Bryan Kocis Murder Follow The Money

December 18, 2008 in Bryan Kocis The Thing by Bryan-Kocis-The-Thing

Where are the assets from Cobra Video right now and Why haven’t those assets been fozen by The Luzerne County DA and the US Attorney (not mention the IRS and the PA Tax Authority)?

Maybe I’m missing something but, ( 1 ) If paying someone money to perform sex acts in the production of adult videos is illegal in Pennsylvania and, ( 2 ) you had Fucking Scum like Bryan Kocis engaged in an ongoing pattern of paying people money to perform sex acts in the production of adult videos in Pennsylvania, then, it seems to me that what you have here is a criminal enterprise. The fact that Luzerne County knowingly allowed Bryan Kocis to engage in a pattern of paying people money to perform sex acts doesn’t make what Kocis did legal, no, it simply INCRIMINATES Luzerne County in what Kocis was doing (and, adds more ammunition to the argument that The Luzerne County DA should have recused itself from The Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation). IN ADDITION,

I don’t think chopping off Bryan Kocis’ head and then setting the mutherfucker on fire turns money from a criminal enterprise into legitimate money.

Joseph Kerekes Ordered to Pay Bryan Kocis’ Funeral Costs

Apparently, one of the stipulations in Joseph Kerekes’ Guilty Plea is that he pay Bryan Kocis funeral costs of $2766.08

So, The Court System that allowed Bryan Kocis to pay people to peform sex acts in violation of Pennsylvania Law (and to video tape himself having sex with a 15 year old boy) now gets on its HIGH HORSE and orders Joseph Kerekes to pay That Piece of Shit’s Funeral Costs.

Also, I recall some news report about Bryan Kocis’ Estate already being awarded damages in that idiot civil suit it brought against IMMUNE Cuadra and Kerekes[/b].

What You Have Here Is Prosecution By Numbers

The Prosecution of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes is CLASSIC PROSECUTION BY NUMBERS, only in this particular case it is impossible for Prosecutors to wrangle any sympathy for a piece of shit like Bryan Kocis and, it is rather hard to make Harlow Cuadra look evil.

It is also CLASSIC JOHN GOTTI PROSECUTION TACTICS to get the Defendant’s lawyer disqualified. The US Attorney failed every time to win a conviction against John Gotti UNTIL Prosecutors got Gotti’s lawyer Bruce Cutler disqualified from representing Gotti.