Introducing P.I. Ich Lüge and Homo Dicks

September 27, 2007 in Bryan Kocis Murder by Harlow-Cuadra-Forum

<center>[attachmentid=1862] <br> Ich Lüge <br>Private Investigator / Investigative Reporter</center>
Exclusive. The Bitchless Blog ™ can now confirm the rumors that we have had a Private Investigator “working” The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal since Bryan Kocis was found dead back in January 2007.

Homo Dicks ™ has long been the “in house” private detective agency for The Bitchles Blog. Homo Dicks specializes in “Gay Related” detective work and Homo Dicks prides itself on having the best Gay Detectives in America.

The Lead Investigator on The Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal is Ich Lüge. Ich is from Germany and he is not only a top notch private investigator, Ich is also an investigative reporter.

Ryan Kocis

While we can not disclose all that Ich Lügehas discovered about the Bryan Kocis Murder Scandal, we can tell you that Bryan Kocis was forced to have sex with A Fat White Woman back in the 80′s to persuade the fat woman not to report Kocis to the police for molesting her 15 year old son. That encounter between Bryan Kocis and The Fat White Woman produced a son, Ryan Kocis. Bryan Kocis had a Son!