Bryan Kocis Hitchcock Torn Curtain Hard to Kill

August 18, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

Video from Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain

I don’t think I actually saw Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain from beginning to end. I know I was watching some “analysis” of Hitchcock movies and the commentator mentioned that the killing of a character in Torn Curtain by Paul Newman’s character (and a woman) was a deliberate demonstration by Hitchcock of just how hard it is to actually kill a person. The commentator also made a reference to the irony associated with a German character in the movie being gased.

The O.J. Simpson Trial

What continues to amaze me about the O.J. Simpson case is that we are to believe that a guy, a guy who by all available evidence never killed anybody before, expertly killed Two People without being seen or heard by anyone.

YOU WOULD THINK that while you are killing one of two people that the other person would run away or scream.

The Bryan Kocis Murder

On one hand, it is simply fucking unbelievable that two strangers could drive up to the house of The neighborhood’s Gay Pornographer, kill the gay pornographer, fill their car with stolen shit and then drive away ALL without being seen. However,

If you look at the Bryan Kocis Murder another way, it is not at all difficult to explain why Kocis’ neighbors “allegedly” didn’t see anyone or anything at Kocis’ house the day Kocis was killed (whatever day that was).

Let me ask you a question: “How many times do you suppose someone in Bryan Kocis’ neighborhood complained to Dallas Township Police and the Luzerne County DA about Bryan Kocis operating a gay porn production studio out of his basement?

Bryan Kocis’ neighbors had to have complained about 44 year old child molester Bryan Kocis operating a gay bareback porn studio out of his basement AND the steady stream of “very young boys” going in and out of Bryan Kocis’ house.

When you complained repeatedly to the police and the DA about Bryan Kocis operating Cobra Video out of his basement and the police and the DA didn’t do shit, you PROBABLY concluded that there was something pretty fucking odd going on between Bryan Kocis and The Dallas Township Police / The Luzerne County DA .

Sean Lockhart referred somewhere to a female neighbor of Kocis confronting him and asking him how old he was when Lockhart was living in Kocis’ house one summer.

I submit to you that MAYBE the reason none of Bryan Kocis’ neighbors can ID the person(s) who killed Bryan Kocis is because Kocis’ neighbors probably concluded a long time ago that there was only one way to get Kocis out of their neighborhood.

If you look at Bryan Kocis’ neighborhood NOW, there is not one shred of evidence that Bryan Kocis ever existed in that neighborhood (Kocis’ house was demolished).