Harlow Cuadra Last Man Standing

February 26, 2010 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

While testifying before the commission, Chief Public Defender Basil Russin admitted that an assistant public defender expressed concerns to him about juveniles appearing before Ciavarella without attorneys.

“I said, we’re not going to seek clients. And we don’t have the time or the manpower to intervene,” Russin said. Citizensvoice

As I understand The Doctrine of Attorneys being Officers of the Court, The Public Defender was REQUIRED to intervene when presented with evidence that Juveniles before Ciavarella were being denied legal representation at the risk of being disbarred.

There is now LITERALLY no one associated with the prosecution of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes who hasn’t been tainted by scandal.

What we have in Luzerne County is a constitutional crisis, a constitutional question of when is the judicial system so crippled by corruption that it literally cannot perform the function it has been constitutionally assigned? How the fuck can it be possible for anyone to have obtained a fair and impartial trial when every level of the judicial system is Luzerne County is SUSPECT? Not only should Harlow Cuadra’s conviction be thrown out and Joseph Kerekes’ guilty plea be thrown out but, every one convicted of a crime in Luzerne County should have their convictions thrown out.

Anybody who thinks Harlow Cuadra’s conviction was proper should pray to God that they are never before a court system like the one Cuadra faced in Luzerne County.

The Luzerne County Public Defender Basil Russin is being investigated because he received an additional $26,730 in compensation on top of his salary of $52,178.24. Luzerne County Commissioner Stephen A. Urban wants Public Defender Basil Russin fired.