever consider moving to Luzerne County. Bryan Kocis was operating a gay bareback production studio in his basement in a residential community and, The Luzerne County DA referred to “Kocis’ little basement gay porn operation” as “A Legal Business”.

Q: What if I know a sex offender or sexually violent predator is not complying with the registration requirements/law?
A: A person commits a felony of the third degree and can be prosecuted if the person has reason to believe that a sex offender is not complying with or has not complied with the requirements of the sex offender’s probation or parole, or with their registration requirements under Megan’s Law and intentionally assists the sex offender in eluding law enforcement seeking to find, question or arrest the sex offender for noncompliance with the requirements of the sex offender’s probation or parole or the requirements of Megan’s Law including:
Withholds information or does not notify the law enforcement agent or agency about the sex offender’s noncompliance with the requirements of parole, the requirements of Megan’s Law or, if known, the sex offender’s whereabouts;
Harbors of attempts to harbor or assist another person in harboring or attempting to harbor the sex offender;
Conceals or attempts to conceal, or assists another person in concealing or attempting to conceal, the sex offender; or
Provides information to the law enforcement agent or agency regarding the sex offender which the person knows to be false.…FDDK4GNFHNGL4Ua

Harlow Cuadra Goes Live

Harlow Cuadra’s new blog is up. The Lovely Lovley Harlow makes a shout out to The Bitchless Blog and Peter Everhard has posted a comment or two.

I downloaded a picture that Harlow has on his blog and the title of the picture file is “The Devil and His Minnions”. Reading “left to right”, that would make the Lovely Lovely Brent Corrigan the Devil.

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Surviving Brent Corrigan

April 16, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Oh, I’m sure there is no truth to the rumor that every guy who has seen Brent Corrigan nekkid is dead. I mean, the kid only weighs 90 pounds, there have to be one or two guys who made it out alive.

Well, I’m sticking to video of Brent Corrigan – I already have all the holes in my body that I need. Watching Brent Corrigan on video has to be relatively safe? Right? I mean, if the video is streamed from a server in France … That’s safe? Right?

Look, you can play this video if you want. I’m outta here!

Was Harlow Cuadra Suppose to Die in Police Search?

April 13, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Harlow Cuadra’s home in Virginia Beach, Virgnia was searched by a SPECIAL SWAT TEAM consisting of FBI Agents, Virginia Beach Police and Police from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. According to Harlow Cuadra’s lawyers, this SPECIAL ARMED SWAT TEAM shot tear gas into Harlow Cuadra’s house in order to execute a search warrant – not to arrest Harlow but just to search Harlow’s house.

Is it common to shoot tear gas into someone’s house in a residential community to execute a search warrant?

Thank God Harlow Cuadra Was Not Home

Was Harlow Cuadra supposed to be home and over react to tear gas being shot through his windows?

Was Harlow Cuadra and his Partner supposed to assume that they were being robbed and grab guns to defend themselves?

The Luzerne County Police managed to get the authority to search Harlow Cuadra’s house in Virginia Beach, Virginia THREE DAYS after Harlow Cuadra came forward and disclosed that it was his picture that Luzerne County Police were circulating as a “person of interest”. So,

Either it is incredibly fast and easy for a little shit county in Pennsylvania to get the approval to search someone’s house in another state or, Luzerne County Officials ALREADY KNEW who Harlow Cuadra was BEFORE they circulated Harlow’s Photo in the Press

Harlow Cuadra has indicated plans to publish photos of way his house looked AFTER the police searched and tear gassed it on his new blog at – the website will be live tommorrow

Running Means You’re Guilty of Something

AS IT HAPPENS, my first experience with THIS TYPE OF COP that “assumes that if you RUN from him you must be guilty of something” happened in Virginia. I had just moved to Crystal City Virginia and I was walking home one night from working late – I worked for the Department of Defense. Crystal City Virginia is bascially an extension of the Pentagon. Crystal City Virgnia is full of government offices that mainly houses Department of Defense offices that can’t fit in the Pentagon. There was/is a large shoppping area in Crystal City Virginia but, Crystal City Virginia is 90% top secret Department of Defense Offices. Btw, there is also a shopping mall IN the Pentagon.

I was walking home late one night, a police car passed me and stopped just ahead of me, and a Policeman jumped out of the car and started running directly AT me.

I’m from Louisiana and, While I had lived in Philadelphia before moving to Crystal City, I had no experience with the MENTALITY of CERTAIN KINDS OF POLICE, i.e., Cops that assume that if you run then you must be guilty of some crime.

When I was walking down the street and the cop got out of his car and started running toward me, I just froze. As I said, I’d never seen this shit before, I didn’t know what was going on, I really thought the fucking cop was going to run into me. When I didn’t move, the idiot cop just kept running past me – keep in mind that the fucking idiot left his car running while he went running down the street past me.

When the cop ran past me, I just kept walking back to my apartment. I’m sure the idiot fucker probably followed me to my apartment. My apartment building was/is famous for being the closest apartment building to the Pentagon, the area is known as Pentagon City.

Harlow Cuadra’s Evil Twin Marlow

April 6, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Exclusive. The Bitchless Blog ™ has received permission to divulge information which until now was known only to us and the authorities in Luzerne County investigating the murder of Bryan Kocis. Specifically, Harlow Cuadra, “person of Interest” in the Bryan murder investigation, has an identical twin named Marlow Cuadra.

CLICK HERE for Harlow Cuadra’s talk with a tv reporter in Norfolk.

Marlow Cuadra’s penis is the same size as Harlow Cuadra’s penis but, Marlow’s penis is much firmer and not as veiny as Harlow’s.

Both Harlow Cuadra and Marlow Cuadra are “versatile” but, Marlow charges a lot more than Harlow and Harlow is a much Whinny-er bottom.

Harlow and Marlow Cuadra were born in Virginia but, they were accidentally separated at birth. Harlow Cuadra was raised by caring middle class White People in Virginia while Marlow Cuadra was raised by vicious evil Blacks in New York City.

Harlow Cuadra Living Large

April 3, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

First, there was a report that Harlow Cuadra was featured on the cover of a local Gay Magazine in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, the cover photo had Harlow on the hood of an ultra expensive car NUDE. The report said that Harlow was wearing only a strategically placed firecracker.

Now, the lovely loverly government trained killer/ex-marine we all know and want to have sex with is profiled by the local newspaper and online tv network

Ain’t it funny how Harlow Cuadra can be a Star in Norfolk/Virgnia Beach because he was searched, tear gassed, falsely accused of a crime and PROFILED. In New York City, all of that stuff would make Harlow just another Black Guy. Go figure.

CLICK HERE for video. The video basically shows Harlow’s house and has the lawyers for Harlow and his lover talking about their trying to unseal the search warrants to find out why the police used “such excess” to search Harlow’s house.

Harlow and his lover have his and his lawyers. Isn’t that cute? You gotta know they each have their own bathroom. I mean, come on.

Suspect in Bryan Kocis Murder Identified

April 2, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

Newsflash. Dallas Township Police and the Luzerne County District Attorney have released a photograph of the man they suspect killed Bryan Charles Kocis, Kocis was a child molester and ran a gay bareback production company in his basement in a residential community of Dallas Township. The suspect, whose name is Drake, was photographed running into the woods behind Bryan Kocis’ estate shortly before neighbors noticed flames coming from Kocis’ house.

Drake is believed by Dallas Township Police and the Luzerne County DA to have:

( a ) helped a 15 year old boy deceived Bryan Charles Kocis into thinking that the 15 year old boy was 18 years old;

( b ) helped Brent Corrigan create fake ID that deceived Bryan Kocis into thinking that Brent Corrigan was 18 year old;

( c ) used White Out to change Luzerne County court documents to fraudulantly show that Bryan Kocis’ 2002 guilty plea was for “sexual abuse of a child” instead of the agreed upon “corruption of a minor”; and

( d ) that, through a pattern of fraud and misrepresentations”, that Drake helped increase unemployment and home foreclosures in Luzerne County.

Anyone knowing of the whereabouts of Drake is urged to contact Dallas Township Police and the Luzerne County DA’s office. That is all.

Bigfoot – Yeti – Sasquatch
Video sent by texarcana