Cocodorm could be in for A Big Surprise

August 19, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

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When The Conservatives on the US Supreme Court re-interpreted Title 42 Section 1981 in the mid 80’s, The Supreme Court reversed 100 years of legal precedence.

Cocodorm is showing a lot of bravado in re the lawsuit it filed against the City of Miami. Cocodorm maintains that legal precedence is on its side with respect to Cocodorm continuing to house models in a house in a residential community in Miami

Cocodorm responded by suing in federal court, alleging Miami violated the website’s First Amendment rights. One expert says it’s a lawsuit Cocodorm has a shot at winning, as case law is on the website’s side.

Cocodorm argues its Edgewater home can’t be called an adult business because, unlike a run-of-the-mill strip club, the public is not invited in. Those who want to see Cocodorm’s ”hottest and horniest” do so via the Internet, with a credit card. Miami Herald

From the quotes attributed to Cocodorm in re its lawsuit to keep operating out of a residential house in Miami, it is apparent that Cocodorm is under the mistaken notion that Federal Judges are REQUIRED to act a certain way based on legal precedence.

Cocodorm could be in for a very big surpise.

As indicated above, when the Conservatives on the US Supreme Court decided to rule that a 100 years old Civil Rights Law (Title 42 Section 1981) could not be used to combat racial discrimination in the workplace by persons who had already been hired, the US Supreme Court REVERSED 100 years of legal precedence.

Going into federal court is a crap shoot even for litigants with expert lawyers and who aren’t repulsive to The Court. When you are a “Gay Pornographer”, you should think three or four times before stepping before a Federal Judge and turning your life and assets over to some fucking political appointee.

While there might still be “some” federal judges who were appointed by Democrats, the federal court system has been PACKED with Republican appointed judges since before Ronald Reagan became president.

Seriously, if you think Federal Judges are bigger men who act in accordance with the law and legal precedence, you are in for a big fucking surprise. Federal Judges are political appointees, political appointees who don’t necessarily know shit about law or legal precedence. The Organized Campaign to pack the Federal Court System and the US Supreme Court with “Conservatice Judges” began with Ronald Reagan and has continued with Bush.

It is a documented fact that there have been:

1. More prosecutions against Adult Content Business under Bush; and that
2. A Political Litmus Test was in place when Bush appointed Federal Judges and when lawyers were hired to work for the US Justice Department.

I can’t imagine any lawyer experienced with federal litigation ADVISING his Gay Pornographer client to file a lawsuit in federal court for any reason, especially in fucking Florida.