Bryan Kocis IDed by Really Cooking Cafe Staff

August 6, 2008 in Freak Show Trial by Freak-Show-Trial

<center>IPB Image <br> Bryan Kocis at Reallly Cooking Cafe 1/24/07</center>
A Waitress At The Really Cooking Cafe in Dallas Pa had indicated that she might sorta kinda like could like testify that she might have sorta kinda like seen Bryan Kocis alive on 1/24/07

Yeah, some guy came in here with a 15 year boy and ordered Shrimp Creole Take-Out on 1/24/07. The guy had on mirrored aviatar glasses and a hat. I didn’t like talk to the guy but, Bryan Kocis was usually the only unmarried 44 year old man to come into the Cafe with 15 year old boys. Really Cooking Waitress

A Document has surfaced in Luzerne County in which an INVESTIGATOR (who can’t / couldn’t distinguish between a live human and a Delaware LLC) claims that someone at Really Cook Cafe might have sorta kinda like seen Bryan Kocis alive on 1/24/07 wearing mirrored aviatar glasses and a hat.

Luzerne County Prosecutors don’t appear to have ever deposed the alleged witness and, TWO MONTHS FROM TRIAL, the witness has never testified at any hearings in the Bryan Kocis Murder Case (even though this mysterious witness is the only person claiming to have actually seen bryan Kocis alive on 1/24/07).

Luzerne County Prosecutors however insist that The Really Cooking Waitress and Bryan Kocis’ San Diego lawyer will establish that Bryan Kocis was alive and having sex with 15 year old boys on 1/24/07 shortly before his death. Proesecutors claim that it is not the practice of the Luzerne County DA’s Office to depose witnesses before trial.