Harlow Cuadra Judge DENIED Retention

November 4, 2009 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Luzerne County Voters to PPO: Get the Fuck Outta Here!</center>
Peter Paul Olszewski , The Judge who presided over Harlow Cuadra’s Murder Trial was DENIED retention and, sure as fucking hell Olszewski won’t be blessing the world with his fucked legal skills during Harlow’s Second Trial.

<center> PPO Oh, Gotta GO GO!</center>
The simple question we presented to the world about Harlow Cuadra was this: If the evidence against Harlow Cuadra so obviously proved Cuadra’s guilt, WHY ALL THE FUCKING BULLSHIT? Why go through all of this shit to deny the guy money to afford a good lawyer if the evidence clearly proved the guy guilty? ANSWER? I am going to answer this question I posed …

The purpose of Harlow Cuadra’s trial and the purpose in denial Harlow Caudra good legal representation was To supress the Luzerne County DA’s Involvement in allowing Bryan Kocis to operate a Little Basement Gay Porn Studio. It is documented that The Luzerne County DA returned video equipment to Bryan Kocis AFTER Kocis was caught having sex with a 15 year old boy. And,

As we pointed out before and during Cuadra’s trial, The Luzerne County DA’s Past Involvement with Bryan Kocis SHOULD HAVE resulted in The Luzerne County DA recusing itself from BOTH: ( 1 ) The Bryan Kocis Murder Investigation; AND, ( 2 ) the Prosecutions of Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes.

Whether some localities choose to prosecute adult video producers or not, the fact remains that producing porn is illegal everywhere in the US EXCEPT in The State of California where the production of adult material has been de-criminalized.

<center>Congrats to Harlow Cuadra, Joseph Kerekes and their families. We are looking Forward to New Trials before A NEW JUDGE for Both Cuadra and Kerekes</center>

Now, that Peter Paul Olszewski will have a lot of fucking time on his hands, maybe he can go back to law school and learn something about law. As we pointed out here before, In order for Olszewski to claim that Demetrius Fannick had a conflict of interest in representing Cuadra, Olszewski had to RE-DEFINE the definition of an attorney / client relationship in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Maybe it’s just me but, I don’t think an ex-Judge‘s attempt to redefine the definition of an attorney / client relationship for the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is going to be upheld by the Court of Appeals in PA.