Cobra Video operating out of a Residential House

August 15, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

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Luzerne County Pennsylvania can bullshit its way through and around a lot of shit related to Bryan Kocis’ highly suspect “ACTIVITIES” in Luzerne County. However, there is no getting around or explaining Bryan Kocis operating a gay bareback porn production studio out of the basement of a residential house.

I doubt that any community in America other than Luzerne County Pennsylvania would allow a 44 year old man caught having sex with a 15 year old boys to shoot bareback adult videos in his basement AS A BUSINESS. Cobra Video was/is clearly a business. There are not a lot of communities in America that would allow someone to operate any kind of business WITH TRAFFIC out of a residential house.

THE MINUTE I saw that Bryan Kocis was having teenage and underaged boys flowing to his house and paying them to have sex in his basement (in a residiential community) while he video taped them, the degree to which Luzerne County PA is corrupt became clear.

Cocodorm is arguing in its suit against The City of Miami that it does not have any traffic coming to the house it is using. Clearly, there was a shit load of traffic to Bryan Kocis’ house.

Cocodorm responded by suing in federal court, alleging Miami violated the website’s First Amendment rights. One expert says it’s a lawsuit Cocodorm has a shot at winning, as case law is on the website’s side.

Cocodorm argues its Edgewater home can’t be called an adult business because, unlike a run-of-the-mill strip club, the public is not invited in. Those who want to see Cocodorm’s ”hottest and horniest” do so via the Internet, with a credit card. Miamiherald

Compare The City of Miami to Little Shit Luzerne County Pennsylvania

If you put aside the merits of the legal arguments presented by Cocodorm over its right to use a residential house, the City of Miami is clearly concerned about what kind of businesses can and cannot be conducted out of a residential house. Luzerne County Pennsylvania clearly took no steps whatsoever to try to shut down Cobra Video.

In fact, Attorney Al Flora, Jr. was quoted in the Luzerne County Press declaring that Cobra Video was a legal business and that Bryan Kocis was the proper Executive.

How many adult video companies are there in Luzerne County PA?

Don’t you think it is more than a little fucking STRANGE that some guy starts a porn studio in his basement and the City he is in never takes any steps whatsoever to shut the guy down (EVEN when the fucker had been caught having sex with a 15 year old boy)?

If Luzerne County PA had a fucking clue or it knew any fucking thing at all about law, Luzerne County would never have made any attempt to conduct Murder Trials for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes in Luzerne County. I can’t believe the US Justice Department is taking this long to shut down That Out-of-Control County